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  1. pooley:)

    Thread [APP][2.3+] WhatWhat

    Hey folks ! It's been a long time ! But you know, work, stuff, stuff, work... But hey anyway, I came here to talk to you about a new app we just create. Developped by Florent C. and Kévin DJF, designed by me. Let me introduce you : WhatWhat The idea is quite simple : - Tell the app...
  2. pooley:)

    Thread [APP-FR][4.0+] O'Ciney

    Hey Folks ! Just to let you know that I participated on a new french app with 2 of my dev buddies called O'Ciney App is for Movies addict (looking for a "now playing movie", some hours or movie theater nearby). We tried to add a Movie theater mood to the app and work hard on the UX, I know it...
  3. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Kernel and Colors on N4

    Hey folks ! I recently flashed a 4.4 port of the N5 but missed my Pie control so I reverted back to my previous ROM (Xylon 4.2.2) I didn't do any backup with CWM so I had to fully reflash all my stuff. Things I've done successfully. But I noticed that the latest Xylon 4.2.2 handle the color...
  4. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Kub

    Hi folks ! New iconset called Kub ! I dedicate them to my Mary ! ;) (wanted to dedicate you my valentine icons but Sammy did them before me :P) As always : - 330+ themed icons - HD Icon pack 144x144 xxhdpi (320dpi) - Infinite icon theming (iconmask / iconback / iconupon featured) Hope...
  5. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Alpha

    Hi folks ! Alpha is done ! so the alphabet letters in one iconpack :) As always : - HD Icon pack 144x144 xxhdpi (320dpi) - Infinite icon theming (iconmask / iconback / iconupon featured) Hope you'll fully enjoy this new one :) DOWNLOAD FILES HERE Grab it on Play Store UPDATED 26 JAN...
  6. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Klok Project HD

    Hi folks ! New iconset called Klok Project based of Klok uccw skin. As always : - 330+ themed icons - HD Icon pack 144x144 xxhdpi (320dpi) - Infinite icon theming (iconmask / iconback / iconupon featured) Be the first to download it on Play Store and get refund ! Hope you'll fully enjoy...
  7. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Shell just execute itself (randomely?) on my phone !?

    I folks, today I was screenshooting to put my new iconset on Play Store, then pops-up the window requiring for Root access, I granted the access then some informatif messages starts to appear (like 10-15 message in a row saying some shell activities were in progress). Can some devs please...
  8. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Cross Project HD

    Hi folks ! New iconset called Cross Project ! Lets enter 2013 with a new iconset ! As always, hope you'll fully enjoy this Cross iconset :) DOWNLOAD FILES HERE UPDATED 14 JAN. 2013
  9. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] OTG Cable partially working :(

    Hi Folks, I got a Galaxy Nexu srunning Xylon ROM and trinity kernel. I bought an OTG cable to play Vice City with Xbox 360 controller. When I plug my xbox controller nothing happens, it's not recognized. But when I try with a mouse, no notification on status bar but the arrow shows up and I can...
  10. pooley:)

    Thread ADW Launcher official thread ?

    I just install ADW launcher, since as a themer this launcher is the iconmask feature (great feature not supported by recent launcher like nova and apex). Anyway, is there an official thread or something I can post requested and questions ? All I found were threads on adw theme, etc, but nothing...
  11. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Nexus stock RUU

    Hi there, Little question. Were can I find stock ROM for gnex (GSM) I sell it and want to unroot and flash the stock stock ROM. Thanks a lot Sent from my toilets
  12. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Blaque Blue

    Hi folks :) ... New icons called Blaque Blue DOWNLOAD FILES HERE UPDATED 19 NOV 2012 UCCW skin is in my skins thread. *** NEW *** Tutorials thread (Try, share and subscribe :)) Spread da Art ! Sent from my toilets
  13. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] My iconz pack index

    Hi folks :) ... New Thread to list all the iconpack I've done / will do... Hope you have enought love for them all since they are a lot and growing BETA ICONSET | MINT BETA ICONSET | MINT ICONSET | BLAQUE ICONSET | BLAQUE BLUE ICONSET | CROSS PROJECT KLOK PROJECT | ALPHA | KUB |...
  14. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Blaque

    Hi folks :) ... New icons called Blaque Will do the glowing other in a few DOWNLOAD FILES HERE UPDATED 19 NOV 2012 UCCW skin is in my skins thread. *** NEW *** Tutorials thread (Try, share and subscribe :)) Spread da Art ! Sent from my toilets
  15. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Mint Beta

    Hi folks ! What would happened if mommy Mint Rounded Iconset met daddy Beta Iconset ? ... As always, hope you'll fully enjoy this Mint 2.0 iconset :) DOWNLOAD FILES HERE UPDATED 14 JAN 2013
  16. pooley:)

    Thread [TUTORIALS] Graphik tricks

    Hi Folks :) Well, here start the great thread of graphics tutorials. I open this thread at first because I want to share a tutorial with a friendhere, then I think about made it my tutos thread. But, hey ! Why not turn this thread in a bible here on XDA by sharing yours here too :) Rookie or...
  17. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Mint

    Hi folks :) ... New icons called Mint, hope you have enought love for them all since they are 370+ I based my work on the Nikk setup icons. It's kind of a mix between BBB's grey buttons and Rawdealer's SoftButton (white) :) Well thanks Raw for your psd but finally I start it from scratch and...
  18. pooley:)

    Thread Modded GoogleNow landscape !?

