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    Post [ROM][7.0][Stock] Debloated ROM latest with November Patch

    Workout for Dark Theme for Stock Based Roms sandy108 I have tried substrantum on Stock Rooted Rom & Custom Roms ( based on stock i.e. yours & stoneware ) but it was not working 100% most of the time substrantum theme were incomplete or else getting errors. Well but I had used invert colour...
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    Post [ROM][7.0][Stock] Debloated ROM latest with November Patch

    Request :- Theming is Possible ?? sandy108 Is it possible to make some themes ( especially material dark / Gray color theme ) for this Rom. Most of users HATE STOCK WHITE ( I don't know why google is following Apple like white background ) . Or can u make some changes to make it compatible...
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    Post [30.01.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I LP/MM N5/N7 Port I Theme Store I Jio VoLTE

    Dream Rom Still Awaited dr.ketan What I came to know that stock Rom will not support themes & Ported Rom/s will not support fingerprint. But How come Note 5 ported Rom/s supports both themes and fingerprint security. There are 2 Rom/s ( 1 from Yourself only & other from Battlehero ) in which...
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    Post FAST&FAMOUS_AROMA_PSR_INTRO PART.3 (n910foxx1dqf1)BY BALOO30310

    Complete Theming with Fingerprint Support @ baloo30310 So this Rom has complete theming is working with Fingerprint Support ? Saw theming option in Op's VDO. Those Members who has tested plz reply. I am really frustrated using ported rom without fingerprint security. Only note 5 ported rom/s...
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    Post [ROM/Kernel] RamROM_N7 - Note 7 full port [N910G/F/T]

    ThemedRom Without Porting Working FP Ram121 Sir, Definitely there are lots of Ported Rom/s as of now for Note 4. But for most of the users like me who doesn't want to compromise with Fingerprint Security need Rom with theming ability and working FP. Surprise to see Only Note 5 ported Rom/s...
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    Post When will a new rom with fingerprint fix included be done?

    Fingerprint Issue KeTuRr74 Sir I know the above facts but then why Note 5 ported Rom/s based on 5.1.1 are having working fingerprint ?? 1) DR. Ketan's Rom & Kyubi Rom Based on 5.1.1 have working Fingerprints. @ Henniebrandweer Fix by Dr Ketan But its little buggy, Swipe from down to up opens...
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    Post [Rom][6.0.1][ MM ] [TW] Nameless V8[N910F/G] [ Light*Fast ] [ Deodexed ]

    Request for dark themed Apps Er. Aditya Is it possible to update the dark themes created by you for 5.1.1 to 6.0.1 I am loving this dark themed mod & getting best battery life ever. Thanks a lot. Though I am on 5.1.1 for the same reason...
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    Post [THEME][MOD][6.0.1][5.1.1][5.0.1][4.4.4] Customize Your Galaxy Note 4 (N910F) [25/07]

    Searching Complete Materialized Themed Stock 6.0 Rom @ supergrobi94 Would you like to put some more information about N4S Rom, I did searched but did not found relevant info. I mean is it compatible with Note 4 SD SM N910G ? I am still searching for complete dark / Materialized theme for 6.0.1...
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    Post [EOL][ROM][N910F][ALEXNDR] * DRF1 * DevBase v5.9 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat [Aug-11]

    Request for some theming mods BerndausLB Already tested and tried, But its only for Notification, Status Bar & System UI. I think u did not open the link which I had provided which has complete dark System User Interface including materialized apps or U could have at least a look at the...
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    Post [EOL][ROM][N910F][ALEXNDR] * DRF1 * DevBase v5.9 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat [Aug-11]

    Request for some theming mods @ _alexndr Would you like to consider my request to theme this Rom a little bit.I am boar using ugly White Background color. Materialized Dark theme was prepared by Master Er. Aditya but it was for 5.1.1...
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    Post Alternative Fingerprint patch for note 7 roms [Works on most note 7 roms]

    Some Confirmations Plzz Shane_Picardo Steps provided by you seems to be very similar as @ dr.ketan. @ dr.ketan stated to use C locker instead of App lock. But C locker's security was bypassed if u swipe from down to up word direction in @ dr.ketan Rom. After swiping from down to upward phone...
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    Post (Samsung Note 4 SM-N910C) Alternative Fingerprint for Note 7 Ported ROMS - Simple

    Swipe Up from Down Bypass FP Security gurbhasin, I understand what Frozen27 want to say, If u swipe up from down ( in my case it is from left capacitive button to upword , then there is no need of Fingerprint ) phone gets unlocked itself. So actually this direction bypass the Fingerprint...
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    Post UPDATE 7 : [Rom][6.0.1][TW][MM] MODDED F/G N910GDTU1DQD2 *Deodexed *Volte

