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    Post [BUG] Proximity issue CM7/9 Kernel

    CM7 is unusable for me too (see video). Nothing has changed since dCeNFUlOkbE
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    Post Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 BETA1

    I think you should refrain from statements like this. This topic really needs to get locked.
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    Post Post Your CyanogenMod 7.2 Nightly Questions HERE!!

    Yup, same here. Additionally the proximity sensor shuts down the screen while in call and then I have to restart the phone to be able to use it. I am using the latest nightly with vanilla settings/kernel/etc.
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    Post How can i fix proximity sensor problem on cm nightly?

    Why do you say that? Do you even know what nightly is his phone running? Updating to the latest nightly won't fix the proximity sensor bug. Does it contain something we don't know of? vlt96 stop spreading false information! timandrei12 please don't create threads like this anymore. Post on the...
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    Post Post Your CyanogenMod 7.2 Nightly Questions HERE!!

    I can confirm the black screen and the proximity sensor bug. I'm sure the guys will sort out the problem when they will have spare time.
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    Post Post Your CyanogenMod 7.2 Nightly Questions HERE!!

    I have also tried the ICS beta rom for P500. The proximity sensor bug is only present on CyanogenMod. :( The phone becomes unusable with this bug.
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    Post Post Your CyanogenMod 7.2 Nightly Questions HERE!!

    I'll install it and report back. L.E. Nope, I still have the same problem. :(
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    Post Post Your CyanogenMod 7.2 Nightly Questions HERE!!

    The phone is unusable because of the proximity sensor bug. This is how it manifests: dCeNFUlOkbE Sometimes, after the bug manifests, the backlit buttons blink on press.
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    Post Happy news about LG Service Centre

    New processor?
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    Post Post Your CyanogenMod 7.2 Nightly Questions HERE!!

    I still have problems with the proximity sensor in nightly #6 ( I can't find a pattern though. Hope this helps! dCeNFUlOkbE
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    Post LG ONe Android 2.3 Update info..

    Soo.. where is it? :D
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    Post [SERVICE MANUALl] LG P500 - service manual

    Hidden Menu Start Start shortcut keys: 845#*500 Huuge test menu!
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    Post [WM6] Wierd joystick problems

    Hi there DSF, I know about that fix for the hardware failure of the joystick but we're talking here about a faulty software. :D
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    Thread [WM6] Wierd joystick problems

    It's actually an older problem. The joystick on SPV C600 with any non AKU 2.0 Orange rom just doesn't work as it should. In WM5 and say.. a rom from I-Mate the joystick still works.. very bad.. but it still works. In WM6 it's like almost completely dead (tried all the current cooked roms) One...
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    Post UPDATED!!! [[V6]] Windows Mobile 6 for Tornado Perfect English Edition Released!

    its working on my phone, but with the latest version *v6* the joystick if awfully terrible. the joystick driver from the aku2 orange rom is the best i've ever seen :-S funny thing: if you press the call/home button and then press the joystick as you were browsing with it, you get the same...
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    Post want a costum rom for your tornado??? :) click me ;)

    a tutorial on how to make custom roms would be very helpfull.
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    Post Help needed for Dump Rom

    happens. well.. no crossbow rom for us. maybe microsoft interfered :)
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    Post Help needed for Dump Rom

    question: did you activated supercid and fully decertified you phone? do you have the *.img file? for supercid and decertying method use first of all you copy on the phone then you run it. then you use spvservices.exe then you...
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    Post Audio Bass Fix For ANY ROM

    i just installed the on a tornado smartphone. it broke *i was expecting that* my sound :D so... don't try this at home kids :)
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    Post Help needed for Dump Rom

    or after you dump the rom on the card you can use wmstorage and a tool to make a image for it.
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    Post possible to cook an AKU3 rom for tornado?

    i know almost the whole process of dumping the rom, modifying it.. but i cant compile the final product. has anybody managed to compile the "dump" folder?
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    Post Cooking a Tornado Rom

    ah, the thing is i dont have anything right now. its useless all this work if you dont even know how to compile the final product. when i will do the succesfull compiling of the dump i will do the cooking.
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    Post Cooking a Tornado Rom

    i know like almost 80% of the process but i cant compile the .nb or .nba file after i dump it.
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    Post Cooking a Tornado Rom

    its been a "long" time since i wrote this. what have i found more? i now know to compile the files back *the nb files to one nbf file*. so i now have a dump directory but i can't compile it. if you have any advice on this, please help.
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    Thread Cooking a Tornado Rom

    Hello. I think ive been reading for the last 5 hours about this topic. I've managed to dump the ipl spl splash gsm os .nb files using Then i managed to decode os.nb using prepare_imgfs.exe -nosplit option and then make_imgfs.exe. The next thing recmod crashes. Ignoring...