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    Thread Dead phone for parts !!

    Anyone selling their dead honor 8 for spares?
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    Thread Anyone interested in selling their dead honor 8 (incase any)

    If anyone Please let me know
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    Thread Hard Brick? Maybe my exp could help!!

    Few Days Back While updating to Android M, My zenfone 2 551 2gb(Rooted-was on Russian Bear Rom) got Hard Bricked due to wrong flashing procedure. Symptoms : 1.Getting only Asus Screen(rebooting after 5min) 2. No fastboot, No recovery, None keys Combination Worked. The only...
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    Thread Is my phone Dead ,Help

    Today i was using my phone at 8% battery and suddenly with little flash it got turned off, Now Its not charging, Not turning on, No logo nothing I have tried various chargers, holding power button for 10s, holding power + vol keys , but all it does vibrates 2 times (like while turning on ) It is...
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    Thread Greenify Not hibernating apps while screen off {root}

    I have installed Greenify on stock rom on zenfone 2 551ml 2gb 1.8ghz model with root priviledges. But as soon as sceen is off and when i again check after some time , apps are still not hibernated. whereas hibernation manager works perfectly. But since i want to use greenify, can anyone help...
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    Thread [Q] Battery Backup in 2GB version

    I will purchasing zenfone 2 , can any body tell the battery backup of zenfone 2 551ml 2gb ram model. If Its too low then i could be switching to lenovo a7000 which has battery talktime of 39 hrs . So plz help regarding perfomance and battery backup.:mad:
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    Thread [Q] OC kernel for xperia m 4.3

    Are there any good overclocked kernel for xperia m.