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    Thread Android 10 Stable Gsi for S8/S8+

    Edit mod : thread removed
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    Thread (OneUI) (IF 6.0 final ) Infinity Rom For Galaxy Note8 / S8 / S8+ (august28)

    Note : iam not a developer please dont spam this . This is not in xda so only iam sharing this . Don't ask me anything for any problems i will provide telegram link please report. Thank you Device supported: Galaxy Note8: SM-N950F / DS, SM-N950N Galaxy S8: SM-G950F / DS, SM-G950N Galaxy S8...
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    Thread S8 s8+ channel

    Why was your Telegram Channel thread closed? Well, it's just becoming too much. Going forward, we will only allow One telegram chat link on a development thread by the ROM developer and ensuring that thorough support is still provided in the ROM thread. All discussion channels, photography...
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    Thread Ported S9 Rom N8/S8/S8+ (super slow mo works+Custom Emoji + S9 Features) V5.3.2

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    Thread Paid rom free now s8 re post

    My name Roger iam just telling the problem the Alexaga rom which is still paid people can't buy for it and not worth too so iam sharing the paid rom . Sharing due to arrogance and selfish of aelexga. ATN v4 PREMIUM ROM New Base Note8 N950FXXS3CRF1 Models: N950F/DS * G955F/FD * G950F/FD...
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    Thread Removed

    MOD Edit :- Links Removed Thread Closed
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    Thread s8 exyons oreo

    this is just a discussion group