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  1. haree

    Thread Just now got android P update

    Hi Guys for your info just now got Official stable android pie update at India Chennai V10.3.1.0PEIMIXM
  2. haree

    Thread Jio working on Intex AquaFish

    Hi i got the Intex Aquafish with sailfish OS and have successfully used the Jio Sim data only the process is as given below 1.Download jiovoice apk via the internet u wont get it on the android store via the phone install is as you would any other APK on the phone 2. change the APN setting to...
  3. haree

    Thread RIP OPX looks LIKE Mfg stopped

    hi see below link looks like OP has stopped manufacturing the OPX so RIP :crying::crying:
  4. haree

    Thread ur sugestion just got this X509

    hi i just got my le1s 509 a week back and having read many negative feedback on this phone on the official site im kind a getting scared i dont have any problem as of now but is this phone so bad with so many problems.Hope it stays alive for at least a year any one using this phone for a long...
  5. haree

    Thread why an i getting this do i flash it

    hi i have added twrp and now on my nand back up of the stock rom today i got this OTA this : This is a hotfix update for customers using Deutsche Telekom SIMs. We recommend updating your device to prevent possible compatibility issues in the future. 1. it is not for me right dont know why i got...
  6. haree

    Thread End of the road for us

    hi see below link one plus has discountinued the X sad news we are dead end of the road for US :crying::crying::crying: link :
  7. haree

    Thread nice video on getting back to stock

    hi guys i saw this video on how to get back to stock just sharing the same as it is a nice explnative video from the unlocker link :
  8. haree

    Thread Need double tap for n8000

    Hi I have the n 8000 with stock not rooted off late I'm having problem with power button just wan ted to know if I can get double tap to wake and off app could not find it in store kindly help on the same thanks in advance
  9. haree

    Thread What are kernels for

    Hi I'm not new to flasing rom I have flashed many but never a kernel can any one kindly tell me what are the kernals for what advantage I get on flashing them sorry if it is noo bish but some how in all my rom flashing done I have never tried kernals thanks in advance:D:o
  10. haree

    Thread regarding twrp back up of stock rom

    hi i have added twrp team win and have backed up the stock rom i just cheked all the boxes it gave me as option and saved the same now when i want to go back to stock do i just flash the same thing the same way as i did the cynogen 13 as i think it also gave me the option of backing up efs also...
  11. haree

    Thread Back to stock help pls

    hi im not new to flashing custome roms .i wanted to try the cm13 and I always read and make sure i have the tools to get back to stock if requires but searching a lot in the forums and google no info on that .yes they say that rooting and cwm is allowed and it wont void warranty but i dont wana...
  12. haree

    Thread want win 10 for my BLU win jr lte

    hi i have a BLU win jr LTE and have been told that it will get win 10 update as of now nothing i also tried getting it via windows insider app but all that app does is say preparing your phone reboots my phone and nothing happens so can any one guide me on getting win 10 for my mobile specs of...
  13. haree

    Thread Wana try Cynogen some help pls

    hi im not new to flashing new roms .But i always get to know how to get back to stock rom i did not see any tute here or may be i missed it can any one point me to one .I just want a plain simple rom that works fine without any problem and i was planning to try Cynogen seen a few roms for the...
  14. haree

    Thread Help launcher problem

    Hi I'm having problems with the home launcher its not going to the apps every time I try it goes to my last action eg phone dialer I wiped cache also delvi cache did fatory data still same prob but all working with other launcher I'm using zeam now kindly advise
  15. haree

    Thread New User of the One Plus X a few questions

    hi I just got my One PLus X a few hrs a go want to do a few thing which i dont see how kindly do help 1. I have used a lot of android phone not new but on this phone im not able to change the Pik on the lock screen dont see the option can any one guide me 2. The phone does not show the SD...
  16. haree

    Thread looks like imie lost- SOLVED IT MY SELF

    hi today i downloaded the miui7 stable rom and flashed it via the recovery all went well but then the phone said some stopped and could not get sim connection looks like i lost the imie of the phone some were i read if i flash the stable 6. something rom via the mi suit ill get...
  17. haree

    Thread battery replacement for N8000

    hi sorry if this has been asked and answered i could not find it i have a N8000 for around 3 yrs and now its taking too long to charge like 12hrs and still 80% can we get these batters replaced if so how much would it cost and in India chennai the sam service is next to my house just wanted to...
  18. haree

