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  1. xnifex

    Thread dbrand black carbon fiber

    In case you've never had one, dbrand has pretty nice skins for the Moto X.
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    Thread Lollipop ambient display

    Is the lollipop ambient display supposed to wake the phone up when you pick it up like Moto display does? Mine doesn't.
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    Thread [Q] facebook image scaling issues? xt1095 lollipop

    I just update my pure edition to lollipop & now facebook images in chrome aren't scaling correctly. Does anyone else have this issue? Normally the images scale to the width of the page.
  4. xnifex

    Thread Restore home screen after hard reset?

    Is there any way to restore my home screen in the stock launcher with titanium backup after doing a hard reset? I have a recent nandroid backup.
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    Thread Unfortunately setup wizard has stopped

    I modified my Nexus to have Google Talk instead of Hangouts. When I tried the OTA it failed because of this. So I went & flashed the GAPPS for 4.3 & now I'm getting the error "Unfortunately Setup Wizard has Stopped" Does anyone know how to fix this without a hard reset / flashing stock image?
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    Thread [Q] How to get bookmarks in Chrome to go 5 across

    On the 2012 Nexus 7 running 4.2, the bookmarks in chrome go 5 across & you can see more at once. Now with 4.3 on the 2013 N7, they only go 3 across. Is there any way to fix this or change it?
  7. xnifex

    Thread TabletSMS not connecting to phone 4.3

    So I've been trying to get tabletsms to pair with my phone but it keeps saying the pus notification test fails. Except if I try to pair it with the 2012 nexus 7 still running 4.2 it works. Has anyone else had luck getting it to work on 4.3?
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    Thread New HTC App updates for Message & Weather

    I just got a notification that there are updates for the message & weather apps. Did anyone else get these? Any more info on them besides security improvements?
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    Thread Ringtones revert back to default or random after phone reset?

    For the last couple of months, any time I restart my phone, all of the ringtones, email notifications, & alarm sounds are set back to default or randomized & not the ones I've chosen that are on my storage card. Does anyone else get this or know why it happens?
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    Thread Recover deleted texts?

    Is there any way to recover deleted texts? I accidentally deleted the wrong thread of messages.
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    Thread [Q] Disable stock browser full screen?

    So I've noticed that with one of the most recent updates for the phone the stock browser is now set to full screen so that the notification bar disappears right after a page loads. Is there any way to go back to what it was before? I'd rather have the notification bar there at all times...
  12. xnifex

    Thread Accelerometer not working in all apps anymore

    My accelerometer stopped working in some apps. I have Elixir & it shows that the accelerometer is outputting data, & if I use my camera it can sense whether it's in portrait or landscape, yet if I pull up my browser, messaging app, or gallery it won't switch orientation. What the hell is wrong...
  13. xnifex

    Thread The C sticker in HTC on the back cover fell off!!!

    Has this happened to anyone else yet? The damn C fell off! How in the hell? Yes, I know I can get a replacement back. I'm the one who let people know about that. (something i regret not putting in a PM) It just sucks though. I don't want to have to get a new back until way later in the 1 year...
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    Thread [Q] What does this icon in my text message mean?

    This is the first time I've ever seen this icon pop up with a text. What does it mean?
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    Thread [Q] Voicemail says I have a fax. WTF?

    I checked my TMOUS voicemail & it says I have a fax with 2 pages in there. What do I do to receive this?
  16. xnifex

    Thread [Q] How to fully customize repeating settings in calendar?

    Am I missing something? How can I fully customize the repeating settings for a calendar entry while on the phone? With WM it gave me all kinds of options in regards to how to repeat & time frame, but on Android not so much. Example: I want an event to repeat monthly for 6 months only, only get...
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    Thread Phone set to vibrate doesn't actually vibrate for texts

    This seems like the dumbest thing in the world. How come the phone will not vibrate for texts when set on the Vibration sound profile if you don't have it set to normally vibrate when the notification sound is set to normal? I don't need it to vibrate when I get a notification sound, but if I...
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    Thread **PSA** Delete your email in that Google+ thread

