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  1. Prodigy

    Thread [Q] Pad constantly rebooting into recovery

    SOLVED!!! CONFIRMED 100% WORKING: Download the firmware from the ASUS site, then extract the blob Flash it as per instructions in the thread Then flash a recovery if needed via fastboot, then flash the...
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    Thread My Interesting Encounter with Chinese Internet Censors

    I was bored so I decided to create a Weibo (Chinese alternative to Twitter) account by the name of "苟大变" (note the wordplay: literally it means Gou Big Change but phonetically read, it means dog sh*t). That aside, it took me little more than seconds to register for an account. I filled in my...
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    Thread Soft Bricked X10 with broken USB port/cable

    Title is fairly self explanatory, but I think this is pretty much the end for me. My USB port and cable are both broken, thus breaking my access to PC companion and flashtool as well. Mow I can only watch my phone sit there with the sony ericsson logo :( I have ordered another USB cable from...
  4. Prodigy

    Thread Crackling sounds from call speakers

    Got a situation here :(, after a year or so my X10's earspeakers are crackling, making it almost impossible to hear what people are saying. Just wondering whether anyone else here has experienced this issue, or already fixed it. If not then maybe I'll send it in for repairs. Thanks all...
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    Thread My honest opinion on MegaUpload being taken down

    MHO the whole SOPA thing and americans' crackdown on piracy aint gonna stop it. Its up to the people themselves to decide whether they pirate or support. No matter how much effort or money the US or other governments waste on trying to stop piracy, its not going to stop. The online community has...
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    Thread [Q] How can I undervolt stock kernel?

    Self explanatory title... A lot of people are having trouble installing this thing.
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    Thread [APP-LINKED]New Android Market 3.1.6

    Hello guys, You all know my hatred for the new market because it is uuuber slow and laggy. Good news now is that google has released the new market 3.1.6 that has improved speed and loads at a faster speed- downloads quite quickly :D Sorry guys, there is a problem with the new one but this...
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    Thread [FOR THE RESCUE]Back to stock theme

    Delete please :)
  9. Prodigy

    Thread Read Me

    Hello, So I'm sending this thread from my X10 right now that has been lasting on 1% for the last half an hour. Just calibrated yesterday. Anybody else have these weird lil issues. What is your max voltage after calibration? Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
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    Thread OMG 2PM, MY favourite band THREAD! [K-POP]

    I absolutely love these guys! : THIS IS K-POP jMdofhj9WKU bKtvDv7eykg pB4920B2l5g ENJOY!!!! Soo bored. Haha.
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    Thread [ROM] [2-06] TripNMiUI "Iris" 1.5.5 Froyo!

    Wrong section
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    Thread [SHARE] Fantastic Weather Widget

    Hey guys, just want to share this fantastic weather widget with you guys. Very good widget for those looking for one just for the beautiful X10 screen. Animated Weather for Android - Weather forecast application. The exquisitely realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow provide the...
  13. Prodigy

    Thread [Q] Transparent status bar.

    I want a transparent status bar, like the one in MIUI, any ideas on how to get one?
  14. Prodigy

    Thread Battery questions.

    I've seen Omega's fantastic thread about battery calliberation, but I callibwlerate it about 5 times,each time wiping battery stats, taking out thee battery, and when I plug in for the 5th time it still starts with 87%. Also, will over-charging do the same thing as battery callib? Sent from...
  15. Prodigy

    Thread 2.2 MIUI issues.

    Hello people. I recently flashed Trip's MIUI latest 1.0.8 with the kernel add-on. The kernel is not stable. Battery drain, although it is very, very responsive. However when i turn on wifi, it says "error" and then reboots. This has happened to me when on cobrato's MIUI which had "error" with...
  16. Prodigy

    Thread transparent widgets.

    I need a set of transparent widgets! The ones in stock 1.6 and 2.1 lookEd the best! The ones we have now look disgusting! Its like a big fat grey blob insidecthe middle of my beautiful screen! I need it and could somebody please upload sone sort of these widgets! Weather. Clock Google search...
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    Thread The perfect build.prop

    Hey guys, so I recently flashed rdannar's 2.3.4 MIUI ROM, and I am loving it. But I find that the build.prop file is missing a lot features like the one in wolfbreak's ROM. So could anybody share their perfect build.prop file, one with lots of suitable tweaks? Thanks in advance. Sent from my...
  18. Prodigy

    Thread Oops, i used format system hello 1.6

    yeh so i format system and rebooted phone. Bored, changed like 10 ROMs in one day. Is there a way to use a program to put a ROM, not stock onto the x10? For example an .ftf file to flash it via x10 flash tool? I don't have access to xrecovery, and i don't want to use SEUS for like the 4th time. :D
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    Thread [SOLVED][Q] Custom kernel for Rdannar Overdrive series 2.3.4 GB

    Hey guys, i flashed rdannar's MIUI 2.3.4 ROM, Its fantastic, i find it faster than J's 2.3.3 when you add th appropriate build.prop tweaks. However the link in second post he gave us; the wifi fix kernel K010 is not K010, wifi is not...
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    Thread How do i install system apps?

    Hey guys so decided that I would delete the stock browser, and now I want it back. I canut install, it says application not installed. So what do I do? Change the permissions of the app? Sideload it? Move it to system/apps? Help appreciated. Sent from my X10 using XDA Premium App
  21. Prodigy

    Thread [SOLVED][Q] Force Closing on Pendo Blue Market on WB CM 6.1.3 v061

    Heyy guys, I recently reflashed my x10 to Wolfbreak's CM6.1.3 with updates. Then i saw the pendo blue market attachment and i d/loaded it. Flashed via xrecovery, now whenever i open the market it force closes right away.
  22. Prodigy

    Thread [GUIDE] Change your boot animation

    REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS If you want to change your boot animation, its easy. 1. Download Root Explorer off the market (which costs like 3 BUCKS) 2. Inside root explorer, press button up top "MOUNT R/W" 3. Download your 4. Extract the 5. After you...
  23. Prodigy

    Thread [Solved] X10 boot-loop/brick after JIT installation

    Keeping it quick, as i need to eat dinner, I try to install JIT enabler v2 via xrecovery, did as told to wipe dalvik cache Now phone can access xRecovery, but cannot boot, it took one day. Any Ideas? ALso for extras, i am wanting to install Jereplea's cm 7.0.2 (2.3.3) ROM, but it is in...
  24. Prodigy

    Thread Camera quality in Free x10 beta 4

    I recently flashed free x10 beta 4 with hotfix 1 Its working fine except I don't really appreciate there camera. The images taken are sometimes blurry.. I noticed that when I first switch on camera, the image is more odd a yellow color and after about two or three mins, it starts to turn more...
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    Thread Upgrade to gingerbread in Q2/Q3 removes the 32fps caps?

    Hi all, since i heard the new xperia arc has its multitouch and 32fps cap removed, will the gingerbread upgrade come with it too? Will it also have a different kernal to allow wifi tethering? Will we also have like 16M colours? I hope this would all happen Sent from my X10i using XDA Premium App