    Thread how can i set video call on Miui7

    hi im uising the Miui7 and i did read that i can set up an video ringtone for in coming calls i did record one for my wife and updated it on the mi cloud but im not able to set it it keeps saying wrong format i took the video from my Mi4i can any one guide me on the same .Pls dont give me the...
  19. haree

    Thread MIUI7

    hi guys see below link our phone is mentioned looks like we will get it :D:D Link :
  20. haree

    Thread trouble shooting info

    hi i was looking for the below could not find it just fyi hope it helps Updated on 24th June Since so many repeated questions on Hardware and Software about our Mi4i's are asked, I thought of creating this thread to group together all the questions that are frequently asked by New Members...
  21. haree

    Thread Regarding 4G

    Hi recently read that MS is giving an update for few of their phones to make them 4G capable is this Possible for our phones too
  22. haree

    Thread [Q] how to transfer games

    hi need small help i want to give my grand prime to my wife and take the HTCdisire 616 she has but she has a few games and wants me to transfer the same to this phone and wants to be on the same level she was on now how do i do this example candy crush shes on some level 10 and wants to be on...
  23. haree

    Thread [Q] is this phone 4G

    hi i read on the 1st page were the specs say LTE this means 4G right i dont see 4G option on my phone so im kinda confused i have SM - G530H duel sim is this 4G or not thanks in advance :good::laugh: hari
  24. haree

    Thread got an update

    hi just fyi i did get an update yesterday it was 4.4.4 at India chennai
  25. haree

    Thread has HTC forgotten this Phone

    hi looks like HTC has forgotten this phone as of now only one update for this phone 4.2.2 after that nothing we are forgotten very sad:confused::p:rolleyes::eek:
  26. haree

    Thread what is the last update

    hi just a quick qestion the last update is 4.2.2 right any thing else after this thanks in advance :good::laugh:
  27. haree

    Thread [Q] how to add watts app

    hi can any one tell me how to add watts app on my galaxy note 10.1 and use it i did try could not get it for my galaxy note 10.1 on play store kinldy guide me on the same thanks in advance:laugh::good::laugh:
  28. haree

    Thread [Q] cant find the app draw in kitkat

    hi guys just got the offcail kitkat OTA in india and it is nice but very very diffrent i dont seem to be able to find an app drawer ie i mean i cant find the short cut to apps u get on the old version this is like the MIUI or the apple launcher can any one kindly guide me on the same not realy...
  29. haree

    Thread Ota india available now

    Guys just now i cheked the now ota is available cant download on my mobile data now so pls chek and enjoy Thanks, hari From My LenovoP780
  30. haree

    Thread Prob after kitkat update pls help

    hi i did the update a few days back(Got OTA) and move all my games to SD Now i am having a lot of problems 1. it lags or hangs a lot 2. swipe while locked is not working 3. games while playing just shut down or exit automatically and Dam after this update looks like my tab has be come just a...
  31. haree

    Thread [Q] some info pls kitkat

    hi i got the kitkat update at india chennai i just wanted to know what i get all i see is the option to move my apps to SD that is good as now i can move the 20 + games my wife has to the SD other than that im not able to understand what more improvments i get can any one kindly explain or point...
  32. haree

    Thread KITKAT Update india available now

    hi for those in india i just got the OTA for kitkat yesterday pls do chek get it and enjoy:laugh::good::laugh: link :
  33. haree

    Thread [Q] can i delete some apps

    hi just got my P780 today and i see many extra apps like a few games and some other apps like ever note,Skype and so on can i delete these apps if their is an option to delete. i mean to ask if i do so will this affect my warranty as these are pre loaded apps:confused: thanks in advance:good::laugh:
  34. haree

    Thread [Q] how do i keep the games and Flash

    hi its been a yr and now that my tab is out of warranty and i feel nothing is gonna happen interms of off update i want to add CWM and start flashing the custom roms. I have done it before on my other devices so ill read and do it thats fine BUT my wife has around 10+ games and i dont want to...
  35. haree

    Thread FYI : How to Update Moto G Dual SIM [Indian Variant] to official Android 4.4 KitKat

    hi guys i dont have this phone just came across this info and just fyi enjoy hope it helps:good::laugh: see this link :
  36. haree

