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  1. Ashrockr

    Thread [THEME][G3TWB][26.10.2014]G3 Shadowed

    ScreenShots Installation Install theme. Open G3 TweakBox. Go To Theme Tweaks -> Themes Select G3 Shadowed Theme for SYSTEM UI and PHONE APP.. Reboot your phone. Thanks :good: P_Toti for great support and also for G3TWB.
  2. Ashrockr

    Thread [THEME] LG Keyboard Themes [21.01.2015]

    Here are some of the keyboard theme for LG. No root required. Work only on G3 Keyboard. New themes :- HERE Installation:- Settings -> Language & Input -> LG Keyboard Settings -> Keyboard Height & Layout -> Keyboard Theme. ----------->Android L ----------->Android L Red ------->Android L...
  3. Ashrockr

    Thread [APP] QuickCirlce Apps For G3 Roms

    These app are for G3 rom and will not work on any other rom. After installation goto Setting>General>QuickCircle Case> Select the app. For SlideShow App For SlideShow App create a QSlide folder and paste the images in it for slide show, if not app will crash. For MultiWindow FEATURES 1...
  4. Ashrockr

    Thread [HELP][BOOTANIMATION]Won't bootup

    Here's the link of the bootanimation. It'll stuck in between the bootanimation and won't bootup. It works fine when i changed the resolution of image to 720p and to jpg format. But when I change it to 1080p and png format it wont bootup though in this case the file size is nearly 100mb. here's...
  5. Ashrockr

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] LG G2 Paint Splat

    Hi everyone. I've created a new G2 BootAnimation. Hope you'll like it Installation 1.Paste this file in system/media 2.Give permission rw-r--r-- 3.reboot.
  6. Ashrockr

    Thread [MOD][21/12/2014]QuickWindow Apps for G3 Ported Roms

    G3 Roms Only Here are some of the QuickCircle Apps which are converted to QuickWindow. Apps included 1.Clock 2.Music 3.Call Logs 4.Phone 5.LG Health 6.LG Message Installation: 1.Go to recovery mode. 2.Flash following files for your rom. For Cloudy G3 2.1 / 2.2 Users 1. Flash...