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    Thread How to install Custom themes on VOG-L04 or any other device thats restricted to local

    What you need: Huawei Mobile Services - Get it on APK Mirror Package Manager: App Details, Analyze & Backup - Get it on the Play Store Steps: 1) Uninstall any update Play Store has made to your theme app 2) Install Huawei Mobile Services 3) Install Package Manager: App Details, Analyze &...
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    Thread Custom themes now showing up in the theme picker VOG-L04

    Am i missing something here. Can some one from the Global model maybe upload their theme apk? Wondering if its an issue with the Canadian Firmware.
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    Thread [CANADIAN] Odin 5.1.1 Bootloader & TWRP Flashable Modem - SM-G925W8 BOI6 *UPDATED*

    [CANADIAN] Odin 5.1.1 Bootloader & TWRP Flashable Modem - SM-G925W8 BOI6 *UPDATED* Thanks to risx for grabbing the OTA zip to get the stuff we needed. Prerequisit: You must be on a 5.1.1 compatible TWRP as well as a 5.1.1 rom when flashing these packages or your going to get stuck in a...
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    Thread [CANADIAN] Odin 5.1.1 Bootloader & TWRP Flashable Modem - SM-G920W8 BOI6 *UPDATED*

    [CANADIAN] Odin 5.1.1 Bootloader & TWRP Flashable Modem - SM-G920W8 BOI6 *UPDATED* Rogers is the only carrier who pushed this update, it was pulled shortly after, due to corruption. I had to spend literally ALL day downloading this. I downloaded it 7 times before i got a OTA zip that passes a...
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    Thread [MOD] Custom Boot Splash

    Typically users beat me to the punch on things such as this. But no one has yet to do so, so here it is. How to extract your param partition: It's located in /dev/block/sda4. On device terminal or in adb terminal as root run, dd if=/dev/block/sda4 of=/sdcard/param.bin bs=4096 Now that...
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    Thread [Fix/Patch] Flashable Call Audio Fix for T/W8 devices on Int' ROMS (920 F/I/K)

    Flashable fix for call audio that is kernel independent and will patch International based ROMS to work on your T/W8 variant. You still need a kernel that is T/W8 compatible flashed for this patch to work. You can get it Here for 5.0.2 And you can get it Here for 5.1.1 Updated 5.1.1 package...
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    Thread [ROM] Tmo UVLE1 & Telus TLLE4 ICS Stock Rooted

    Here are the stock roms, i just rooted and lightly tweaked. CIQ removed in kernel and rom on the tmo version. Note: These roms are not debloated, this allows users and cooks to pick and choose what they wish to keep. ROMS: RADIOS...
  8. -Mr. X-

    Thread [Flashable] CWM Flash-Counter Reset SGH-T989D (Telus) and SGH-T989 (Tmo)

    What is a the Odin/Flash counter? Many users call this by three different names, Odin counter, Flash counter, or the Download Counter ( Most Common). This counter appears when the device is in download mode. When you use Odin, or anything else to flash a non Samsung Kernel to the device, this...
  9. -Mr. X-

    Thread [RADIOS] CWM Flashable Modems

    Here is just a collection of CWM flashable modems i have tested to be working on the SGS-T989(D) Get all radios HERE Mirror'd in this post in the General Section NOTE: these are the radios i have TESTED this is why i don't have every...
  10. -Mr. X-

    Thread [ROM] Tmoble SGH-T989UVKL1 Stock, Rooted, Lightly Tweaked, 100% [CIQ Free]

    Coming shortly Rom Features: - Updated all apps that were out of date. - Deodexed - Zipaligned - All apk's are MX0 compression to use less ram and open faster - Services.jar, i have removed signature checking, so theemers and users using widgets and stuff from other devices don't get a...
  11. -Mr. X-

    Thread [KERNEL] Synergy CyanogenMod 7 Edition [CK3+, Autogrouping, OC, UV, BFQ, BLN, OTG]

    v0.03.1 Alpha merged some changes with Da_G's skyrocket source, fixing cpu hot-plugging, now second core will not get stuck at max, and/or min will not be jammed at 384mhz fixed issue with second core not power collapsing when idle or screen off. (hope this fixes battery) V0.02 (Alpha) Fixed...
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    Thread [ROM] Telus SGH-T989D Stock, Rooted, Lightly Tweaked, 100% [CIQ Free]

