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    Thread Stuck at Bootloop with Bootloader locked.

    Can anyone help me how to unlock the bootloader via fastboot since I cannot get in the software as I have a bootloop. I greatly appreciate it as I have been figuring out this for the past 5 hours. Thank you.
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    Thread "OK Google" - Screen Off NOT Working EVR-L29

    Just wanted to know if "OK Google" is working on Model EVR-L29. I have done everything to set it up and when the screen is off, it's not working. Anybody experiencing this problem?
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    Thread Mobile Legends: Bang Bang NOT WORKING

    I wanted to play this game for Mate 20 X but it keeps crashing. I have downloaded it from the play store. I have the Chinese Version Phone. Please let me know if it works with Global or Chinese Versions. Thanks
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    Thread Youtube PIP (Picture in Picture)

    My YouTube PIP does not work. Does anybody know how to activate it. I already selected PIP on YouTube settings. Thanks
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    Thread How to make YouTube app full screen without black bars

    Is there a way to make video fit to screen with no black bars on each side when on full screen or landscape mode. My phone is currently rooted as well. Thanks
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    Thread "Ok Goolge" making calls command from your contacts or command opening apps SLOW!!!

    "Ok Goolge" making calls command from your contacts or command opening apps SLOW!!! My "Ok Google" command like "call Joe" from my contacts or "open play store" is really really slow. But if I "OK google" "what's the weather tomorrow", or dial 611, it's quite fast. Anyone having this...
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    Thread Rooted Xiaomi Mi Mix using MIUI Security app and Root access!!

    I successfully unlocked my bootloader by requesting Xiaomi to unlock it. I received via text my instructions and downloaded the unlock zip file. Installed Titanium Backup and MIUI root access was granted.