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  1. msd24200

    Thread Battery life on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Thread started to show off and discuss the battery life we are getting on our device. I'll try to get some screen shots soon but I just got my s7 edge a few days ago. I love it! Currently I'm bone stock and with a lot of YouTube, Amazon, Web surfing, and some minimal gaming I'm getting on...
  2. msd24200

    Thread Post your pics taken with your S7 Edge

    Did some searching on here and didn't notice any threads in the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge section. Figured I start us a that to show off our pics taken with the device and possibly discuss the camera, settings, attachments, and memory cards used etc...
  3. msd24200

    Thread Any app that can log all phone activity?

    Ok long story short having trouble with one of my kids, I have an app (couple tracker) installed that allows me to see location, sms, and Facebook messages, but what I need is and app that can basically log all activities that I can install and hopefully password protect. I'm mainly looking to...
  4. msd24200

    Thread Corsair Flash Voyager GO 64GB USB3.0 micro USB OTG Flash Drive for Android devices CM

    I picked this up from Amazon and so far it's working great with nexus media importer (stock unrooted rom) and for a good price. Here's a link for anyone interested Her is a link to a topic started on the 32gb model with speed...
  5. msd24200

    Thread Poetic Revolution Case/Disappointment

    Received my poetic revolution case today and disappointed. Camera cut out is off and with the case installed the volume and power buttons don't function properly. The tabs on the inside of the case for the buttons are to long. When you put the case on I believe those tabs are pushing all the...
  6. msd24200

    Thread MoKo Holster Cover with Kickstand and Belt Clip Swivel [Heavy Duty] Rugged Protective

    Just ordered one and I will try to keep everyone posted on how it works out. $5.95 hopefully this will work out for those of us that need a more rugged case!
  7. msd24200

    Thread Verification on nox bootloader n5110

    OK it looks as if the US variant n5110 4.4.2 update is finally here. There's an almost 713mb update and I canceled the download because I'd like some verification first. I know that if I take the update and flash custom firmware knox throws a flag and it cannot be reset. So if I flash custom and...
  8. msd24200

    Thread Gmyle black 360 rotating case for under $9

    Just wanted to share doesn't look to be a bad case and it's dirt cheap. It should arrive today and after checking it all out I will take pics and let you all know what I think of it. Sent from my ASUS...
  9. msd24200

    Thread Apple's patents

    Did you guys read this? It got posted in another forum. It's about some of the patents that were recently rewarded to Apple. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda premium
  10. msd24200

    Thread Team Losi or HPI?

    OK need help deciding here between a team losi lst xxl and the hpi savage x 4.6. I've never owned a losi and I had the savage 25 and it was great so anyone that has had both please tell me what you think. I'm leaning towards the lst xxl! Sent from my MB860 using xda premium
  11. msd24200

    Thread (link only) MIUI BUILDER (Windows Only) MIUI Builder (Windows Only Application) Maybe this could be something our developers could use once we have a functional miui port! Sent from my MB860 using xda premium
  12. msd24200

    Thread HD WIDGETS (now with phone support)

    Heads up hd widgets now supports phones as well! Sent from my MB860 using xda premium
  13. msd24200

    Thread Dual boot recovery on the new miui device!

    Miui just tweeted this Sent from my MB860 using XDA Premium App
  14. msd24200

    Thread Outer camera lens

    Ok figured since my searched revealed no information on this I'd post it here. 4 people I know including myself have arias and all of us are missing the outer lens that keeps stuff out of the camera hole even that aria at the att store didn't have it but the aria demo (non functional) at...