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    Thread Difference between Stock Vendor and OSS Vendor?

    How is the OSS vendor different from stock? Is one better than the other?
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    Thread Is there an official miui rom availible for mi a3?

    If not, is it likely that xiaomi would release an official miui rom for this device?
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    Thread What Rom has the best possible battery life? 2019

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a rom that has the best possible battery life. Doesn't matter if it's slow or lacks some major features, even KitKat is fine. So what would be the best possible rom with just battery life in mind according to you?
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    Thread Centre Clock on OB 12?

    Is there any way to get a centre clock on Open Beta 12? For earlier versions of Android, i used Gravity Box and for OB11 I used a flashable zip but I can't find and zip for OB12... Thanks in advance!
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    Thread 3D/Force Touch on Oneplus 3?

    Hi, Was wondering if there was any way to enable 3D/Force Touch on Oneplus 3. Preferably not requiring Xposed as I'm on Nougat and Xposed doesn't support Nougat yet... :confused: :good:
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    Thread Really long boot time

    hey, my Redmi note 3 (Snapdragon 16GB) takes about 5 minutes to boot up, while my oneplus 3 takes less than 30 seconds. When i turn it on, it displays the Mi logo for 4-5 mins and then the bootanimation appears that takes just a few seconds. Even when i try to boot into recovery, the mi logo...
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    Thread [Solved] Home button working only on Oxygen OS

    hi, I was on Resurrection Remix with Elementalx kernel and everything was working fine, there were no bugs. But i accidentally encrypted my device so i had to completely wipe it. After wiping it, i installed Freedom OS 1.6 (which is based on Oxygen OS) but dint like it so i decided to use...
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    Thread Multirom on Ressurection Remix ElemetalX kernel?

    Does multirom work on the elemetalx kernel version of Ressurection Remix Marshmallow Rom? If not, will it work with Pac Rom, Paranoid Android or Ressurection Remix CM kernel version?
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    Thread Project Ara Release

    Hey, I've been waiting for this phone to launch since the Phoneblocks project started and it gets delayed every year. So, does anyone have any idea about when it's going to release?:confused: Should I wait for it or buy another phone? I also heard that google is making a 13 inch tablet instead...
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    Thread Dns_probe_finished_nxdomain

    hey, I fixed WiFi not working problem from here and i successfully connected to the internet but, whenever I launch any browser and try to visit any site, i get this error "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN". I'm sure that the internet is working as an app had successfully downloaded some files... i'm...
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    Thread Fastest/Smoothest Rom

    Hey, What do u think is the fastest/smoothest rom available for MMX Canvas Nitro? :):):) :good::good::good:
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    Thread WiFi and Bluetooth not working

    Hey, I installed Remix OS 2.0 on my Dell Inspiron 11 3148. It successfully booted up but WiFi and Bluetooth are not working... :confused: Thanks.
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    Thread In-call mic bug in lollipop ROM

    Hi, is there any lollipop based ROM which doesn't have the in-call mic bug? :confused: Thanks :fingers-crossed:
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    Thread Stock Recovery for A311

    Stock Recovery for MMX Canvas Nitro A311 recovery.img - 10.00 MB
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    Thread [Q] Stock recovery backup

    How can I backup my stock recovery before flashing a custom recovery??:confused: My phone is rooted...
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    Thread [Q] OTA Updates

    Will rooting my A311 or installing a custom recovery prevent future OTA Updates??:confused: If yes, then how can I backup my stock recovery??