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  1. olokos

    Thread [MOD][9/10]Easy change CSC S8/S8+(possibly more) using root without wiping data

    Hello, I think I have found a method to change your CSC without wiping data on rooted samsung based roms, might be possible on completely stock rooted aswell. I am not sure if this is needed, but I did flash HOME_CSC_OXM_G955FOXM6DSK9 as CSC in Odin before doing this. This does not wipe any...
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    Thread [DEV][EXYNOS][Discussion] Kernel 80% bug and other samsung "features"

    Hey, I've been thinking about starting development of a kernel on S8+, but I've heard that there are issues such as charge not going above 80% and some other stuff I don't even remember anymore but I did read about it. Can somebody point me to patch to allow over 80% charge with tripped knox...
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    Thread Necessary backups before flashing

    Hey, I might get s8+ really soon and coming from Sony, I've been wondering, is there anything worth backing up before I flash it or right after I flash it? In Sony devices there's TA partition containing bootloader, IMEI etc which is worth backing up as you can restore TA backup and make...
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    Thread [BUG]Something's not right This thread is not visible, also thanks button bug.
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    Thread [StockBased][Linaro6.2.1][.236] OK Kernel V8.3 FINAL/multirom updated 06.08.2017

    Hello guys! :) My work on Z1 is done. I will provide little to no support. I moved on to S8+ Some of you may have tried my custom kernel, I have now made another one (I've been running it for like half a year, couldn't decide whether to release it or not). With this kernel I put stability on...
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    Thread [Z2/Z3][ABANDONED]Soundmod - boosted everything 24bitat all times

    Hi there, I was getting posts and messages from people who wanted my volumeboost updated for Z2 and Z3, so eventually, I did that. There's virtually no quality loss in this mod, no dirty hacks, no workarounds. Z2 is based on lastest stock files as of 13 november 2015, thanks Jackos Z3 is based...
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    Thread [Z1][ALPHA] Auto torch boost beta LP - first one of the big thing

    Hi, So as you know, from one of many things, I'll be working on something really nice that I tried to do, back in the days. Not Apollo, unfortunately for all these people waiting, or not, I've been working on the torch boost. I've done aroma one that had multiple choice options,but...
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    Thread [Q] Converting .img files to flashable .zip

    Hello, I just downloaded a rom and it's in .img form, specifically, this: I really want to flash it, but I'm clueless how to do that on a modern TWRP on a Z1. Yeah yeah fastboot flash boot boot.img etc. I know I can do that, the case here is that I'm using multirom and having the rom in a...
  9. olokos

    Thread [KERNEL][ALPHA][LINARO] OK Kernel v2 for stock roms updated 18.02.2015

    Hello guys, I recently began kernel development. For the first thing I'd like to credit YoshiShaPow it wouldn't be possible without you man! Thanks a ton for your help with this! :D Working: Everything This kernel is built of stock sony sources with LINARO so it's already buttery smooth...
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    Thread [Q] to lolipop rom users

    Hello guys, I've been testing all lolipop roms that had listed everything as working. Such as crDroid, CandyRom, SlimLP. On every of those lolipop roms pretty much most of the important stuff worked. There were stuff like equalizer not working or too dim notification LED, but from time to time...
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    Thread Old xda portal look/subscribed threads on new forum look

    How about the possibility of changing theme to the old one on the XDA portal? I'd like to change it to the old theme and layout, but there is no way to do that. I'd be fine with the new look if there would be a dark skin, but we're forced to use the default white theme. It would be nice if we...
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    Thread Android 5.0 bugs

    I'm using Z1 as a daily driver and when I see the same bugs in every single 5.0 rom for the Z1, then it makes me wonder about few things: Why do you release "new" roms that share the same issues? Why don't you team-up? Honestly guys, I see no point at all with releasing more and more 5.0 roms...
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    Thread [APP] 9GAG ad-free COMPLETELY updated 28.01.2015

    Long story short I was browsing 9GAG on toilet using my phone when I got infuriated with this ad on the bottom of the screen after you tap any photo in the app. I made it gone, disappear. Now 9GAG application is free of adds To make it work just delete your current 9GAG and then install the one...
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    Thread delete

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    Thread SystemUI.apk file request from the latest fw

    Could somebody send me systemui.apk file from the latest Z3 firmware? Its in /system/priv-app.
  16. olokos

    Thread Unlocked bootloader consequences

    I'm going to unlock my friends BL in order to flash clean CM11 on Xperia J and I'm wondering whether there is any stuff that will get lost after unlocking the bootloader like x-reality or other stuff. I'm not sure whether something like this exists on Xperia J and whether I should worry about...
  17. olokos

    Thread Z1 back glass replacement and waterproofness

    Since my frame is bent and my back glass is broken I really have to replace them as the dust got between back glass and the camera rendering camera with flash useless. I'm thinking about replacing it myself, but I'm worried if it's still going to be waterproof after I replace it. Have any of...
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    Thread [DEV][Thinktank][NO-OFFTOPIC HERE!]Porting Z3 camera to previous Xperia devices