    This ROM is one I have been running for some time now, I threw it together because I was not in need of the T-Moble junk, nor was I wanting to run a ROM that has Carrier IQ (CIQ) Telus does not include any junk other then the default background so its a pretty clean build. Rom Features: -...
  13. -Mr. X-

    Thread [KERNEL] Synergy v0.10 [CK3+, Autogrouping, OC, UV, BFQ, BLN, OTG]

    Updated to V0.10 v0.10 - uppatched to - reverted my unreleased changes of the disabling of samsung debugging, it breaks lo power mode and causes SOD's - Misc config tweaks - Misc compiler tweaks v0.08 - Up patched to source - merged some changed with Da_G's skyrocket...
  14. -Mr. X-

    Thread [MODULES][GSM] Smartass & Interactive CPU Gov for Gingerbread [Patch Included]

    100% tested and working! FLASHABLE ZIP ATTACHED Patch For GT-P1000 GB Source Attached Smartass CPU Gov is tweaked by me to behave properly on the SGT and ill assume it works on the SGS. I was running this module (well i built it in to the overcome kernel source) on Froyo just fine. No Ramping...
  15. -Mr. X-

    Thread [SOURCE] htc-ace-linux- htc-ace-

    Nov 12th 2010 Was bored again, patched the htc source to, has been tested and reported working by Apache14 extract this tar.gz to ~/ if you extract here the script i wrote for anykernel to pack the zimage and modules will pack and sign the zip and place it in the OUT folder after you...
  16. -Mr. X-

    Thread [RUU] RUU_Bravo_C_Alltel_WWE_1.27.671.0_Radio_2.05.10.08 .11_NV_Alltel_1.70_release

    Thanks to Football again! This is for you Bravo_C guys in case you wish to go back to stock.
  17. -Mr. X-

    Thread [RUU] RUU_Bravo_Froyo_TELUS_WWE_2.25.661.2_Radio_32.49.0 0.32U_5.11.05.27

    Thanks to Football :D
  18. -Mr. X-

    Thread [Kernel] Ziggy471's Sense [ck2, BFS357, BFQ, SLUB, CIFS, EXT4, gpu+ etc...]

    Here is the latest Ziggy471 kernel for the Bravo, this is a sense kernel. I will be maintaining this thread on behalf of ziggy471 as I worked with him in the development of this kernel. I will be taking most questions and support within this thread. Changelog: Added LZMA compression for the...
  19. -Mr. X-

    Thread Shipped-ROMS is back

    Check it out here, New look and now users can upload what they find as well :)
  20. -Mr. X-

    Thread [REQ] Screen saver App that runs when docked/On external power

    im looking for what the title says. something VGA compatible. it doesnt have to be 3d rendering, that would be cool. just the simple ability to have it go to a screen saver slide show of some favorite pictures would be great. I have my diamond docked on my desk 8h a day at work id like...
  21. -Mr. X-

    Thread Juggalo_x's enhanced notifications

    Here is a Cab installer that enhances the notification options for: Missed Call Voice Mail New SMS/Text Message New Email Message Reminders RSS: HUB The enhancements are as follows: - Adds the ability to change the LED Flashing/Pulsing Duration for all of the above - Adds the ability to...
  22. -Mr. X-

    Thread Working on porting Palm Threaded sms to the Diamond

    Ive got it pretty much done im just having issues getting the palm app to interface with the TF3D messaging tab. sometimes it will grab the message but it does not appear correctly. but 97.9% of the time the TF3D tab will not show "no messages" when there is new messages. the app its self...
  23. -Mr. X-

    Thread Setting Unique ringers for Known, Unknow, and calls while Roaming

    One feature i am missing from my move from treo's to the HTC Diamond is the ability to select different ringers styles/sounds for Known, Unknow and Roaming callers. i know its in the registry and i have made some good advancements but im stuck. here is where i stand Note: i dont mention the...
  24. -Mr. X-

    Thread Telus Treo 700wx firmware

    is there any way to dump the firmware off this device? i also am looking for a telus firmware dump off this device. i am familiar with mtty. i have a friend with a telus treo 700wx so if i can figure out how to dump it im in business. my radio is stuck off after a botched firmware update...