    Guide to theme lollipop and marshmallow roms BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR DARK / BLACK ROM PROJECT.. Here u go with another link for theming your Rom.. Well I am still in a search of Stock Rooted Rom with Dark or Black User Interface...
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    Post UPDATE 7 : [Rom][6.0.1][TW][MM] MODDED F/G N910GDTU1DQD2 *Deodexed *Volte

    Request for Dark Themed Apps Hard_Rock83 Can u add few dark themed apps to this Rom? ( Like dialer, msg, contact & settings ) So far we don't have any themed Rom for Note 4 other than ported Rom/s which contains many bugs. Sir, kindly have a look at below links...
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    Post [THEME][LolliMallow] AllBacksBlack ●The Blackness Within● [!!! NEW 2016-04-24 !!!]

    Will it work on Note 4 MM Stock Rom without Theme Store Sir Will it work on Note 4 MM Stock Rom without Theme Store ? I mean by replacing Apps via Root Explorer Systems\Private Apps ? Did searched complete XDA but did not find any dark themed Rom or Apps :confused: Could you help me out I was...
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    Post Themes - Inspired from CM and other Android Skins

    Will it work on Note 4 Stock Rooted Rom ? Rawwr Will these themes work on Note 4 Stock Rooted Rom/s ( Not ported one ). If not then will it work if I extract & replace APK's using Explorer ? Still Searching for Dark Themed Rom for Note 4 ( Not ported ) :crying: Thanks for your hard work :good:
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    Post [30.01.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I LP/MM N5/N7 Port I Theme Store I Jio VoLTE

    Chess Genius Apk Shows record of Different User I don't know its Funny thing or Serious one. When I install Chess Genius Live I found different user name having different record. I am not expert and cant guess any more. I have not used Tita Backup. Some knowledgeable members may share their...
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    Post S7 Apps For Galaxy Note 5,S6 Edge,S6 and Note 4

    ================================================ Dear Albe96 I followed the above steps on my SM-N910 G Stock Rooted Firmware 6.0.1 & Got Boot Loop. Have to flash stock Rom again. I just want Theme store App on my Note 4, As I don't want to use any custom Rom/s at the moment. Can Any One Help me ?
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    Post Theme for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 port Note 7 - usitaly (Black & Gold) - MM Vers. 6.0.1

    Theme is compatible for which Roms ? usitaly Some more info required on which Rom we can use this theme ? I can guess it may be for note 7 ported rom, Can u make it for stock based Roms like Nameless, Simpl , Omega etc Or for Stock Rooted one, As most of the ported Roms have lots of bugs.. Thx
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    Post [30.01.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I LP/MM N5/N7 Port I Theme Store I Jio VoLTE

    Phone Unlocks without Fingerprint Security 1) My phone gets unlock easily without using my FP. I just swipe upward from Recent app button and it surpasses C locker security. Any solution for this ?? 2) I am still waiting for the links of L16 , which has been either disabled or removed. dr.ketan...
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    Post [ROM][NOTE4][N910F]{~BoBCaTROM~}[v.6.0/v.7.0 - lollipop - MultiDpi]

    Proper Steps to Work on N910 G Can anybody confirm whether its working on N910G variant ? Do we need to flash other BL/ Modem or Kernel with this Rom. If it is working then proper installation steps to flash the Rom, Plzzz. Did searched almost entire thread but did not find correct steps for N910G.
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    Post [30.01.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I LP/MM N5/N7 Port I Theme Store I Jio VoLTE

    Why Download link Removed for Lollipop Rom ? Sorry for repeating my question here ..:mad: I am not able to find out downloading link for L16. Why links are removed ??.. God knows.. @ dr.ketan, New users like me cant taste LP Roms ?? Can some one tell me where is L16 rom working downloading...
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    Post [30.01.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I LP/MM N5/N7 Port I Theme Store I Jio VoLTE

    Download link IS Down for L16 Rom 1)Download link is not working for L16 ( both media fire & Dev host. ) Already searched but did not find. Can any one guide me .. 2) Is there any way to have dark theme on stock 6.0.1 Rom ( Rooted ) , For better Battery Performance ? Thanks & Regards.. Avi...
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    Post [THEME][MOD][6.0.1][5.1.1][5.0.1][4.4.4] Customize Your Galaxy Note 4 (N910F) [25/07]

    Request for Dark Themed Apps Dear supergrobi94 I had Note 3 for long time, joining Note 4 (910 G) late here. I was using AOSP dark themed apps on Note 3. Requesting on behalf of all lovers of dark themed apps to kindly make few system apps in dark theme like Phone Dialer, Contacts , Messages...
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    Post MOTO G4 Plus XT1643 Updated Signed Stock Rom MPJ24.139-63 + Relock The Bootloader