    Hi folks ! I'm searching since several days a specific modded version of GNow. I try to find the landscape of this modded Gnow app. It apparently a DarkJelly inverted app but when I download it, I see nothing similar in the res/drawable-nodpi/ (just the traditionnal landscape and the b/w...
  19. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] icon set compatible Nova launcher

    Hi folks ! I've made an icon set for miui (mtz)... Now I'm back to an AOSP (XenonHD) with nova prime launcher question is : How can I turn my icon set compatible with nova launcher ? (I obviously got the png icon folder with the named icons).. Thx & greets from France :) Sent from my toilets
  20. pooley:)

    Thread [UCCW] My skinz

    Hi folks ! I've created this thread for you to find all the skins I've made and posted across all those "Post your screenshots" dedicated threads. So, let's get straight to it ! :D Since Vineet offers themers the opportunity to add our skins on Play Store, I will (obviously) continue to post my...
  21. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] NS MIUI V4 screenshot activity - XDA app related

    Hi folks! I'm running MIUI V4. I can't post screenshot I made with native MIUI capability.. (power+ vol down) on some XDA threads. The message "your JPEG picture got an invalide format". Ok, MIUI save screenshots as *. png... Don't wanna use ShootMe or else since it's native on MIUI. Did some...
  22. pooley:)

    Thread [ICONS] Beta

    Hi folks ! I made some icons and want to share it with you all. I took some existing and put them in an edge I created to harmonize it all. Here comes the Beta Iconset DOWNLOAD FILES HERE UPDATE 19 NOV 2012 [BONUS] - An extra BetaDock Background *.png + *.psd (for customiz displayed...
  23. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Installation aborted (status 7)

    Hi there, I'm on Brainmaster's MIUI. (1.12.9) and ICS for GSM nexus S is out but, when I want to apply the zip, the installation aborted : "assert failed: apply_patch_check("/system/app/ApplicationsProvider.apk"."46172b4637...." E:Error in /sdcard/ (status 7) installation aborted...
  24. pooley:)

    Thread [REQ]Screenshots Lockscreen Sense (see attachments)

    Hey guyz, Like am on a mod lockscreen MIUI (miss my hts desire lockscreen) i need 2 specific lockscreen screenshot... for more details see here :) thank you ! sent from my toilets
  25. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Modify MIUI Theme

    Must have messed up on customing mtz... what I've done : - I've put it on my PC. - change the extension *.mtz to *.rar - extract it, - add the extension *.zip to "icons" file. - replace and add icons - delete the extension *.zip on the icones files. - compress in rar - change the extension...
  26. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] extract the CRT effect (screen on off)

    Hi everybody, Is there any way to extract the CRT effect to implement it to a picture viewer (click on image open it full screen with CRT effect (on), background gets darker and blured, click again to close with CRT effect (Off) blur off default thumbnail view... I want to put it in a picture...
  27. pooley:)

    Thread [UI] Back to the Future / Transformers (last one recently added)

    Hi there, Have made some custom UI sounds and "share" is the word : The Back to the Future Pooley's flavored lil' Pack ! :P You have to : - unzip, - place the folder at root of SD Card, - Replace the default UI sounds by these ones (in system/media/audio/ui) via Estrongs or Solid Explorer...
  28. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Y some custom icons won't apply?

    Hi flashmaniacs, I'm on miui 1.7.22 Nexus s kernel matr1x 5.5. On EStrongs files (root mod) I've been to local/data/system/customized_icons_1/ ... (I've seen I can put customized icons in here ... needs reboot). All my modified icons apply except : - -...
  29. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] FC on Launcher Pro Unlocker

    Hi there, I'm having FCs with the icon and dockbar customization on nexus s miui 1.7.22 name : android.process.acore (I've put the bug report)... any idea ? Thank you for your response. REPORT BUG : device_model:crespo build_version:107220 condition:1 processName:android.process.acore...
  30. pooley:)

    Thread [RESOLVED] My Nexus S turns GREEN !!?

    hi there, Here is the issue, when the phone is active, then turns in sleep mode, the screen normaly turns a little bit more darker. ok, but mine turns green like I switch the sRGB to an excessive green value. Any idea ? ROM : Miui 1.7.22 Launcher : Launcher Pro + Voodoo Kernel : Netarchy...
  31. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Language Pack FR miui 1.7.22 Nexus S

    Hi there, I can not find a French pack out there for the miui v1.7.22 ? is there only one which is working ? (azerty keyboard and alla that)...
  32. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Bug on launcher pro

    Hi there, When I try to put custom icons on the dockbar of LP it FCs ... Happens to you ? ROM Miui 1.7.22. Netarchy 1.3.7 Kernel CFS Voodoo calibrated
  33. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Recovery ? ?

    Hi there ! Can you tell me what's the difference between recovery (crespo stuff) and the ? As i read on a topic that recovery is lost when second access via fastboot (security) need to flash again the img or rename /etc/ to something else, am I right ? I've...
  34. pooley:)

    Thread Gallery 2D, 3D ... Why ?!

    Why did (the dev) put the gallery apk in ROM ... Lots of people do not like this (slow and so on) Why don't they put JustPicture! instead ... ? It's a "break yo legs" apk ! Give it a try ! And tell me what apk are you currently using as picture viewer...
  35. pooley:)

    Thread [Q] Render Question (SNS superAMOLED vs Desire AMOLED)

    Can somebody explain to me why on the Nexus S Super AMOLED Screen (on the top) the picture is horrible compare to my HTC Desire (which is a simple AMOLED screen technology on the bottom) ? I've heard about the SNS Update which re-calibrate the screen (with less contrast and warmer tone...
  36. pooley:)

    Thread Let your Doid Talk to you ! :)

    I was tired of hearing a stupid "boinboing !" when my battery's phone turns low. So I decided to make some *.ogg files... Lock Unlock LowBattery Use adb or rootexplorer to move them to system/media/audio/ui lots of ogg can be replaced... Let me know if you want others. download here Hope...