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  1. seedubya

    Thread Android 10 update rolling out now

    Hi everyone, So you may have seen that Nokia dude release a tweet today saying Android 10 is rolling out for the Nokia 6.2. Apparently in batches and only in certain countries. I'm in Australia and it's not released here. Check your phones.
  2. seedubya

    Thread KST clear case

    Hi XDA friends, I have purchased a few cases and am currently reviewing them. The first one is from eBay and is KST branded. Clear case. Not the best butter better than the one in the box. I don't want to upset anyone by posting a link but if you search "Nokia 6.2 kst case" on youtube it...
  3. seedubya

    Thread Android Pie Update Australia

    Hi All, Android Pie is available from Sam Mobile site for unlocked australian version. I am downloading now but it will take 10 hours (exaggeration) and will advise on progress once comeplete but it should all be fine. Cheers
  4. seedubya

    Thread Nokia case

    So i emailed nokia/hmd asking if they could advise when the cases will be available and they havent replied. Has anyone purchased any good cases yet?
  5. seedubya

    Thread Enhanced Messaging Gone?

    G'day folks. I have updated from the s7 and cannot find enhanced messaging on the s8+. Anyone else in the same boat?
  6. seedubya

    Thread can't remove my account from oneplus 3

    Hi all I recently sold my oneplus 3 to a person who has moved interstate They rebooted the phone today and it won't let her in to the phone unless she signs in with my password. I don't want to give her my password. I have signed out of the device on android device manager. Can someone...
  7. seedubya

    Thread S Health not working on Nougat with knox tripped - Any workaround??

    Exactly as the title says, on Nougat with knox tripped Shealth doesnt work, has anyone got a workaround for this. Shealth for me is one of the most versatile Health Apps. Thanks in advance.
  8. seedubya

    Thread Moto Z Unbox video

    Hi all, hopefully if you havent already bought a moto z this may encourage you along a little quicker. LgETrFSNWTk If this isnt allowed then please delete.
  9. seedubya

    Thread Australian Moto Z Play Thread

    This thread is open to all people however discussion will be kept to Australian issues related to the Moto Z Play. To start of with has anyone bought one yet. It was only released here 3 days ago.
  10. seedubya

    Thread Stock recovery for XT1572 Asia retail

    SOLVED If any one stumbles across this the answer is found here I know I'm going to get a caning for asking a dumb question. I have just spent 1.5 hours searching. Is their a simple way to get...
  11. seedubya

    Thread [Q] HOX CM 10.1.3 update binary error

    Hi people, I have just tried installing cm10.1.3 and got an error meta inf/com/google/android/update binary I tried three times and gave up. I have also searched a lot of threads but couldn't get a clear idea of what to do! Could you please help. I have CWM and maximusHD 21.1.0 did full...