    Flash Stock Rom Via Fastboot If u r looking for stability then go for stock ROM. Follow steps as mentioned in OP. I did & it worked fine for me. Unfortunately there is no developer who can work on customized Stock Rom rather than Buggy CM Rom/s for Moto G4+. Good Luck..:good: Don't forget to...
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    Useful Info for Black Theme Project @ sieuan Bro I was just googling dark samsung apps and find below it was made for pekaka rom 5.0 for N900 and later was also available for n9005 snapdragon...
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    Black Edition of this Rom @ sieuan Bro, Just want to know whether you are working on black edition? I am not asking for ETA, just want to know about black project that is it going to be available in future ?:confused: Thanks for your contribution..:highfive: Avi Tandel
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    Post Note 3 Home screens

    Here is My Home Screen Handset :- Note 3 N900 Rom : Arora by Frozen Launcher : Sony Icon : Rugo Wall paper : Rugo
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    Theme store Would be Gr8 Yeah it will be nice. @ sieuan , May the following link may help you out to add theme store. created by falconsson . @ mrjoy No need to say that themes make our note 3 beautiful but at the...
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    Black Themed Stock Rom would be nice Thank You very much for keeping our beloved note 3 (Exynos) still alive with such Roms. Black Themed Stock Rom would be nice. Waiting for Black themed Rom. By the way Giving link for the theme created by ikrom for N9005, which is also looks promising...
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    Post [N900][15Aug15]K14(Kitkat) / L24 (Lollipop)-Dr.Ketan Custom control ROM.

    Ketan Sir, Please Updt Rom with Latest Feature @ dr.ketan , Sir Its not fair to compare Roms, But for those who look for stability with lots of features then I must say This is the most Stable Rom for N900 as on today. :good: The only thing which we ( the users ) are missing latest features...
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    Post [Theme][Dialer/Contacts][Overlay][5.0x] Dark Red- Dark Green +More [UPDATED 31 MAR]

    Request for Complete Dark Theme ( Dialer / SMS / Settings)
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    Post Dark-Au S6 V4 for N900 [11/12/15]

    Where is Dark UI in Dark Aurora ?? Flashed latest Dark Aurora Rom & I did not find anything dark :crying:. ** Clean Install Telephone, Contacts , SMS , Settings etc are all white. Correct me If I am wrong !!! Don't suggest for themes as after flashing themes my mobiles getting slow on day by...
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    Post [APPS] [UP-25/09/15] N5 TW Launcher/S6 TW Launcher Collection Themed Like N5

    @ Manu, please port Latest Xperia Z5 Launcher for Note3 @ Manu, Please port Latest Xperia Z5 Launcher for our Note 3. ( SM N900 ) Almost all Samsung Touch Wiz Launchers are Buggy , & lags at least once in day. So requesting you to please port / make compatible Sony Xperia Z5 Launcher...
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    Post (04.04.2015)Amazing AOSP THEMES + CallerID For Lollipop TouchWiz (5.0)

    Black Themed Stock Rom for N900 would be Nice Breakcore_Rush We will be grateful to you if you can created Black / Dark theme for Stock N900. So If you have time then Requesting you to create Dark / Black theme for Stock N900. Stock White is Ugly and more battery consuming. Thank You Very...
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    Post [THEME] Dark Theme Material Design - Note 3 SM-N9005 | Update [13 December 2015]

    @ ikrom Can you port this to Note 3 N900 @ ikrom Can you please make this theme available to Note 3 N900 ?? ( Indian Version ) In case you require any system files ( of N900 )please pm me I will be happy to give the required files. Thank you very much for your hard work.:good:
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    Post Aurora Team S6 Full Port For Note 3 Port 5 [05-11-2015]

    @ sksarfaraz Can You Port Dark Theme Material Design for SM900 @ sksarfaraz Requesting You to Port Dark Theme Material Design for our Note SM900 :laugh: Thank You very much for your work & support for SM900. :good...
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    Post [ROM][Z2] [LP-5.1.1] [LB/UB] [.264] [AROMA] PhoeniX | v5.1 | 04/01/2016

    Black Themed Phoenix would be nice.. Black Themed Phoenix Rom would be nice. By the way, will it be same as Rajeev Bro did it for PureX & Existenz. Or it will be some thing different layout?? I have seen different Black theming for LP and KK.:confused: Thank You very much @ jitz975 for your...
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    Post [ROM] [Z2] [LB/UB] [5.1.1] [.264] [UPDATE :- 12.12.2015] PureX Z2 v11.0