    We are trying to get Z3 Camera software fully working here. Please contribute to [DEV] thread if you actually have something helpful for us. If you don't then head over to Discussion thread here Any off-topic posts in this thread instead of Q&A thread will slow-down the development and may...
  19. olokos

    Thread [Discussion]Porting Z3 camera to previous Xperia devices

    Here you can talk about anything related to Z3 Camera porting. Any questions, feature requests etc. are meant to stay here, not in [DEV] thread. Thanks :o
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    Thread Disabled open in a new tab by scroll-wheel click

    I don't know why but such useful browser feature doesn't really work on XDA-Developers forums. For example I see a itneresting new on the right side widget. I middle mouse button click it, but it won't open in a new tab, but instead it will open in the current tab just like I would left click...
  21. olokos

    Thread [Z3][4.4][SOUNDMOD]Both speakers on incoming call + headphones boost

    Thanks to DennisDD78 for the first file and yet again giving me the heads-up about a new device released :) I'll make it quick and easy. There are 2 versions now: 1. Just stereo 2. stereo w/ headphones boost First one will enable both speakers on loudspeaker mode on incoming call and the...
  22. olokos

    Thread Poor battery life

    My device is not very old. It's about 1 year now and battery isn't as good as it used to be. When I got it after school I had minimum 50% no matter what I've been doing and atm it's 24% which is disturbing. Any tips/ideas what to do?
  23. olokos

    Thread [MOD] Torch boost! Full LED power when using your Z1 as a light source!

    Hello guise, This time I'll share with you something that RyokoN found out. Please thank him here. I just made proper changes to the file he mentioned. Someday I was killed by my friend N5 torch. It was so bright. Now I decided that I want my torch to be actually useful, just like his torch is...
  24. olokos

    Thread Additional tiny LED never seen before, investigation

  25. olokos

    Thread [NOT WORKING]Beidou and maybe GLONASS support on other Sony devices

    Inspired by lukesan post i actually thought about getting support of Beidou to other devices. It also may enable GLONASS on your device, but my Z1 already does support it, so I've got no idea. :rolleyes: Will release new test versions for beidou GPS constellation support. Sit tight.
  26. olokos

    Thread New theme, dark version request

    Hello there, I actually really like the new theme, but given that I'm using this theme by germainz just for the reason to let my eyes rest from the full-bright screen I'd like to request to also add a dark version of the 2014 theme. I'm sure a lot of users would apprecieate that. I know that I...
  27. olokos

    Thread Unlock all bands of your Qualcomm device! Use your phone globally! No bs!

    You do everything here at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any broken devices/sdcards/your house going down on fire and everything else. PLEASE DO NOT MIRROR THESE FILES! Requirements: root ability to use mouse and keyboard terminal emulator on your phone What do you get for doing...
  28. olokos

    Thread My work and things I'm proud of on xda!

    The reason why I created this thread is that I want people to see and view my work here on xda, but the signature limit is 1250 characters, so it doesn't fit anymore and I want to make this list even bigger ^^ [APP][4.x+] CyanogenMod Apollo - Music Player (Updated 18.04.14) Z2 bootanimation...
  29. olokos

    Thread [DISCONTINUED]Superuser mod collection request - files needed

    Hello, I'd like to create a superuser mod collection for every Sony Z1/Z1C/Z1S device and firmware. What's my point? I recently found out that the cause of a sluggish camera is caused by superuser mod done with xposed instead of a real smali mod. It's a bit annoying that there's a dozen of...
  30. olokos

    Thread Superuser mod Z devices collective thread - 120fps camera lagfix

    This mod will disable Sony /system signature verification thus will allow you to use modded stock apks from Sony like home.apk. I also do belive that using this mod instead of xposed superuser mod will make the camera startup lag to disappear and work better overall. C6903 firmware .108 - Z1...
  31. olokos

    Thread [MOD]Multiuser support and lower minimum brightness

    Hello, Today I present to you multiuser support for our Z1 on .108 firmware! Requirements: Root Recovery Superuser mod (not sure if that's needed, but better be safe than sorry) Additionally I made the minimum screen brightness even lower than stock as it was a bit too bright for me at...
  32. olokos

    Thread Request to merge few text files for me.
  33. olokos

    Thread App that wakes the screen if the proximity sensor is uncovered

    I'm looking for an app that would wake the screen when the proximity sensor is not detecting anything. I'm pretty much forced to use a flip cover and it covers the proximity sensor.
  34. olokos

    Thread Z1/Z2 Launcher for 0dpi navbar (gap removed)

    Hello I'm using LMT because I hate navbar that takes up my screen. Stock sony launcher unfortunately leaves a gap if you get rid of navbar. I fixed it. Thanks dipesh1502 for this tutorial. It really helped me. :) Now the launcher uses the entire screen. I also added another row to the desktop...
  35. olokos

    Thread In need of Google services apk

    Could any of you guys upload Google services apk for me? You can find it in /system/app or /data/app. Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
  36. olokos

