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  1. jasmin811

    Thread New easy way to root ALL Samsung devices 100%

    Hello everyone Here is new method to root all Samsung devices,twrp not needed. First you need to download EFTSU tool: Then you need file from this website where you can find for your device and download it ...
  2. jasmin811

    Thread sm-m105G

    Hello everyone, Can someone make twrp for this model please? Twrp for sm-m105f is not working in sm-m105g,need password when booting in system even after format data in twrp.
  3. jasmin811

    Thread Doogee Mix 2

    Hello Devs, I just want to ask is it possible to make custom kernel for this phone so the gsi custom rom,because there is only stock nougat firmware. The phone is just great with good perfomance but the only lack is nougat. There is twrp already made so the only problem is to make custom kernel...
  4. jasmin811

    Thread Doogee Mix 2

    Hello Dev. Team Is it possible to make any GSI Rom for this phone,since it has only Nougat 7.1.1 stock rom. It is great chine phone and I thought it maybe possible to make something with it. If you need more infos about this phone you can contact me in pp. Thanks forwardly for the answers.
  5. jasmin811

    Thread Dooggee Mix 2

    Hello everyone, Can some devs here make custom rom based on oreo for this phone. Currently is only stock nougat 7.1.1 Thank you forwardly.
  6. jasmin811

    Thread LG K41S

    Hello everyone, Please devs if you can move this thread to LG section,thanks I need to flash patched boot image from magisk to this phone,but the problem is i cannot enter into fastboot mode and to unlock bootloader either. Need some advices. Cheers.
  7. jasmin811

    Thread New twrp fix for a305f

    Hello guys, Here is new twrp fix for a305f Exynos ONLY which will fix latest security patch 1 july 2020(please get approval to use factory binaries (bootloader,pit,etc...) Flash it with latest odin. Put the file in AP section. Please don"t forget to unlock bootloader. Download it from here...
  8. jasmin811

    Thread Bootloader fix

    Hello there, Can anyone please help me to fix this mobile phone A30 with the bootloader. When i try to flash combination file with the pit file together through odin latest pathced,it says :please get approval to use factory binaries (bootloader): Thanks forwardly for reply
  9. jasmin811

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 6A Mediatek

    Can someone please help me,I always receive error from sp flash tool "error status sec img type mismatch (0xc00202a)" I'm trying to flash nvram and nvdata in redmi 6A, Thank you
  10. jasmin811

    Thread Redmi 6A big problem(please read carefully)

    Hello everyone, I have problem with this redmi 6a mtk phone.I need to say that bootloader is locked. Every time when is booted up it says "this device is locked" with stock roms(not modified). It is working well but when I connect to wifi or when insert sim card in few second I get that message...
  11. jasmin811

    Thread Arhcos 80d Platinum Lite firmware

    Hello there, I'm looking firmware or custom firmware for current tablet if anyone know's where to find it? On motherboard writes : Elink M801_D3_V1 (MT8127) This is chinese tablet made. Thank you forwardly for answers. Cheers
  12. jasmin811

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 6A Mediatek

    Hello everyone. Can someone experienced help me with that problem on this phone via tiemviewer if possible. I have locked bootloader. Every time when I get to miui10 interface it says "this device is locked". Thank you forwardly for answers.
  13. jasmin811

    Thread FIRMWARE + TWRP + ROOT FILES+GCam for Billion CapturePlus

    Hello everyone, Since everyone asked for this mobile phone how to root,unblock or flash this phone,I uploaded these files so can you finally root this phone.There is also original recovery.img plus boot.img if you make something wrong. I also uploaded Firmware 7.1.2 Nougat in .zip so you need...
  14. jasmin811

    Thread Billion Capture+

    Hello, maybe this is wrong thread.If so,sorry admins... Can some please send me a link or something else,I need stock firmware for this phone urgently. Thank you a lot forwardly...
  15. jasmin811

    Thread Xperia Z2 root??

    hello everyone. Can somebody help me via TEAMVIEWER with this mobile phone to unlock the bootloader and to root this phone? I tried every possible solution and I give up . Thank you all..
  16. jasmin811

    Thread LG K10 420N Bricked HELP

    Hello everyone, I have bricked phone with some other installed firmware on LG K10 420N. I can enter into download mode but the problem is the device manager recognize the phone for a 2 sec. and it says the device driver failed to install code 10. I cannot go to factory reset with vol - plus...
  17. jasmin811

    Thread Huawei Ascend G630-U20 help

    Hello everyone, I have this phone with me since few months and I tried to update an firmware from huawei website: "Huawei_Ascend_G630-U20_V100R001C00B156_CUSTC432D001_Serbia " and make it like they said format the sd card to fat32, create dload folder in root of the sdcard,put the in...
  18. jasmin811

    Thread [Q] Xperia mini E10i problem

    hello everyone, Please I need help with my mini e10i. After installing an costum rom I can only go to recovery mode and nothing else,it's written CWM-based Recovery v6.0.2.8 and under is: -reboot mode -install zip from sdcard -install zip from sideload -wipe data-factory reset -wipe cache...