    I would think most people on xda would know not to post their email address in a forum but I see 11 pages of just that. Do your self a favor & go back & delete your damn email address. Doesn't matter how you did it, except the 2-3 that same 'my xda username & gmail' cause that was genius. If...
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    Thread I think tmous just blocked Qik video chat over their mobile network

    The other day me & my brother were able to video chat on Qik using our data plans. Last night we tried again & now neither of us can connect over data, just over wifi. We get errors saying unable to connect to server. It can't be a localized problem either because I'm in AZ & he's in TX. I know...
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    Thread [Q] Speaker pops when I get a notification while music is playing

    So my friend showed me this huge & annoying defect & I was able to replicate it. Let's see if you can too. When connecting the phone to my car stereo through an AUX cable to play music & I get a text it'll pause the music briefly & the phone's speaker will play the notification. 9 times out of...
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    Thread HTC Sensation videos from HTC Show Me

    This is from HTC's Show Me youtube page. Enjoy
  22. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Tmobile contact backup question

    I have the tmobile contact backup turned off & set to not sync. Every time I look at my phone though it is shown in the notification bar as "Checking Status". Does this happen to anyone else? I don't want this damn program running at all!
  23. xnifex

    Thread Issue with Music app

    This is for the HTC Music app. I go to my library & have it sorted by Artist & then go to an album to play it. It'll start playing. Now if I want to change the album I do the same thing but choose a different album. As soon as I tap the album it'll load up the list for the previous album. If I...
  24. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Best way to migrate data from 1 storage card to another?

    What's the best way to migrate all of my stuff on the stock 8GB card to a newer 16GB card? Can I just do it over the PC? With the amount of stuff that's probably hidden on there, I don't want to miss anything
  25. xnifex

    Thread VTOK keeping phone awake & draining battery?

    Can someone else who's running VTOK confirm that your phones awake time is almost identical to the uptime? I've noticed the program is running all the time, even though I'm not even signed in to it. I deleted it about half an hour ago & my phone is finally showing that it's not awake all the time.
  26. xnifex

    Thread [Q] How do I sync my Notes back to my PC?

    How do I sync my notes from the Notes app to my PC? I've never figured out how to do that. Thanks
  27. xnifex

    Thread These are the changes that Tmobile made to the phone

    By going through the manual & comparing it to the EU version I've compiled a list of things tmous has changed on the phone. (in case anyone was interested) Removed: Quick Lookup - ability to select something & choose lookup through Google, Wikipedia, etc Show Me app Ebook reader completely...
  28. xnifex

    Thread [SOLVED](kinda) Issue with contacts duplicating

    On top of my issue with swype I now have another issue & a question. I used HTC Sync to sync my Outlook contacts to my phone. It seems that my phone has duplicated a bunch of them since then. I started out with 117 contacts & it's now at 285. The phone will just pop up with new contact link...
  29. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Swype not saving words to dictionary?

    For anyone else that is doing the Swype beta v3 is it saving words to the dictionary? Mine isn't.
  30. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Change device name from "Android_IMEI#"?

    Is there a way to change the name of my device? In my device list on my router it's listed as "Android_IMEI#" & I don't really like that. For WM you could change it to whatever you wanted.
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    Thread [Q] Does HTC sell accessories directly?

    title says it all
  32. xnifex

    Thread [INFO] Pocketnow's hardware/software reviews

    Pocketnow has put up their review of the Sensation (EU) over the last several hours. Enjoy unboxing: hardware review: software review: sensation vs...
  33. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Notification LED only stays on for 5 minutes?

    This thread was posted in the Themes/Apps subforum but since no one has really looked at it I'm posing the question here for confirmation. Is it true that the notification LED only flashes for 5 minutes? If so, is there anyway to fix that?
  34. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Do you wish HTC would include a sticker or two with the phone?

    I kinda wish that HTC would throw in a sticker or two with phones. I like how all of my my iPods have had stickers & I think the iPhones come with them too. I'd like to have and HTC sticker (or 6) now. What about you? Would you like them to include some stickers?
  35. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Would changing the microsd's file format improve its speed?

    People keep complaining about the Sensation with the MicroSD card being slower with the Fat32 format vs the Galaxy II (or whatever) with its' 16GB internal memory using EXT3/4/whatever. My question: would changing the file format of the included card to NTFS or EXT3/4/whatever maybe help speed...
  36. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Where do you go for all of your Android news/reviews/etc?

