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  1. js2892

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Leave Diary - Manage Leaves with expenses

    Play store: Manage Leaves with expenses Don't ignore those unplanned leaves, Leave Diary is here. Jot down any leaves taken by you, services you employ and anyone in your living ecosystem Features Add a leave with person...
  2. js2892

    Thread [Q] Unfortunately, (all services) have stopped

    I was L17(5.0) Dr Ketan's ROM. I had done all the flashing on TWRP. Today when i tried to go to recovery, it landed on stock recovery and not TWRP. And when rebooted the phone it constantly gave me error messages one by one that "Unfortunately, ... service has stopped" My first question is TWRP...
  3. js2892

    Thread Remove your thanks- Now available

    So xda has incorporated the ability to unthank a person. Many people were complaining about giving free thanks due to lags etc in tapatalk app, so good day for them! (This feature is not in mobile app yet) New signature title: Don't use "remove your thanks" button!:cool:
  4. js2892

    Thread Edits and Tweaks: Build prop, bools.xml

    build.prop edits are very easy and useful, they can be applied on stock rom/kernel, i have compiled this from various sources! For ICS, most of these will be useless Locate build.prop got to system/ and find build.prop Edit with notepad++. Save and overwrite previous file, then change...
  5. js2892

    Thread Edit build.prop and add tweaks

    build.prop is a nice file in our awesome open source OS which can be used to various more awesome purposes and purposely to fool your friends with your android version(if u know what i mean:rolleyes:) How to reach build.prop 1. Get a explorer with root explorer availabliltiy (eg root...
  6. js2892

    Thread [LINKS][TIPS] Edit system files, ROM, Kernel

    I'm gonna give links for various guides to edit these files Remember, these files are most useful for theming or making ROMs so read on if you want to develop your own ROMs...:good: A noobs guide for uot kitchen Full guide for editing...
  7. js2892

    Thread [INFO]Editing system files (smali,dex,apks)

    NOTE: If you want to edit framework-res.apk or systemui.apk, follow this guide, it's the best available:good: Now, lets start smali, dex....whaaat?:confused: It's simple our odexed ROMs have .apk which use .odex files which contain...
  8. js2892

    Thread [INFO]SD Card Partition: ext2/3/4

    So, read here if you want to know more information about parititioning sd cards and using scripts to install apps on them!:good: Note: 1. Android has inbuilt feature to move apps to sd card but it is limited.:( 2. Gps, widgets etc cannot be moved to sd card! Apps weren't allowed to be...
  9. js2892

    Thread [Q] ICS Task Switcher

    Hi, there's an app on google play "ICS Task Switcher" Can this be modded to make it system task manager!! Here's a galaxy y ROM...
  10. js2892

    Thread [GUIDE] Working inside Root Directory

    Can't change lockscreen wallpaper after flashing a rom? :crying:Want to fool your friends by changing andorid version?:victory: Want to apply bootanimation?:good: Here are your answers!:highfive: Once your phone is rooted, you'll have access to root directory of your phone(initializing geek...
  11. js2892

    Thread Style your lockscreen

    Simple apps, awesome lockscreens! 1. Holo Locker I believe most of you know about it. It's light and very easy to use. But only one pattern is available and it overrides any stock password/pattern! 2. WidgetLocker Lockscreen This is the most amazing app i have ever seen. Highly customizable...
  12. js2892

    Thread creed's rom with ics look

    I found a link on facebook group... I saw the video and looks pretty legit! Launcher used is holo launcher. I have not tested this rom yet....Maybe you can test it! :fingers-crossed: Video Download
  13. js2892

    Thread [Share] LG Camera

    I saw this app on play store, it's quite amazing app for both camera and recording. Gives lot of options for camera and allows to increase fps of recording. It tried it at my phone and recorded videos at 25,30fps(stock one gives 16 fps). However resolution is just 320x240. If you change that, it...