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  1. bierma32

    Thread Samsung Keyboard Docking GTab 8.9 users

    Hello to GTab 8.9 users. I ask all users who use or has got this original Samsung keyboard dock in using ?
  2. bierma32

    Thread 7.0 SM-T210 Help! need PIT File

    Hello all Devs and Users I done a mistake at Odin , i am click Re partion by flashing a New Firmware. Now Tab will not Boot up. Plesse some body can hell me with a PIT file. Thanks all for reply.
  3. bierma32

    Thread SM-T210R on wich Firmware are German languege included

    Hello Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210R devs and users. Ive got following question ? On wich Firmware are German language included. Ive bought a Tab 3 in the Staates ,but im living in germany, now i want to change the Language to German,its a present for my daughter. Can some body help me, thanks for all...