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    Post [Q][GSM] Losing data connection all the time

    I too am having this same issue with a GSM Galaxy Nexus on stock yakju 4.0.4, but I'm in Canada on the Bell network, and did change the radio to the one they install on their phones.
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    Post [FIXED][Q] My Home button has stopped working

    Thanks, but unfortunately that didn't work for me. The home button still isn't working, and the icons are still grey. Though I can sync with Google services just fine.
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    Thread [FIXED][Q] My Home button has stopped working

    EDIT: OK, I fixed the problem. Let this be a lesson for people to remember to have a backup before doing some flashing. It appears that my Titanium backups of the default android apps were screwing things up for me. I fixed it by restoring to an older version, and only restoring my apps that I...
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    Post Galaxy Nexus in Canada - side effects after changed from yakjuux to yakju

    Download the latest version of the radio that was sent to the Virgin Mobile phones here. Then reflash it with fastboot: fastboot flash radio radio-maguro-i9250ugkl1.img
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    Thread [Q] How to backup before Root?

    So I didn't realize that rooting the phone would wipe all of my data before I started using it. I only had a transformer tablet before, and assumed all rooting was that easy. Lesson learned. So my question is, since I don't have root, what are my options for backing up all of my application...
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    Post [Q] Wi-Fi connection problems

    Yeah, it's weird. For the Ad-Hoc connection I was able to change the security type to basic WEP and it worked fine after that. Previous it was WPA2 and not working. I'm wondering if the latest firmware update has anything to do with this?
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    Thread [Q] Wi-Fi connection problems

    I'm having a strange problem lately with the Wi-Fi. I was at work where I've previously set up the wi-fi details, but now it says the network is not in range. The laptop I have sees and connects to it just fine so the connection details haven't changed, and the signal strength is 5 bars on the...