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  1. pengus77

    Thread [Kernel][grus] Kowalski Kernel [ beta: XXX - stable: r1.9.3 ]

    Ehm... hello everyone :) Our phone is quite a little powerful beast, but Xiaomi really made a crappy job on optimizing it, right? After unlocking the bootloader I felt the need to go back to my roots and get my hands dirty to fix the wrongs in the kernel they released. The phone felt slow...
  2. pengus77

    Thread [KERNEL][stable: M1 ( - exp: Alpha 31 (3.1.10)] Kowalski Kernel

    This kernel supports both new and old bootloader and apparently it's also the favorite kernel of the MIUI team (****ing thieves...) ! This is not a "phonsole" kernel, it's not made for draining your battery in a nanosecond because "it's cool to play tegra3 designed games on the p990", so there...
  3. pengus77

    Thread [ROM] [2013-05-14] CM10 "Look Ma! No Hands!" Edition

    Hiya ! As a result of all the r&d in Metallica's thread, i'm starting this new one to focus mainly on testing if by having cm10 run on the new bootloader, the call bug is somehow affected/resolved. So let's do that ;) For whoever may want to compile the rom, all the patches and instructions are...