    Thread [Discussion]Porting 4K & Timeshift video from Z2 to other Xperias

    Feel free to ask or discuss about porting 4K & Timeshift video for other devices than the Z2 here. Don't post in the [DEV] thread if you know that it won't help in porting.
  37. olokos

    Thread [DEV][Thinktank]Porting 4K & Timeshift video from Z2 to other Xperia devices

    I've seen dozens of threads about 4K recording and Timeshift video. None of them work. Let's keep all relevant DEVELOPMENT info here. It will be way easier for real developers and other people that could share some useful info or their attempts to get 4K & 120 FPS recording on other device than...
  38. olokos

    Thread [Z2][4.4][SOUNDMOD]Stereo speakers everywhere, boosted EVERYTHING! update 05.01.2015

    By flashing this you'll get the ringtone/notifications coming from both speakers when somebody calls you, stereo speakers in-call if you switch to the loudspeaker and you will also get a slight headphones boost. Let me know if you want to modify something else with the sound output on the Z2. :)...
  39. olokos

    Thread [Q] Aroma installer sometimes works and sometimes doesn't why?

    Hi, I'm using latest aroma installer for my volume mod posted here. I uploaded it and it worked great, but later I realised that it doesnt work on some recoveries/kernels and I have no idea why. I've read the rules and this board is for me. I actually want to learn WHY it sometimes didn't work...
  40. olokos

    Thread USB OTG Used as a charger, it works!

    Hello guys! I'm using Xperia Z1 C6903 with LB (UB doesn't give me enough to lose all those camera features). If you're a vaper (smoking e-cigarettes), then I have great news for you! I'm using THIS e-cigarette and if you buy USB OTG cable you can use your phone as a power bank! This is more...
  41. olokos

    Thread Lost imei after Flashing custom kernel

    Hello guys, I actually wanted to get that double tap to wake and pac/aokp on my z1. I was on 4.4. Did the backups, unlocked the bootloader. I flashed pimp my z1 kernel via twrp. Then I flashed aokp. Imei lost. Same thing for pac. I even tried restoring all partitions from backup and since I...
  42. olokos

    Thread Do you want boosted earpiece or bluetooth audio first?

    As you already may have noticed I'm developing volumemod for our Z1. I've got reports that it works great on Z1, Z Ultra, Z1 Compact. My time is limited these days, so I don't have that much time for development, but I'm still doing it when I can. I'm wondering, what do you want to get boosted...
  43. olokos

    Thread What? I can't make a call to any number, green call button is gone O.o

    Hello guys, I flashed the latest rooted kk firmware. I also got myself. 99 recovery. I'm mostly receiving calls and calling already saved contacts, but I saw that. I genuinely can't make any calls to new not saved numbers, I can't hide the numeric buttons there either. Green call button...
  44. olokos

    Thread 4.4 Firmware feelings/discussion

    My impressions on 4.4 update: Camera gets pictures faster after getting proper focus compared to 4.3 UI seems a bit smoother - it just feels smoother Webpages get loaded faster Data transfer between pc and phone over Wi-Fi without any external apps seems to be a good idea Nothing new in camera...
  45. olokos

    Thread Throw feature on non-DLNA screens/MHL alternative I've read this article and I saw the throw icon on the device, but I do not have any DLNA device. What I'm wondering about is: is there anything like a HDMI plug-in for DLNA support...
  46. olokos

    Thread Deleting password without root?

    Hi, My cousin recently broke her screen, she gave password to the service guys because they needed it and she was in trouble because her mom checked her phone. (Xperia j) I'm wondering - isn't it enough to flash an FTF to delete the password?... I'd test it on my phone, but when it isn't going...
  47. olokos

    Thread Z1 adb logcat on boot

    I'm running Monx 4.03 rom with xzdualrecovery .95 (both are latest) and I can't seem to get adb working ON BOOT - right after kernel. It just stays on -waiting for device-. Any tips? I'm using adb logcat > logcat.txt
  48. olokos

    Thread How to implement mp3 tags editor in apk?

    Hi, I'm a newbie developer and I thought that I want to add the ability to edit tags in music files (id3 tags),but I have no idea how to do that. Could somebody point me to a guide or explain me how that could be done? With parts of code if possible please. Thanks. Wysłane z mojego C6903...
  49. olokos

    Thread How to implement mp3 tags editor in apk?

    Hi, I'm a newbie developer and I thought that I want to add the ability to edit tags in music files (id3 tags),but I have no idea how to do that. Could somebody point me to a guide or explain me how that could be done? With parts of code if possible please. Thanks. Wysłane z mojego C6903...
  50. olokos

    Thread Pure stock & clean Z2 bootanimation

    I started to test my skills in getting stuff from Z2 to the Z1. First and the easiest thing was to pull the bootanimation from Z2 firmware and make a flashable zip of it. Enjoy! It wouldn't be possible if doomlord wouldn't leak a Z2 system. :) I'll post screens later. Sorry for not posting...