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  1. ars_chelsea

    Thread [Guide/Discussion] EMUI 9 China BETA versions

    Hi guys :) So recently there was some uploads to Firmware Finder of some BETA's of EMUI 9 of China models BUT please be sure to read this before you try anything with this beta sofware. I recently, about a week ago when the BETA came out I was really excited like maybe you are but I did a mess...
  2. ars_chelsea

    Thread Android Pie update status Huawei P20 Lite (Launched globally)

    Hallo hallo guys :) I found something good here which states (I's not clear if this is official info) but it's attached the image ;) I actually think Huawei might not do this and ship instead the Pie on the same date as the...
  3. ars_chelsea

    Thread After flashing official firmware and recovery

    Hi all, Is it possible to get the initial state of "locked" of bootloader after flashing a custom recovery and getting back to our official firmware? Cause on mine i can only get "relock" state :( . This is only important cause of OTA updates and warranty so yeah, i would like my warranty back...