    For all of you current Android users, besides xda, what sites do you go to to read up on Android? Where do you get your news, reviews, & all of that stuff? I go to pocketnow & engadget but I've noticed there are quite a few sites out there that are dedicated to just Android. I'd like to know...
  37. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Someone please post the manual when it's available

    Since different European carriers might release this phone in the next week or so I decided to post this. Supposedly the tmous version won't be out til the 8th of next month so if any of you European readers out there get a hold of the phone soon, please post a link to where I can download the...
  38. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Can you choose between 720p/1080p video recording?

    Pretty much what the title asks: can I choose between 720p/1080p when recording video? My TV is only 720p & my monitor is 1680x1050 & no one that I'd share video with actually has something that's 1080p to view it on so I'd like to record in 720p instead. Does anyone know if this is possible...
  39. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Why can't TMOUS leave the name alone?

    Why must they call it the Sensation 4G? Just leave it at Sensation!
  40. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Format SD Card with phone?

    I've noticed in a few thread people mention using the phone to format your SD card. Am I missing something? Where is this option? *EDIT* Never mind, I found the program in the \Windows directory. The shortcut must just be missing in the Settings folder or taken out by tmous.
  41. xnifex

    Thread Any way to edit how HTC Messaging displays SMS timestamp?

    Is there anyway to change how HTC Messaging displays an SMS received timestamp? Currently it shows the time that your phone actually receives it. I'd like for it to show the time the SMS server receives it just like the WM Messaging app did. At times I'm in a spot where I don't have service...
  42. xnifex

    Thread [Q] any way to change Media Uploaders pic size when sent to Facebook?

    Is there any way to change the pic size that the Media Uploader uploads to Facebook? If I send a pic through MMS it gets uploaded at 720x431 but if I do it through Uploader it gets uploaded at 604x361. I'd rather it get uploaded & displayed at Facebooks (current) max resolution of 720xXYZ vs...
  43. xnifex

    Thread How many/what versions of .NET CF are on your phone?

    I'm having an issue with a program & the dev told me to see if .NET CF 2.0 was installed & I found out that only 3.5 was installed on my phone. I'm curious, how many & what versions of .NET CF are running on everyone else's HD2. You can find out by 1 of to ways: Run \Windows\cgacutil.exe or...
  44. xnifex

    Thread Arcsoft MMS WVGA after disabling HTC Messaging

    I've been researching a lot to find out how to disable HTC Messaging & get the older WM style back with working MMS. During this, I've found that it's kind of difficult to find a good version of Arcsoft MMS Composer & getting it all set up & stuff since there are a lot of different threads that...
  45. xnifex

    Thread [Q] Go back to DCIM/100Media vs 102Media after reset counter?

    Go back to DCIM/100Media vs 102Media after reset counter? Ok so I reset my camera counter & it made my camera start saving pics to folder 101Media & then 102Media after another reset. My camera counter was originally off by 3 & I was trying to get it to turn back & hit reset. Is there any way...
  46. xnifex

    Thread How many MMS user agent profiles are there?

    How many different user agent profiles for MMS are there for the HD2? So far I've seen these: tmous HD2: "UAProfile"="" "UserAgent"="T-Mobile_LEO" UK O2 HD2 from samsamuel UAProfile=
  47. xnifex

    Thread Opera Mini 5.1 Released! (no longer 5 beta)

    Haven't seen this posted yet, so here you go. Opera blog post: Source
  48. xnifex

    Thread Opera Mini 5.1 Released

    Found this out when going thru the HD2 Q&A sub-forum. Opera released OMini 5.1 the other day. Enjoy. Opera Mini 5.1
  49. xnifex

    Thread [REQ] App to restore battery usage stats tab

    Is there anyway someone could find out how to restore/create the battery usage stats tab from the Power settings in WM6.5 that HTC seems to have taken out with Manila 2.5 on the HD2. It was on my TP2 with both WM6.1/6.5 with Manila 2.1 yet it's missing on the HD2 2.5. Yes I know there are...
  50. xnifex

    Thread deleted