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    Thread VS99029A software update today 8/31/2017

    Received update today, guessing just a security patch VS99029A Meh, this phone didn't get as much development as I would have liked. for me root is getting less and less important. Back in the day we could almost double our battery life etc with custom roms. It feels like the glory days of...
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    Thread Upgrade to MM with Rooted LP, do you lose all data?

    If I have Rooted 5.1.1 can I go to 6 via LGUP without loosing all my data or is it a total wipe situation? I am ready to give up root, but to lazy to resetup my phone :)
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    Thread official LG bootloader unlock for Europe (except France)

    Now that LG has released official bootloader unlock to Europe, do you think there will be any chance for North American V-10 unlock? I am guessing no. but I am happy for those across the pond.
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    Thread Slow-motion video not working

    I have a VZW LG-V10 and love it. Yesterday I tried to use the slow motion video, and it doesn't work. I select "mode" then select "slo-mo" and it says hit the button to record in slow mo. I record the video. After I record I use the gallery app, (stock) and it plays back normal speed with...
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    Thread Only thing I miss, Notification light

    I keep looking at the small LG circle at the bottom "chin" of the device and wish it were an led notification. I have turned on the accessibility feature to flash the camera flash but it doesn't work for email? So far no notification and quiet speaker are my only complaints. Love this phone...
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    Thread Double Tap screen to turn on/off not working with Nova

    I am using Nova launcher, I can double tap screen to turn it on no issues. I saw that with the v10 you can double tap the screen to shut it off as well. If I use the LG luancher it will turn off with double tap, but when using nova double tap will not shut off. On the lock screen it will...
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    Thread Flash Alerts for email

    First off, LOVE This phone. Coming from Note 3. I miss the notification light and was looking into making the flash for the camera come on for notifications. in the Accessibility settings under "hearing" is the check box for "Flash Alerts". I have checked the box and it will flash for...
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    Thread sView case fake from newegg/redtagonline

    Just so you are aware, there is a sview case for sale on NewEgg that is fake. It is actually sold thru newegg by Redtagonline. After receiving the case I see that it is a knockoff no sview functionality, cheap case, but still cost 30 dollars after shipping. Needless to say I am returning it...
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    Thread Stream Video MX player and ES File explorer "Can not play video"

    Is any one successfully streaming video with MX player and ES file Explorer over network windows (SMB) share? every time I try I get the "can not play this video" videos are located on a WHS 2011 box. I have tried this on my nexus 7 (2012), Galaxy nexus (Vzw) and now the galaxy note. I am...
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    Thread new term. screenis envy

    I had to laugh.... my wife has an iPhone 4s and I just got the note 3. when I noticed her being jealous of the size of the screen, I came up with the word "screenis envy". so if any one mocks the size of your phone tell them they have screenis envy. :) Sent from somewhere by someone on...
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    Thread Lower minimum brightness

    I like to read at night in dark room, and I find that even on lowest brightness screen is to bright. I am stock rooted and unlocked, I tried adjbrightness (I use it on my gNex) but it must not be supporting Jelly Bean yet. Any thoughts? I miss Adjbrightness
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    Thread What to look for in new nexus 7

    I just got my new nexus, I was examining it for defects. 1) no dead pixels 2) no light bleed (that I can tell) 3) not sure about screen separation. I don't notice any creaking sounds or anything. Is this something immediately noticeable,or after use? Is there any thing else to look for...