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    Thread android auto

    besides Derpfest 11 which rom 11 works with android auto?
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    Thread backup end restore

    If you just want to take backup & restore of data on your Xiaomi Mi 9, you can do that by uing Xiaomi Cloud. If you want to transfer data from your Xiaomi Mi 9 to the PC for backup, you can do that via USB Cable in MTP mode or via Bluetooth. Pro Samsung mobile manager tool can also help us. Hope...
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    Thread stuck on "MI"

    I'm on twrp and I can't install any aosp rom anymore. format "yes", install fw 0.9.0. start with the flash seems to be all right, reboot system and get stuck on MI and nothing happens, try again with another rom and it is the same. I returned to the initial state with XiaomiFlash, I install...
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    Thread suonerie

    Someone with the phone unlocked could send me the ringtone file, notifications, to be able to use them with another phone. With mine I can't because it's updated to Q and I don't want to go back
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    Thread Twrp-3.3.1-1001-dx

    I installed TWRP-3.3.1-1001-DX, when I install miui 11 when restarting twrp I find myself the version of mauronofrio, I don't understand why
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    Thread Havoc

    found on Russian site, who wants to try and report
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    Thread BeastRom

    right now the best rom for me is this From the moderator Oka1 Link does not exist, therefore ............ THREAD CLOSED ...........
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    Thread Twrp disappeared

    after updating to 9.5.1 I lost Twrp and can no longer install. any suggestions thanks
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    Thread google assistant

    i have the phone unlocked and twrp, with titanium backup i can inhibit the google assistant, which file should i delete? found how to do ... Solved
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    Thread development

    what do you think, there will be some roms like pixel experience or avoc or Aex etc. on our mi 9? I sincerely hope so .....:p
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    Thread Unlock

    delivered today, made unlock request, it takes 360 hours : D
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    Thread Reset key

    I made a backup of the build forgetting to remove the password, the restore asks me the sequence but not good, please can you send me the zip of the reset key? thank you
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    Thread ripristino - backup

    I made a backup of the ROM to be able to try other without installing my apk every time. when I restore, it keeps rebooting. what am I wrong - twrp- with sd
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    Thread performance ...

    I tried all the Oreo roms and the FM radio does not have RDS as it has nougat instead. Installed FrancoKernel r4 and the FM radio has RDS. Roma developers should analyze the Francokernel and try to understand why the battery lasts longer, the FM radio has RDS and much more. If you want to...
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    Thread AnyMote Smart Remote 4.6.8

    I tried to use the remote "AnyMote Smart Remote 4.6.8" but with SO Oreo it does not work. Do you know why?:o
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    Thread A1

    now that Mi a1 has received official Oreo because someone does not bring it on our device? :p
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    Thread Fm

    I ask developers if it is possible to create a flash patch for the lineage 15 lines that are without. Thank you opss
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    Thread wi-fi

    Why with miui with my modem wi-fi is fixed while with all the built roms it keeps being unstable? are bugs of the lineage 14 and 15 ? Do you know how to answer this question?
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    Thread Back button on the left, Menu button on the right

    I would like to try lineage 14 and 15 but both do not have the ability to modify the hardware keys back with menus. there is a solution .... thanks
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    Thread I'm pissed off!!

    I wonder but why 3/prime, the 4 / 4x notes are supported by official lineage while 4/prime NO. So I was wrong to buy the 4 first. Do you know how to answer me?
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    Thread status bar

    You can tell me if you can delete the battery symbol and leave only the percentage and if possible move the time center thanks
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    Thread gps test

    I'm using 7.1.1 my gps is not accurate. With gps test error of about 30 meters. Is this just my problem?
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    Thread I'd like to understand

    because this space on the xda redmi 4 pro/prime is not structured like the others, with various titles eg. 4 pro "General" - "Accessories" - "Android Development" - "original Android development" - "Themes and applications" not interested developers or are there a few?:(
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    Thread I wonder why ...

    because this space on the xda redmi 4 pro/prime is not structured like the others, with various titles eg. 4 pro "General" - "Accessories" - "Android Development" - "original Android development" - "Themes and applications" not interested developers or are there a few?:(
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    Thread build

