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    Thread I know what's wrong with g5plus camera.

    The highlighted thing about g5 plus was also the reason for bad camera. The 1.7 aperture and wide angle camera are the cause here. Though it is good for shots within a certain distance like 10-15 feet. But any further the pictures loose sharpness and gets noisy due to which moto decided to use...
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    Thread Can g5plus get treble support?

    Do you guys know that redmi note 4 got treble support because of a developer named Abhishek. He utilized a cust partition and made it vendor partition. That means it was done without repartitioning. I wonder if g5 plus can get treble support?
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    Thread How to use hdr mode and manual mode together on moto g5 plus.

    Many of you might be using bacon camera app. In that app you can use hdr and manual mode at the same time which gives you exceptional night shots! Not that exceptional but a little better. And bacon camera's hdr has less lag than stock camera. First image is stock+manual Second image is...
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    Thread Having an issue with G5 plus camera!

    I am having an issue with the G5 plus camera. When I zoom in with my G5 Plus and my father's redmi 4, my father's redmi 4 tends to take sharper images. For example the photo below, the photo in which you can read the text is taken from the redmi 4 while the photo in which you cannot read the...