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    Thread [how to] have a lighter and faster stock rom!!!

    First of all, please allow me to express that this method is not taken from somewhere else or not required any expertise to implement. This is just based on to remove heavy TW applications, and find better replacements for them. Mainly, this is not a mod at all :) I am sharing this method...
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    Thread Isntalling Rom via PC Odin with pit + 1 file (PDA)

    Yes guys, The question is obvious. Normally we flash 4-file Roms with pit file. But, what would happen if I flash 1-fle Rom (namely XXLSZ) via PC Odin with a pit file and Re-Partition TICKED? TIA
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    Thread [Q] Same PDA Different CSC

    There are 2 Russian JB 4.1.2 Stokc Rom available. However there are two Roms available. The PDA of both Roms is XXELL4. Whereas CSCs are different, one of which is OXEELL1 and the other one is QXEELL1. Will there be any problem if I install Q version instead of O version and vice versa?
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    Thread [Q] Photo Editor

    Could someone please upload photo editor apk (photoretouching.apk) of galaxy tab 2 from /system/app folder? TIA
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    Thread [Q]Deodexed Photoretouching.apk

    Could someone please upload deodexed photoretouching.apk from /system/app folder? TIA
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    Thread problem with pushing a file via adb and/busybox

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Note with stock ICS 4.0.4 and notecore kernel v13 std by g.lewarne. here is the link for the kernel: (it is hydracore now. but same for tw roms) You may have heard the program called Droid Manager by deep unknown...
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    Thread Why CM Rom? What makes it that good? Why do people prefer using it?

    I have used Galaxy SL and am using Galaxy Note. Many people were and are complaining about Stock Roms, either ICS or GB for both of the phones I use. They say that Camera has a pink problem, GPS does not lock quickly, Video recording is not good, it is laggy, etc etc. But same people are dying...
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    Thread what if I would like to go back to Stock GB...

    What if I am on Stock ICS and want to go to stock GB, Should I use pit file + 3 .tar files for Odin? Especially pit file... What I mean, Do I need to re-partiiton?
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    Thread Editing build.prop

    Is it OK if I edit the build.prop file via word pad and then save it to my phone?
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    Thread [APP] S Note from N7000

    Here is apk of S Note application from N7000. Only for ICS. LEaked ICS users can try it for their I717's.
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    Thread [Q] Using ATT Note ICS with a different operator

    I am using my ATT Note in Turkey with a different GSM operator. I want to upgrade my phone from GB to ICS UCLD3. Will I face any problem with getting reception if I upgrade my rom to leaked ICS UDLD3?
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    Thread Google Play Store Problem in Sudan

    In Sudan, because of ambargo, Andorid market cannot be used. What can i do to enable google play store? I have tried modded playstore app but does not work :( N7000 JPLPD rooted
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    Thread No LPD root file or method. Is it Ok to use LPF file instead?

    Yes the problem is obivous in the title. I have a note for UAE region. The latest stock kernel is LPD. I want to root my phone but i could not find a way yet. And i do not want to change my whole rom. Just want to flash a new rooted kernel. Could you please show me a way to evoercome my...
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    Thread Why does not Note get into sleep mode?

    I have a galaxy note, upgraded to the last version of 2.3.6 (JPLA1). After upgrade i relized that the battery life has decreased. Then i made a factory reset. However, my phone does not stay in deep sleep mode very long. Actually it stays awake during whole night. What could be the cause of...