    I want to share my experience with you in terms of cooked rom and I tell you that after having tried all the rom one that works best for me right now is "aoscp". Good job developers and Greetings to all :good:
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    Thread sound

    I accidentally deleted some ringtones from ringtons. I no longer have sound .... how can I fix it? thank you I tried to install cm14.1 but no sound, speakerphone, alarm clock nothing dumb
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    Thread echo on call

    with all the rom I tried, miui, CM13, when the other party answers a call telling me that hears his voice with eco then during the speech stops the echo. you have an idea of what can be? thank you
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    Thread CM 13 nightlies Mi 3/4 W/C

    is there anyone who has tried the nightly with * our MI4 I? : D it's compatible ?
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    Thread ring tone

    with stock rom when I choose a ring tone begins low volume then shortly after it is ok - it is a bug or just my phone? :(
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    Thread locked

    after unlocking root can be locked for warranty issues? as? thank you :o
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    Thread flex connection from the motherboard to speaker

    I am looking for this flex parts for my xiaomi mi4i. appearance aid [/ATTACH] :)
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    Thread as paper

    when I turn the phone goes in a loop, you see the icon MI and fading and so forth ad infinitum, I log into recovery and when I connect to the PC does not see it, but if I connect it to go off in battery charger .... so I can not load any roms, I must have inadvertently deleted the backup, what I...
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    Thread speaker internal

    I broke my speaker, can you help me to find a spare. thanks
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    Thread cm12/Gps

    I tried all the rom cm12 for our d620 and I can say that even the bugs on GPS, the fix is good but the signal is unstable. I am very sorry I get stock :D
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    Thread gps

    I sent my phone G620 in assistance to poor functioning of the GPS and I came back with the same defect, gps slow and not accurate. how your GPS? is a defect of this phone?
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    Thread kernel Kool-aid 1.0

    ask the experts, what are the reasons why the kernel invaderjohn, Kool-aid 1.0 is not registered by default in the latest rom pac-man and CM12? perhaps will be added later? if the question is stupid excuse in advance :o
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    Thread roms

    I am very sad that the roms for this phone and there are none that work with the most important things: the camera, vibration, GPS .... :D:D:D:mad::mad::mad:
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    Thread rom

    when the cm11 is complete, it will be nice to have a miui rom, unfortunately I am not a developer :(
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    Thread Whassap, telegram

    you can not have whatssao or telegram with windows?
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    Thread cwm

    place in this section hoping for an answer: To install the 4.2.2 cwm which is recommended? thanks
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    Thread bug APK fix

    who can explain me how to fix the bugs in applications
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    Thread update bug Apk

    my bike is ver g. . en.UE I still have not received 4.4.2 update. it is possible to update that resolves the problem of the apk?
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    Thread big problem

    when I connect my phone to pc restarts continuously, if I connect to the pc without battery restarts continuously, I can not get into recovery. Prior to this problem I installed Froyo, now I have no froyo image. sd dload with volume + / - power does not install. Before sending assistance to what...
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    Thread receiving

    sometimes even with good field, are not reachable, from what can be caused? Perhaps the type of rom? which rom is best for this problem? Thank you
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    Thread spirit fm

    I installed the sense 3.5 on my mini. You can use spirit fm, as it should be set if possible? on which android rom works? solved.....
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    Thread whatsapp

    exist or where can I find a program like whatsapp for wm 6.5 for our mini?
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    Thread new purchase

    I was considering buying a htc desire x that I find interesting in terms of size and price. What do you think? If I wanted to sell my mini might interest anyone?
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    Thread sviluppo rom

    I am very disappointed :(... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....Our hd mini is getting older and developers are less and less. I didn't think it was so complicated to accomplish at least one complete rom. My hopes are reduced to a minimum ... ... ... ...:crying:
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    Thread rom

    We hope that does not change smarphone Schlund, otherwise all these ROMs will be completed no :mad:
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    Thread battery issue

    with all nand rom, when I charge the battery from the device is off, the led turns on and shortly thereafter the five keys at the bottom. After a few hours, break the usb socket and switch on the device, I have to take the battery out and put it back. It is normal for this procedure even for you?