    Download Internet Settings First RedDevils88 You have to download Internet Settings in order to connect with mobile data. Otherwise there should not be any other reason for not getting connected with Mobile Data. Regards...
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    Post [ROM][LOLLIPOP][LB/UB][5.1.1] eXistenZ Premium | 7.0.0 | FINAL | 16/02

    Heres my screen shot Without any gap @ whalesplaho It seems that you have choosen different mod for launcher. Because for me there is no gap as you mentioned. niaboc79 Thanks for providing us bug free Rom , The best on XDA.:good: Avi Tandel D6502
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    Post [ROM][Z2] [LP-5.1.1] [LB/UB] [.264] [AROMA] PhoeniX | v5.1 | 04/01/2016

    Black / Dark System UI will add crown for this Gr8 Rom jitz975 I have been using this Rom since last 24 Hours, Runs very smooth without any lag. Black / Dark System UI will add crown for this Gr8 Rom. Thank You Very Much for your efforts.:good: Avi Tandel / D6502
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    Post [ROM][Z2] [LP-5.1.1] [LB/UB] [.264] [AROMA] PhoeniX | v5.1 | 04/01/2016

    Mirror Please Unable to download from Mega ...:confused: Can some one please provide mirror for this Rom.. Nice to see more Dev's for our Xperia Z2. Thank you very much for your efforts.. Avi Tandel / D6502 / Black ( Currently on Existenz 4.5 KK )** Always changing the Rom/s
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    Post [ROM][LOLLIPOP][LB/UB][5.1.1] eXistenZ Premium | 7.0.0 | FINAL | 16/02

    Latest OS Android M 6.0 Discontinues Dark UI Theme OT, Well this is quite frustrating for dark theme lovers. Google has probably discontinues dark UI theme as per 2nd Preview of 6.0. ( Dark UI was present in 1st preview )...
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    Post [Stock]5.1.1][546,200 & 232][Root&Recovery][LB/UB] 6502/03 | Complete Guide | 03/10

    .200 FW Worked like Charm No Reboots here abeyruma I flashed 23.4.A.1.200 on my D6502 , it worked like charm no reboots.I was already on 5.1.1 hence flashed the file directly. ;) If you are not on 5.1.1 then you should follow complete steps mentioned by arul20be. Good Luck.:good: Info :- No...
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    Post [ROM] [Z2] [LB/UB] [5.1.1] [.264] [UPDATE :- 12.12.2015] PureX Z2 v11.0

    New System Update for Z2 D6502 I just got update msg from Sony for new system update. Dont know its marshmallow or any thing else ?? Anyone has updated ?? Avi Tandel D6502 PreRooted Stock D6502
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    Post [D6xxx] Lolli-POP Sound MOD v6.1 [ECHO FIX - 21.9.15]

    Mod is LOUD enough BUT Quality Stock Sound looses pricey2009 Thank you very much for this mod. It does increase the volume a lot.:good: But unfortunately I am not getting Quality of stock sound.:crying: Just Request :- Is it possible to boost only speakers & we will be continue to receive...
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    Post [Stock]5.1.1][546,200 & 232][Root&Recovery][LB/UB] 6502/03 | Complete Guide | 03/10

    No it is Odexed But Rooted Zip RaKesh It is not deodexed, but its rooted stock rom. I am also looking for pure stock deodexed rooted rom. Can some one create deodexed rom / post link for the same ? Thanks Avi Tandel / D6502 /
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    Post [Rom][5.1.1][.264[LB/UB]☆|MoonWalker™ Epidemic V10.0.0 ☆Xperia X Style☆|☆D6503/02 ☆

    Awesome Work @Pandemic Thanks You very much for this Awesome Rom. Lightening Fast, Very Good Sound Quality, Stable & Better Battery Life; I got What I was looking for. Rated 5 * . Keep it up Bro...:good: Avi Tandel D6502 Running on MoonWalker Epidemic V3.0.0
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    Post [Rom][5.1.1][.264[LB/UB]☆|MoonWalker™ Epidemic V10.0.0 ☆Xperia X Style☆|☆D6503/02 ☆

    Do we need all files to redownload or just Rom ? Do we have to download Only Fresh Rom File. Or we have to Re- download other stuffs like black theming, 6502 patch & other mods again ?? Avi Tandel [ D6502 ]
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    Post [Rom][5.1.1][.264[LB/UB]☆|MoonWalker™ Epidemic V10.0.0 ☆Xperia X Style☆|☆D6503/02 ☆

    Thanks a lot... Going 2 Flash tonight... @ Pandemic Thank You very much for this Rom. Going to Flash tonight .. will report my feedback... Avi_tandel Feedback :- Though I saw previous posts of other users stating that circle icon & other things. Still I decided to give it a try & get the...