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  1. Gabriel51

    Thread Unable to get LGUP to work now

    I cross-flashed my v405ua (ATT) to the V405EBW30b_00_OPEN_EU_DS_OP_0806.kdz in an effort to get rid of the start-up error (current version) but the error still remains. Now I'm unable to flash back or to any other Kdz file, I get this notice Not support cross model download. It's not the start...
  2. Gabriel51

    Thread TWRP for Nougat?

    Is there any information for installing TWRP for H901 Nougat 7 ? I can't find anything... I had to use Bridge update to fix my phone, now I'm looking for TWRP...
  3. Gabriel51

    Thread S-off and Hboot 1.60

    Is there any to S-off with 1.60? I'm attempting to unlock the sim for gsm as a final goal... Thanks
  4. Gabriel51

    Thread [Completed] [Q] help

    How do you get rid of that super annoying column on the right of every page? It was not there at one time
  5. Gabriel51

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 :good:
  6. Gabriel51

    Thread I have a question?

    I'm seriously thinking of buying one of these with the "1.7GHz octa-core Cortex-A7 CPU; 2 GB of RAM" version. I'm not real happy and the operating system but I have read that lollipop has been installed and there are instruction for doing so. However it did not state which version it was...
  7. Gabriel51

    Thread [Q] D800 blank at times, other times stuck at Logo?

    I just bought this form a guy who said he did a restore and it never booted again except to the boot logo. I have only got it to boot to the logo twice, mostly it won't do anything and when the logo is present the computer does not know what it is, when the logo is not present the computer (pc)...
  8. Gabriel51

    Thread CMR or TWRP can't install?

    I just acquired this mega today and I have tried every available method to root or install a recovery that I can find. I know it can be done but I must be missing something? Any ideas that work with this set-up? SPH-L600 (Sprint) Galaxy mega Android: 4.2.2 Baseband: L600vpubne4 Build...
  9. Gabriel51

    Thread I get this message when exiting recovery

    I get this message when exiting recovery; Everything works great however, whatever choice I make (yes/no) the next time I exit CMR I get the same prompt. What started this was the installation of a new rom with a complete wipe, it was only after I backed up the new installation that this...
  10. Gabriel51

    Thread download mode

    I'm stuck right here as far as download mode goes. I installed TWRP on a d800 rooted with stock 4.2.2. The TWRP install went ok but it never booted afterward. I can get into twrp, but can't sideload anything because the computer does not connect to the device, I hear the connection noise the...
  11. Gabriel51

    Thread Lg g2 d800 international firmware

    I have a lg g2 d800: Is it possible to run a international (unbranded) stock rom on it?
  12. Gabriel51

    Thread [Q] I installed SuperSU and get this error

    Phone is a ATT one X, sim unlocked, X-Factor root exploit done, TWRP2.4.10. I installed SuperSU and get this error; "there is no SU binary installed and Super SU cannot install it" What's going on? I'm new to the X1 but accomplished all the above with no problems Thanks
  13. Gabriel51

    Thread Icon link

    Does anyone know how to link an icon to a file? I have a movie I want to link an icon to. Thanks
  14. Gabriel51

    Thread I'm picking up a Captivate tonight and

    I would like to know what 2.3.5/2.3.4 rom is your favorite. I would like to flash a 2.3.5. "something". I know I could plow through thousands of post to possibly find what I'm looking for but I would rather ask because some post are rather old and just add to the confusion. So if you have...
  15. Gabriel51

    Thread HTC Android update for “expert users only”

    By Kate O'Flaherty Mon Aug 01 2011, 17:38 TAIWANESE PHONE MAKER HTC has finally released an Android Gingerbread update, but most frustrated HTC Desire owners will have to wait - it's for "expert users" only. In fact, the manufacturer says on its Facebook page that the Android 2.3 update is...
  16. Gabriel51

    Thread [Q] Full function android on HD2

    I had an HD2 before but did not like windows at all and there was not a suitable android release for it so I sold it. I really liked the phone but was wondering if there is a good android replacement where everything works available for it now? Thanks for any help
  17. Gabriel51

    Thread [Q] Telephone not working after 2.2 update

    The phone is not working after update (EZOdin) URL to method; Everything else is ok, i would like to get the telephone part working again. Any ideas? Thanks