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  1. Edward Stanbury

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Y GT-5360T

    Hey guys had a quick look around and i could not find anything, are the GT-5360 Custom ROMs compatible with the GT-5360T or are they the same thing? i cant seem to dig up any solid information, btw i live in New Zealand so it could be something to do with the stock ROM i have no idea >.< any way...
  2. Edward Stanbury

    Thread U8800 Dead, Looks like there is no hope :(

    Hey guys its been about 2 days not and my phone still will not boot up or turn on at all even with the charger in and battery out etc... i have tried other batteries and still no hope it looks like she is completely dead well its gotta have something to do the the power supply because before it...
  3. Edward Stanbury

    Thread How much onscreen time do you get on a single charge?

    As the title states, I would like to see what rom and mods give the best battery life/on screen time and the communities recommendations. Currently with stock aurora im getting 2hrs+ on screen time with some wifi use etc.
  4. Edward Stanbury

    Thread [Q] Looking for a new battery (U8800)

    Well i think my battery is buggered i get around 2 hours on screen time and barely a day of use, so im here to ask for any recommendations on where to buy a new battery for the U8800 and if its any good etc (: thank you in advance! (Battery Model HB4F1) Extra Note: Changing rom or kernel did...
  5. Edward Stanbury

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to force our device to use Roaming?

    As stated in the title does anyone know how to? im using the latest version a Aurora if that makes any difference ?
  6. Edward Stanbury

    Thread [Q] Tablet Mode on U8800 ICS

    I was looking over this: and this: I thought it would be awesome to have but as we all know Aurora is a clean rom and needs to stay that way so i will not ask devs to include it in roms but is...