    Thread [Q] Using Micro sim on the Grand is it OK

    hi guys i have a micro sim and i have inserted the same in the grand all is working fine hope their will not be any problem using the same as i want the micro sim to also use the Lumia625 my wife is using u see some times just for a change i also want to be able to use the Lumia as and and...
  37. haree

    Thread do i need a screen gaurd

    hi i just got my grand a day back and it came with two free Samsung flip covers in the Box(dark blue and white):silly: as i have it do i still need the screen guard :confused: kindly advise thanks in advance:good::laugh:
  38. haree

    Thread [Q] how to get back to stock

    hi first sorry if this has been asked and answered i did not see it did also look around in the dev section could not find it . I just got my grand today i know their are may phones available but having used MMX A116 for around a yr i really fed up with the problems i got with it i just wanted...
  39. haree

    Thread Just saying bye

    hi just saying bye i sold my CHD and got an Xperia C just liked the phone got a good buy back for the CHD got it thats all :laugh: thanks to all u great devlopper for all the great roms and MOds of which i have used many and enjoyed them all might not come here much as i dont have the CHD...
  40. haree

    Thread kitkat for Explorer

    hi guys i had an explorer long time back just came across this how to update explorer with 4.4 kitkat just fyi to u guys hope it helps see this link ...
  41. haree

    Thread Good news bangalore & delhi guys

    HI GOOD NEW FOR BANGALORE AND DELHI ANDROID GEEKS Spice has opened Android land showroom and i saw it at bangalore its at koramangala when u go on the opp road to forum its on the LEFT side after the Vodafone and Samsung show room chek it out man great lots of phones to chek on and very very...
  42. haree

    Thread Good news bangalore & delhi guys

    HI GOOD NEW FOR BANGALORE AND DELHI ANDROID GEEKS Spice has opened Android land showroom and i saw it at bangalore its at koramangala when u go on the opp road to forum its on the LEFT side after the Vodafone and Samsung show room chek it out man great lots of phones to chek on and very very...
  43. haree

    Thread is the Os available for Lumia 625

    hi i just got a nokia lumia 625 and i have read many articles on the jolla os being ported on nokia devices is this possible for my phone if so how pls i realy want to use the OS thanks in advance:good::laugh:
  44. haree

    Thread Nokia Lumia 625

    hi im a new WM user just got my L625 yesterday did not see any thread on the same so i have created this for us to share info below is some info i got from the net Specs Main camera sensor: 5 MP Display size: 4.7'' Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Maximum Video playback time: 6.8h...
  45. haree

    Thread Just for ur info guys

    hi guys just fyi i got kind a bored with android and a friend got me a good discount on a Nokia Lumia 625 windows mobile so i got it yesterday still trying to get a hang of WM i still do have the A116 i gave it to my wife :D this phone right now cost around 19k in India. I will be around its...
  46. haree

    Thread Flash Zip Files from PC to Your Android Device with Desktop Flasher

    hi just read this article interesting pls see below link link : XDA Link for the same :
  47. haree

    Thread [Q] charging time

    hi i got my note 10.1 a few months back and i feel the charging takes too much time it seems to take around 6hrs is this right can any one kindly confirm how long it takes to charge their pad:confused::confused: thanks in advance:good::laugh:
  48. haree

    Thread [Q] need ur help pls drivers

    hi i upgraded my laptop os to a 64 bit win 7 and if im right i need diffrent drivers for the phone to sync and the SP tool to work I did see the 64bit drivers long time back but some how im not able to find them now:confused::(:confused::p:confused: so if any one can kind give the same id be...
  49. haree

    Thread Request lock screen

    hi i have a Micromax A 116 Canavas HD:D and i want to get the same lock screen as u see on the 10.1 i did google it but could not find the APK can any one kindly help me reg the same thanks in advance:good::laugh:
  50. haree

    Thread My advise based on my use of Stock 4.2.1

    hi I had used the SP tool and downloaded the stock rom provided by moulinksy i was on .20 firmware so when i flashed the rom the TPU upgraded did not happen assuming as it already was done when i flashed the .20 version of 4.1.2:confused: 1.i have been using this from around the 7th of this...