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    Thread Gcam for Lenovo Z6 pro

    Along with a few other Z6Pro owners I have tested many Gcam versions for Zui 11.5.x or custom roms (Android 10). So far we have spotted 2 very decent options that can use all 5 lenses of the phone: - UltraCVM_v4 : UltraCam by UltraM8 - HC-7.3.018-v1.1 : HyperCam by rz_end None of these are...
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    Thread Glass protection for Lenovo Z6Pro

    Hi! I am looking feedbacks on good glass protection for Z6pro. I bought one from Aliexpress but the shape for the front cam was a small hole. Hard to place exactly well and in strong light condition it adds a halo to the photos. Anyone happy with a good item?
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    Thread Getting up to speed - Lenovo Z6Pro / zippo

    Welcome to the Lenovo Z6 Pro community! To make it short, this phone has great hardware, but not so good software and support from Lenovo, hence the low price. If you recently received it, here is in a nutshell what you should know about ROMs : - There are 2 type of official Stock roms which...
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    Thread Z6 Pro official Chinese Stock ROM 11.1.105 and OTA to 11.5.229

    Hi all, I thought it might be useful have a thread dedicated to talking ONLY about official Chinese Stock ROM. I received my Z6 Pro with a very poor Global ROM, so quickly decided to try the true official ROM, hoping despite its weaknesses it would get far more frequent updates. Just for...
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    Thread Z6 Pro official Chinese Stock ROM

    Hi all, I thought it might be useful have a thread dedicated to talking ONLY about official Chinese Stock ROM. I received my Z6 Pro with a very poor Global ROM, so quickly decided to try the true official ROM, hoping despite its weaknesses it would get far more frequent updates. Just for...
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    Thread [Z2 PRO] So what's new in 2.5.335

    Hi all, there are already a couple of threads about the new Android 7/N upgrade but I would like to focus here on user reported changes. - First thing I notices is the improves camera app. Having access to full manual as well as various filters on the main screen is great! It also have...
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    Thread Resoure Apps and data to Z2 Pro

    ---- I MEANT RESTORE ----- Hi all, Since the stock Rom doesn't come with the Google apps and services I was not being asked to log into my Gmail account nor could I restore apps and data from my current Xperia Z3. So question : is there a way to install Google Apps so that one can use the...
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    Thread No notification LED on stock rom

    Hi all, I am only new to this phone and so far VERY happy with it. To be on the safe side I decided to stick with latest stock Rom which I like. There is only one big issue I am having: I don't get any LED notification! I Know the LED works because it lights up when charging, but nothing...
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    Thread How to set default Location mode

    Hi all, For a while as I was turning on Location on my D6603 the system was asking if I wanted High Accuracy or Device only mode. Once I mistakenly pressed "don't ask again" or something like that and chose High Accuracy. From then on every time I turn on Location it goes to that mode. BUT...
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    Thread Test DRM keys ok on rooted locked BL?

    Hi all I have a rooted Z3. On the paper DRM keys should be untouched but I am not impressed with the camera's quality. I flashed pre rooted rom and subsequent rom updates but wonder if something didn't go wrong along the way. So, simple question : how can I test the effective presence of...
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    Thread [?] Flash 23.1.A.1.28 OTA on rooted Z3 ? [SOLVED]

    Hi all, I have a rooted Z3 with dual recovery and locked bootloader running firmware 23.1.A.0.690. Since the OTA to firmware 23.1.A.1.28 is minor, I was wondering if it is possible to flash an update zip file while keeping root and modified recovery. any idea ? thanks
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    Thread [Q] BT turns on randomly since Lollipop...

    Hi hopefully this also happens to some of you and there is a fix. Basically since I updated to Lollipop (and still with 5.0.1) my nexus 5 tends to turn on Bluetooth on on its own and for no reason... very annoying (and battery consuming I guess) Feel free to comment / help ;)
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    Thread [Q] no sound in skype under CM11

    Hi all, I am a very happy user of the nightlies CM11... There seem to be only one issue. I can't get sound out in Skype. My contacts often hear me (not always though) but I never can hear anything. Is there any known issue with skype & CM11? Anyone else experiencing the same? Thx
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    Thread [Q] Help, brand new N4 won't boot

    Hi all, I bought a white N4 today since my GNexus died on me. I played a but with the phone and went on to rooting. I unlocked bootloader, but now the phone won't boot!!! it doesn't go pass the Google coloured cross. I can still go to fastboot, so I flashed CWM recovery. Tried to wipe...
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    Thread [Q] [A700] update files anyone ?

    Hi all, like many I have unlocked, changed recovery and rooted my A700. This means no OTA for me. It would be very useful of we could create a thread or get links here to upgrade zip files that could be flashed through CWM... To start with my personal need, I am on the JB stock rom with a...
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    Thread [Feedback ONLY] Jelly Bean update for A700

    Hi all, there seem to me many threads on JB update coming / not coming ; how to... but nothing on feedbacks once updated. PLEASE POST HERE YOUR FEEDBACKS ONLY ONCE YOU ARE RUNNING JB ON A700. I will do it myself here as soon as I have updated. Meanwhile, lets hear the lucky few... Major...
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    Thread Help with OTA & busybox [resolved]

    Hi all, I received notification to upgrade to Jelly bean but the process fail. I am on 4.0.4 stock + root franko kernel (but flashed back to stock) + busybox. I have a feeling it is busybox that prevents the OTA. Is this right? How can i uninstall/restore system so that OTA works...
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    Thread [Q] Using 3G on my A501 freezes system

    Hi, I am on Taboonay 2.2 Rom (HC 3.2.1) and everytime I use the internal 3G of my A501, the system ends up freezing. At no particular activity but when accessing Data, android freezes. Only option is to reboot... Very very annoying. Any idea where it could come from / possible fix ?
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    Thread [Q] SD android stuck on boot screen

    Hi all, I need help... I have been using AmericanAndroid for a while, I transfered files from my PC to the SD card, but when I put the SD card back into the HD2 android no longer boot. I am stuck on boot animation. FYI I had been on 082811 for a while with no particular issues. This is kind...
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    Thread How to move HTC album to SDcard

    Hi all, I read that the very space consuming cache of HTC album that sits in Application Data/HTC/HTC ALBUM/Cache can be moved to the sd card. Now the issue is that all the cabs I found on this allow to move it to sdcard called "Storage Card". My French storage card is called "carte de...
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    Thread Power on only with... power button ?

    Hi, I am struggling why HTC tagged a button as power on/off, if in fact all hard buttons turn the phone on... Anyhow, any idea hot to change that and only make the bottom right button active for switching the HD2 on ? Very annoying to have the phone switching on in bags or pockets...
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    Thread How to get rid of time/batt under 6.5.5 ?

    Hi, do anyone know a trick/soft that can be used to get rid of the time and battery icon on the top bar in 6.5.5 rom? I use touchlockpro / batclock so need to get rid of it. See attached image. thanks !!!