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  1. dabeez98

    Thread Xperia S style lock for jb

    Is it possible to get back the old xperia s like lock screen on the stock 9.1.a-1.1.40? I hate the Z like one and want the S like one back without downgrading to ics
  2. dabeez98

    Thread [LT25i] Usb charging / Port not working

    Hi... Now when i use an xperia V the usb port suddenly became broken. i saw it when i woke up and the usb charger cable didnt fit in the port. IT WORKED YESTERDAY (2 nov) and suddenly the port doesnt work now... No answers like "just give it to sony service center" because its rooted and i cant...
  3. dabeez98

    Thread Team plethora discussion

    U know i was extremely inactive d last time. Now i'll get an Xperia V (NOT an iPhone 4), i'd stop modding my phones and things... If u want to take over d team, just write in this thread why u should take over d team. Otherwise the team will be disbanded Nov 27, 2013. (my b-day) Sent from my...
  4. dabeez98

    Thread Team Kriztal /You can apply for membership here/

    Hello. So if you want to join team kriztal: Answer those questions honestly, please. I will send you a pm with accept/refuse
  5. dabeez98

    Thread [ROM] GB XXLA2 Kriztal v2.0

    Kriztal This ROM is based on the Stock XXLA2 firmware. Just an oldschool rom Features: Deodexed Themed by UOT kitchen build.prop tweaked adrenaline engine preinstalled Hells fusion kernel ADW launcher SuperSU Resets bin counter when installing New dialer Stock gallery (Ability to change...
  6. dabeez98

    Thread [M!-U! ROM] Discussion thread

    I made a little discussion thread for my rom. The link to ROM thread is above. Q&A: Q: Why the cwm is not working? A: Install it from 3e recovery! The CWM is made for sgy,so it should work on ace-i. Q:Why flashlight turns of so...
  7. dabeez98

    Thread [Q] How to root XWKF3 without usb connection?

    Hello. My friend bought a SGS2. It came with XWKF3 2.3.3 ROM. The phone has a broken USB port. The question is... How to root it without usb connection?
  8. dabeez98

    Thread [Q] A little question regarding this OTA

    Hi guyz. My phone showed up a OTA. It's only 21,99 MB. I'm running Alliancerom 6.1 XWLS8. On the attachment there's no 21,99 MB written, but it is! Question is: Can I install it On Alliancerom 6.1? Will it brick my phone? Sent from God's tool - Tapatalk using a SGS2
  9. dabeez98

    Thread [WANT] Latest NEE modem

    Hi guyz. I want someone post the latest NEE/nordic modem. I installed Slovakia one,and it recognizes the simcard,BUT cannot make calls. I want it on XDA cuz sammobile is down :crying:
  10. dabeez98

    Thread [M!-U! ROM] Version 2.6

    M!-U! Now with a new maintainer R.I.P. domnic79 in s5830i section Jun 2012- Oct 2012 Please use 2.4! No more updates. Sorry. I'm working on another project. Credits: Changelog v. 2.3: Changelog v. 2.4: Changelog v.2.5: Changelog v2.5.1 This fix is...
  11. dabeez98

    Thread [INFO] New XXLL2 firmware

    Just found a new FW XXLL2... Not so new cus it's from January 07. Don't know modem.
  12. dabeez98

    Thread [OT] Post your new purchase here

    Just post the photos of your new purchase. P.S. I'm not going to begin,cuz i'm waiting for m new purchase
  13. dabeez98

    Thread [REQ] Stock Kernel Source

    Hi XDA! I decided to build my own custom kernel for the S5830i. But I need the sources :/ and I can´t found them. The request is a link for the sources. Edit: I have it. Thread to close.
  14. dabeez98

    Thread (S5830i) Problem with a-JAYS One+

    Hi.I bought a-JAYS One+.I unboxed it,tested it and downloaded the Headset Control app. But the button doesn't work!. I tested rebooting,reinstalling and removing the app and other apps like Vlingo.But it don't work anyways.Are the earphones defective? But the mic seems to work OK.(i tested it)...
  15. dabeez98

    Thread Earphones for Galaxy Ace s5830i. Which choose?

    Which earphones should I choose for my s5830i? 1.Koss Porta Pro 2.Coloud Colors In Ear 3.a-JAYS One+ I listen 98% to rap/hiphop and 2% to dubstep. I know that is an very short thread but I'm new to XDA developers :) EDIT:20/07/12 I have a-Jays One Plus now.Mods can close dat topic.