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  1. Luncer

    Thread problem with incoming notifications (telegram,sms,whats app, etc...) during calls

    there is no sign of incoming notifications no sound just a pop up only if i check my screen it happened from 1st beta build of miui 10 pie rom and its still yet i`ve tried china and global beta and stable roms any solution?
  2. Luncer

    Thread [AOSP,LOS,CM] [LP,MM,N] - PexoMod : Xperia Features And Apps

    Introduction: Today we are here to introduce you result of our six month work : Xperia features and apps for custom roms ( Aosp , CM , AOKP , ... ) Posts : 1 - Introduction And Features 2 - Screenshots 3 - Downloads 4 -...
  3. Luncer

    Thread [CM,AOSP] - PexoMod : Xperia Features And Apps For Custom Roms

    Our Main Thread Is Here Please Check This Thread
  4. Luncer

    Thread Camera Fix For Cyanogenmod 12 Beta 3

    Hello to every one who see this post My name is mahan and iam a developer form IRAN In cyanogenmod12 for xperia l we have camera fc bug This is afix for camera bug and after installing this fix camera working perfectly Here you are Hope to enjoy [URL="[/URL] [CENTER]If you...