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  1. Elluel

    Thread [Bootanimation] Nu

    Based off this: Two versions, one uses 720x720 frames and the other uses 1080x1080 frames, but they're both set to 1000x1000 in the desc.txt. The 720p version should run at the intended, proper framerate (45fps) whereas the 1080p one may lag due to...
  2. Elluel

    Thread from "L" developer image preview

    :o I was lazy and if you are too, here:
  3. Elluel

    Thread OnePlus One bootanimation + boot logo

    Have fun. Put in /system/media/ with rw-r-r permissions or flash in your custom recovery. I also used bitdomo's boot logo tool. It aligns perfectly with the bootanimation. Edit: Added...
  4. Elluel

    Thread **Sticky Roll-Up: All Guides and Info Threads Linked Here**

    This thread is intended to be your master resource for all the important and "must-read" threads here in the Nexus 5 forum. It contains links to threads we expect you to read before gaining root access/any sort of modification as well as links to guides and other resources to do the things...
  5. Elluel

    Thread Thread now irrelevant with newer versions of Android

    Nevermind :o
  6. Elluel

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen music controls without album art?

    Is there any way to let a music app show the controls on the lockscreen, but not change the wallpaper as I don't have album art for most of my music?
  7. Elluel

    Thread Charging indicator frozen and won't go away even when unplugged

    If the device is turned off then I connect it to a charger, the charging indication comes up frozen (see image) and won't go away even when the cable is unplugged, still stuck the same way. I have to hold down the power button for 10-20 seconds and it'll reboot into Android. Running Resurrection...
  8. Elluel

    Thread Ambient Light Sensor power usage?

    The amount of battery drain from auto-brightness mostly depends on light conditions/auto-brightness adjustments in custom ROMs, but how much power does the sensor itself actually use (also taking into account any CPU usage, etc)?
  9. Elluel

    Thread [Q] Only one lockscreen widget?

    Is it possible to only have one custom lockscreen widget on stock ROM? I don't want to use the stock clock but if I enable lockscreen widgets I find myself always accidentally scrolling left to the page where you add a new widget when holding my phone with only one hand.
  10. Elluel

    Thread [Q] Only getting notifications on one WiFi network

    I doubt this is normal; only on my home WiFi network, do I get notifications on my phone. On any other WiFi network and even on data, I do not get notified at all even though, for example, I'm still receiving the messages/whatever (which should have given a notification). Any reason for this?