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  1. ballerd

    Thread testa310f 2016 kernel

    (KERNEL) A32016 test kernel built with latest MMA310F sources from Samsungopensource only added performance gov just wanted to see it built with no error not tried myself yet no pc have built separate kernel with selinux hopefully being able to set enforceing or permissive and values stick I...
  2. ballerd

    Thread ubuntu server for free use for i8200 development

    Pm for ssh username and IP would prefer person with experience its a digital ocean Ubuntu 8gb 80gb ssd
  3. ballerd

    Thread Q Archos 40c Titanium Stuck in factory reset endless loop

    Hey guys I accidentally knock my battary out during a factory reset and no matter how many times I turn off it boot into erasing screen with android green man I have left on for over a day still stuck would I be able to use adb or fastboot to fix my problem have tried searching Google and...
  4. ballerd

    Thread (q) stock device vodafone prime 6 slow lagging like hell

    Hey my phone is lagging like hell it will freeze forceing to reboot tried factory reset multiple times don't work even tryied multiple tweaks and they don't help my device is rooted and using closed framework hear are my last logs
  5. ballerd

    Thread (q) no custom recovery installing gapps on stock rom 5.01

    Hey guys I uninstalled all Google apps on my Vodafone prime 6 can I get Google apps back without custom recovery thanks I stumped at what to do and advice from hear is only I trust thanks
  6. ballerd

    Thread vodafone smart prime 6 vf-895n

    Hey guys I rooted this phone using kingo root method then replaced with super su without problems I foolishly tried manualy installing xposed framework by unzipping the flashable zip then putting files in relevant folders no issues untill I overwrote a file it rebooted and wouldent get...
  7. ballerd

    Thread (Q) How would I go about adding kernel wake gestures into my own custom kernel

    Hey guys I am a new to kernel development and I am current using a Samsung Galaxy s3 mini and want to compile my own custom kernel with wake gesture functionality can anyone point me In right direction mayby a guide or documentation to how i would go about adding to my kernel sorry for my bad...
  8. ballerd

    Thread PA4+ Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Hey guys I noticed this was only other 4.4.4 ROM for our tablet and I did read in original thread The plan Was To wait for gr8nole cm11 build to be finished But I thought would any dev want to carry on with...