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  1. jtommyj

    Thread Cant connect to network

    hi-Sorry for the question im on Xfinity Mobile and was trying to downgrade out of the Pie beta. i screwed something up in Odin when flashing ARG8 and now when it boots it just hangs at the "searching for network" screen and cant find my network. can anyone please help me out ? Im just trying...
  2. jtommyj

    Thread Confused

    Hey all. I'm reading about 3 threads and am confused about these Snapdragon S 9+ Betas and what I need to be doing here. I am currently on the ZRJ7 build I installed by Odin. I'm mostly HTC guy but I got no issues using Odin. I'm on Xfinity Mobile which I guess shouldnt matter. Can someone...
  3. jtommyj

    Thread Any devs are going to try to

    port the U11 Oreo to the 10? I'm not sure when the 10 Oreo is coming out, is it even worth it. But was just curious.
  4. jtommyj

    Thread Hey guys,quick question.

    Ok, so on my FIRST U11 I unlocked the bootloader,flashed a custom rom or two and got bit by the irretrievable by any means lack of signal on Verizon. So my question is, is this still occurring? I'm kind of a technogeek to a degree. M8,M9,M10 have all been running custom roms in the past. But I...
  5. jtommyj

    Thread Promo Code

    Hey I'm looking to get the new 128gb model. Are there currently any working discount code? Thanks. Sent from my HTC U11 using XDA-Developers Legacy app
  6. jtommyj

    Thread Why I'm not selling my U11

    Figured I'd start a thread for every one keeping their phone since there's a few about selling them. Share your thoughts. I love this dang thing!! I originally bought it even tho my M10 wasn't paid off figuring how much better could it be? Well the 10 is in a drawer. Lots of storage over my...
  7. jtommyj

    Thread Any Verizon users that have Comcast

    Word is they will be allowing us to bring our own devices in Q3 or Q4. No line fees for first 5 and 12$ a gig shared or 45 unlimited per line. Since I RARELY use my 2Gb Verizon quota I can see my phone bill dropping in half easily. I don't see the unlimited at 45 being a good deal if you've...
  8. jtommyj

    Thread Weird problem

    Hi all. Every time I try to install a custom rom I get an error once it gets into set up. It says "your phone was reset. Please use the contact info from a user that was previously logged in" I'm paraphrasing, but it just cycles through this error after each time I put in my Google info...
  9. jtommyj

    Thread OK, now that I've got Sunshine...

    Nm Sent from my HTC6545LVW using XDA-Developers mobile app
  10. jtommyj

    Thread Small white dot

    Hi- on stock rom, rooted. Whenever I touch the screen a small white dot appears. It follows my finger if I move it. I disabled "Show Touches" in Dev Options but it persists. Any help ? Thanks, Tom
  11. jtommyj

    Thread VZW M9 Roms

    Now that my M9 is here and shipped off to *cough* have some work done by a nice gentleman, I'm wondering a few things ... Until our devs from the M8 like andybones and Π€O start pumping out ROMs, what ROMs will work for us. One I have seen is Insert-Coin stating for all variants. I also see...