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  1. Daved+

    Thread Swap memory disabler

    I made this Magisk Module for Oreo to see if I could reduce the lag Check and share your results PS: I'm going to push updates to the SSSB tg channel more likely than here PS2: Someome mentioned me a module in the repo after I made this, I tried and it made my phone stuck at boot logo.
  2. Daved+

    Thread [APP] Second Screen Status Bar

    NOTE: ALPHA PHASE HAS FINISHED. If anyone wants to continue using this app which is going to be pro only for the moment, contact me (tg group and channel) THIS PROJECT IS BEING UPDATED AND SUPPORTED AND I DON'T PLAN TO ABANDON IT. If you ever wanted to have a working status bar in the second...
  3. Daved+

    Thread How to change OpenGL driver

    It seems many people want the Skia OpenGL driver and they're changing it in developer options but it does not stick on a reboot so here is what you have to do. Add this line to build.prop: debug.hwui.renderer=skiagl That's it. Have fun!
  4. Daved+

    Thread Which Android headunit of these three should I get please?

    Hey guys I have to choose an android headunit. I know they may not be the best options but I have to make a choice. They all have 2GB ram and 32GB storage. ^ I like the volume knob on the top...
  5. Daved+

    Thread Another N910F stuck at Samsung logo

    Hi guys What the title says Any ideas on what I can try? Thanks in advance
  6. Daved+

    Thread [Q] Any app that actually kills a phone when it's stolen?

    Long story short, a friend of mine got his phone stolen and the only thing he could do was use Device Manager to get his phone wiped. I thought if we could actually kill the phone by wiping sensitive partitions (like boot, efs, modem, etc) then we could render the phone useless for most people...
  7. Daved+

    Thread [Q] Recovering files from f2fs partition

    Hey guys I made a mistake and wiped the internal storage of a Moto G. I already dumped the userdata partition to an image file but I fail to find an application that says it supports F2FS. Do you know any apps I could use? Thanks
  8. Daved+

    Thread [Q] Safest way to go from MI7 to NE6

    Hey Well, I finally decided to update, I'm on rooted JB (knox 0x0 and I want to keep it that way). Can I mobile odin the NE6 rom and inject root (and pc odin the bl) or is the any other better way? Thank you, David
  9. Daved+

    Thread Overclocking to beat the Galaxy S4 Antutu score

    Hey I have been tweaking my GPro for some days to get a good Antutu score and beat the S4. I used: Custom 04b kernel Liquid Smooth 2.37 I set the cpu to 1.89Ghz, gpu to 487mhz. The pone wasn't very stable with the voltages and temperatures I used but it was stable enough to run the...
  10. Daved+

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth and WLAN address

    Would anyone please tell me their bluetooth and wlan address? You can get them from Settings. You can skip the last numbers, I just need to have an approximate. Thank you
  11. Daved+

    Thread [Q] Unbrick the E980

    My phone is bricked, it's in the Qualcomm QDLoader mode (QHSUSB_DLOAD). I took it to a shop to get it jtaged with the riff box but they could not get it to connect for some reason :crying: so I really need to get it fixed using USB. It seems they have the solution here...
  12. Daved+

    Thread Need a new keyboard

    I need a new keyboard. Can't find any on eBay right now. It's the same for me if it's an euro Touch Pro or an american Fuze keyboard. Anyone got any to sell? Thanks
  13. Daved+

    Thread How to disable the navigation wheel?

    Hey guys Is there any way to disable the navigation wheel? Thanks in advance, David
  14. Daved+

    Thread Proximity sensor?

    Searching on the proximity sensor I found these two parameters for the startup.txt: board-htcrhodium-proximity.on=1 to enable the proximity device (default off) board-htcrhodium-proximity.wake=1 to wake up the phone on proximity
  15. Daved+

    Thread [Q] How can I share Internet between two WinMo phones?

    Hi guys I have two HTC WinMo 6.5.x phones (Raphael and Rhodium) and of course I have two phone lines. But only one of them have an unlimited data plan so I want to share the Internet connection between these phones without killing my battery (that means I don't want to use WiFi). What else can...
  16. Daved+

    Thread Log network traffic

    For some reason, my gprs/edge/umts connection is dropped every 3-15 minutes and I cannot find the reason. Is there any app that will log what's going on with the network data traffic even when the phone is in stand-by? Thanks in advance.
  17. Daved+

    Thread Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor with the Raphael

    Has anyone succeeded to use QXDM with the Raphael? Doing this in the CDMA HTC phones is very easy, you just need to run dmrouter.exe But the CDMA dmrouter app won't work with the Raphael. If you use the Wireless Modem app found in some ROMs, the Qualcomm Diagnostics port will be added to your...
  18. Daved+

    Thread GPS doesn't work after suspend

    If you leave your GPS app running and put your phone in suspend mode by pressing the power button, does it still work after you wake it up again? In my Vogue it won't work until I reset it or restart the GPS daemon service but it works just fine in my Titan so I guess it's something software...
  19. Daved+

    Thread Opal Volume Control that works in the Titan?

    Does anyone have an opal volume control cab or oem package that will work in the Titan? I have tried everything I found and I could not get it to work, it just do nothing. Thanks
  20. Daved+

    Thread gps driver files

    Does anyone have the files for the GPS driver of the Kaiser (.zip, .cab or anything)? I want to do some testing and I need them. I know I can get them dumping a rom but I am not sure exactly which files I have to look for. Thanks
  21. Daved+

    Thread 3.42.40 radio

    Can anyone link me to a 3.42.40 Vogue radio flash? I haven't been able to find it. Thanks
  22. Daved+

    Thread Getting the GPS on the Titan work in standalone mode

    Have anyone got the GPS on the Titan to work when you don't have network service? I have even tried this: I can get my Titan to pick like around 10 sats but it's very unlikely that I will get a lock (1 of 20 times I get a lock). Cliff...
  23. Daved+

    Thread Vogue GPS in standalone mode

    Did anyone succeded on getting the GPS working in standalone mode where there is no service? I have read a lot on this and I have still find someone that got their GPS to get a lock in a place without service, let's say Europe for an example. I have even tried this...
  24. Daved+

    Thread Anyone got VoIP on WM6.1 working?

    Did ever anyone get VoIP on any WM6.1 CDMA phone to work? I used to be able to dial (just dial, the other phone rings and then an error showed up) but since I am using a newer WM6.1 build now I can't even get it to do that. It will be awesome if someone who got it to work share how to do it...
  25. Daved+

    Thread External GPS antenna

    Did anyone ever develop an external GPS antenna for the Titan? I took my phone apart, a connected a long piece of wire to what I think is the internal GPS antenna and my phone could pick one satellite sitting on my desk just like my Holux GPS receiver. It does not see any satellites here...
  26. Daved+

    Thread Disable auto-complete

    This "auto complete" feature in the text messages is driving me crazy I did disable it in the Input settings but it does not do any difference, when I type something it suggest me some words in grey and when I press space it adds those words in the message. Is there something else I should...