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  1. unitz0mbie

    Thread why is it that canadian XAC is on a later version than the unlocked version?

    at this rate i think is better to stay on canadian xac and have faster updates
  2. unitz0mbie

    Thread They just released TWRP for snapdragon gs8? real or fake
  3. unitz0mbie

    Thread usa bloatless/unlocked firmware? g955u1

    im currently on canadian xac, which is great and bloatless but my phone turns into a g955w, i can flash this firmware and have a usa version?
  4. unitz0mbie

    Thread anyone have the new firmware for att variant?

    i have the att version but cannot get any otas since im using a cricket sim, and plugging in my phone to smart switch shows the latest version, please and thank you
  5. unitz0mbie

    Thread Cricket variant?

    I want to buy the s8 plus on launch day, cricket said they will have it available, im gonna pay it full price but i want to know if it will receive ota updates and software support. i went to best buy, target and att and they said i cant buy the phone full price, i have to finance it. i dont...
  6. unitz0mbie

    Thread next phone?

    after having this phone since release i gotta say i was not disappointed, specially since we have a great community to give us the features that lenovo doesn't give us , thank you all very much i will be moving to a galaxy s8+
  7. unitz0mbie

    Thread ATT for cricket?

    im going to buy an s8+ but kinda impatient to wait till the 9th for unlocked version lol. was wondering if i can get the att version and work with cricket with no issues and if att will unlock my phone since im paying full price
  8. unitz0mbie

    Thread ATT for cricket?

    im going to buy an s8+ but kinda impatient to wait till the 9th for unlocked version lol. was wondering if i can get the att version and work with cricket with no issues and if att will unlock my phone since im paying full price
  9. unitz0mbie

    Thread should i buy a one plus 3t? or wait for 5?

    are you guys enjoying the 3t? worth every penny? will u upgrade to the next one plus this year? is it worth waiting?
  10. unitz0mbie

    Thread What is the fastest and most efficient way to use this phone?

    Roms,kernels, scripts. I Dont really game on my phone, i mostly stream music,text and watch youtube. can anyone please recommend me a good set up
  11. unitz0mbie

    Thread AC charger being detected as usb charger.

    Left my phone charging overnight, woke up and it was only at 66%, downloaded ampere and when its plugged in it says usb charger and charges very slowly
  12. unitz0mbie

    Thread Does xposed affect battery or performance?

    just if someone can clarify, thank you
  13. unitz0mbie

    Thread As of now, What is the best ROM for Mxpe?

    I was trupure and had it for months but since its not being updated i wanted to try something new. please and thank you
  14. unitz0mbie

    Thread CyanogenMod14 released for MOTO E a step forward, cant wait for the x pure port
  15. unitz0mbie

    Thread Animation scale

    What animation scale do you guys use? i switch around but sometimes i hear that turning them off saves battery and makes the phone faster and others say that the difference is negligible and it looks better
  16. unitz0mbie

    Thread L speed?

    theres an app called L speed, says it can help with performance without sacrificing battery, im gonna try it out and let u guys know, so far after the tweaks my phone has running a little faster without changes to the cpu settings, cores or overclocking...
  17. unitz0mbie

    Thread Android N before this year ends? i just found this on reddit, any ideas?
  18. unitz0mbie

    Thread keyboard and launchers?

    hey guys just wondering what keyboards and launchers you guys use, im currently on nova prime and just started trying out flesky, i gotta say is really fast at typing. any recommendations?
  19. unitz0mbie

    Thread Frankenclark Kernel settings

    For those on this kernel what script and settings have u guys tried? im right now using rephyc scripts and runs smooth with good battery but i also wanna try any others that u guys can recommend. thank you
  20. unitz0mbie

    Thread Looks like we are getting Android N great news to us xt157x users. expect android N in the near future, cannot wait for the custom roms for it !!
  21. unitz0mbie

    Thread Truepure vs Stock rooted

    from my test and experiences both are very stable and fast roms, truepure has great customization since its deodexed, battery life is good and its pretty smooth, after a couple of months with it i switched to the stock 6.0 odexed with may security update, boot, multitasking and opening apps is...
  22. unitz0mbie

    Thread 6.0 vs 6.0.1

    from what you guys have tried, what is smoother/performs better on this device? im currently on trupure 2.9 xt1575, is there a big difference?
  23. unitz0mbie

    Thread Android N for moto x pure?

    Wondering if we will be getting official or rom with Android N. Really hoping for true pure on Android n
  24. unitz0mbie

    Thread Animation scale

    is it true that turning off animations will increase battery life? i know that if you set it to 0.5 your phone will feel faster.
  25. unitz0mbie

    Thread Roms

    what is the best Rom to use as DD? just want something with great battery
  26. unitz0mbie

    Thread TRWP questions

    If i want to start over with a new rom and with everything cleaned out like if it was a new phone, what should i wipe in trwp?
  27. unitz0mbie

    Thread Task killers

    What are your opinions on task killers, I know that they cause a bit of battery drain since it relaunches apps. But do they actually speed up your phone?
  28. unitz0mbie

    Thread Dirty Flash

    Hi guys, This was my first time installing a custom ROM (installed TruePureXMM) and i did so successfully, my question is, I did it through ADB Sideload without factory reset. So i did a dirty flash. my phone is working flawlessly though. But i heard i should clean flash when installing a ROM...
  29. unitz0mbie

    Thread KCAL on Mxpe

    hi, i recently installed a custom kernel allowing me to install KCAL color control to increase the saturation and contrast of my device, i tend to like more vibrant colors than stock, my question is what are your guys settings? these are mine