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  1. kokotas

    Thread [DEV][24/Nov/2013]Extended TWRP|v2.6.3.4

    Intro: --------------------- Extended TWRP is based on official Team Win Recovery Project, but modified** to address some special methods & features found on The HD2, a device which has 3 different android loaders (cLK, MAGLDR and Haret) and various Android Rom configurations (DataOnExt...
  2. kokotas

    Thread [DEV][08/May/2013]Xboot|HD2 Boot Manager(cLK)[WIP]

    This is a project built for Black cLK (minimum version It is created based on 2 factors, securecrt & Xylograph 's NativeSD idea and cLK's multiboot feature. This could be useful for cLK users that have added more than 1 extra boot partitions. The target was to be able to reboot...
  3. kokotas

    Thread [DEV][08/May/2013]HD2 off-mode Alarm Clock(cLK)[WIP]

    This is an experiment - project. It is about adding off-mode alarm clock to the HD2. (If you don't have cLK installed (at least v1.5.1.4), then this is not applicable for you) After ~10 months, zicoxx asked more or less the same thing: So lets see what we have so far... This project depends...
  4. kokotas

    Thread [DEV][02/May/2015]unOFFICIAL TWRP|v2.8.6.1

    Introduction: --------------------- Team Win Recovery Project 2.X, or twrp2 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. It’s a fully touch driven user interface – no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely...
  5. kokotas

    Thread [TOOL][29/Nov/10]Provxml<-->Reg Converter|XrMeLg v1.2.1.0[ONLINE]

    XrMeLg is a tool to convert provxml files to reg files and reverse: Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (Windows Vista / Windows 7 have it pre-installed) Usage: Really simple to use as a GUI: Click the button [...] - Select file to convert - Click the relevant button...
  6. kokotas

    Thread [SOLVED] How to change a specific system color?

    Hey guys! I have searched and found some links regarding theme's colors: Shell and System Colors Colors of Title Bar and Soft Keys Customizing System Colors Change highlight color from green to gray But I can't find which entry is responsible for the blue color you see in the attached picture...
  7. kokotas

    Thread [TOOL][22/Nov/10]One Simple Package Sorter|OSPS v1.4.0.0[ONLINE]

    There are quite enough applications out there that sort packages, but I wrote this simple console application and even though it's not as good as the other package sorters I'm here to share it with anyone interested... I have written it having in mind the outcome of bepe's xidump: dump...
  8. kokotas

    Thread [TOOL][21/July/10]Process imageinfo.bin&packages.cif/sof|ImgInf v1.2.0.0[ONLINE]

    I don't know if anyone else finds this somehow useful, but here is a tool I've made (thanks to miky6682 for motivating me) for getting some information from imageinfo.bin and packages.cif/.sof. Also since I started to use bepe's xidump in my kitchen in order to check a module's info I had to...
  9. kokotas

    Thread [REF][05.04.08] Bootloader (mtty) commands [ONLINE]

    Do we know what commands does the bootloader accept through mtty? If we find all of them and what each one does, couldn't we be able to revive a bricked device using mtty? <=The main idea belongs to htctouchp;) Here is a list of possible commands(we will have to see which are real commands)...
  10. kokotas

    Thread [KITCHEN][04/Jan/11]ELF(in) Kitchen(s)[ONLINE]

    INTRO I started trying to make a kitchen for our Elves based on bepe's Extended Kitchen and Elf(in) Hybrid Kitchen was "born". Since then, bepe released his famous PlatformReBuilder(PRB) and I followed him, creating B2 Kitchen (page41 and on). The Hybrid Kitchen is discontinued but I will keep...
  11. kokotas

    Thread [ROM][WWE][26.09.08] WM6.1_Light_ROMs [OFFLINE]

    Old Roms Found @ post 7: Let me keep this for future use..(I had an idea about a "Do_It_Yourself_WM6.1" ROM, but it needs some work!)