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    Thread In Soviet Russia

    XDA trolls you
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    Thread My plead for my daughter Please take a moment to read and feel free to ask anything. Thank you for your time.
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    Thread Aftermarket car accessory. What is it

    I've seen this in cars but don't know what it is. Do you? The thing on the left of the shifter
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    Thread FastTech selling TPU cases for $1.75

    Not sure if anyone knows about this site. It's like going to ChinaTown of your local major city and buying goods from their market. It's rebranded, backdoor manufacturing, knockoff, products that didn't meet the tolerances, type of things. I saw some GNex phones on there a week ago or so. There...
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    Thread Google a traded phones with my gf

    Check this out! My girl gets a new phone on warranty return RMA on her N4. Guess what Google sends her. A freaking N5! That's awesome. Edit Just turned it on and it's updating to 4.4.2. Pretty cool man. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Free Babies Thread (or stuff for them)

    I'm all about free stuff. All my computer programs are open source. In a sucker for by one get one free. I clip coupons. And now with a kid on the way, I'm all about the free goods companies send you. So if you've got one or one is coming, let's share the sites/places/businesses to get the...
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    Thread Hey Dirk, re: your thread

    DirkGently Your thread. My grandpa was in the Korean War. He told me stories of the elaborate Asian tattoos that some of the other troops would have. Said they used to make things like lamp shades and framings with the tattooed skin.
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    Thread Go Home London, You're Drunk I take it you guys don't play with these when you're a kid.
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    Thread Gratuitous Self Promotion O.o
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    Thread T-Mobile America makes some awesome announcements

    T-Mobile announces 'JUMP!' upgrade plan, new LTE markets and devices. I am definitely signing up for this. I'm already paying for a phone and the monthly premium insurance. Knock out 10 bucks off my bill aaaand get a new device every 6 months.... JQCP85FngzE Wait...
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    Thread When open source meets the real world

    I'm making a new resume and cover letter. I use open office but need to save in a format they can open and view. Normally I would save as a .doc, but this is with a tech company, would I use .xml? Idk, just wondering. Thanks for your answers. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Verizon CDMA Play for $50?

    Found one on Craigslist for that. Just wondering what you guys thought of buying the phone solely as a mobile gaming and music device. I like it because of the buttons, but does it run today's games OK with the Play's hardware? My N4 runs them just fine. Looking for something to replace my PSP...
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    Thread [RESOURCE] mobile tech and programming android

    This is a list of books/resources compiled from here And some I looked up for the sake of making this. I take no credit for writing them or am not affiliated with any site. I first posted the link to the site and was...
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    Thread Sandisk Memory - Amazon Deal of the Day Feb 4 CF, SD, MicroSD, and thumb drives
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    Thread Lea Nikkaya .... Who are you?

    OP of this thread 11th post. Let thyself be known!
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    Thread Space monkey!!!11! wait....... O_o Yeah, they launched a monkey.
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    Thread Sausage is better

    Why.........? Ever eaten bacon by itself in a meal? Nope, you need to wrap that stuff around other food to eat it. Bacon burger, bacon wrapped jalopenoes, bacon in green beans, bacon on a salad, bacon on other stuff but by itself. Why is sausage better? Price. Pound of sausage, 2 bucks...
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    Thread New video tour of via Verge Just sharing.
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    Thread Life is so rough

    D2p5svFJ9cQ Not sure what to do about it? Maybe I can help
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    Thread Just saying......... B) Edit: Read post 5 before posting in the thread.
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    Thread Questions for people in New Orleans area

    My mom wants to go there for a trip. Possibly New Years or June for sister's birthday. I've read somethings from google on other forums, but the newest is from Sept, and next is Feb of this year. I'm wondering if a tourist can go anywhere besides the French Quarter to sight see. And if so, do we...
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    Thread **POLL** Do you know what a white/black/gray hat means.....

    ......and which one do you wear Poll to learn the makeup of members nowadays.
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    Thread Voice Recognition

    When I'm having trouble spelling a word, ill use the keyboard microphone button to say it and have my SMARTphone spell it for me. I wasn't sure how to spell doctorate. So I spoke it. Doctor it Docktor it Talk to for it Dark tower Doctor for it Doctor for it Talk to for it Dark tower it...
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    Thread WTH happened to all the the files

    Just got another e4gt, rooted it no problem. Would have liked the old way of doing things instead of a one click, but ok, it worked. I'm on stock EL29. I want cwm so I can have a nandroid of this stock rooted rom for easy downgrade and going back to stock. Through about an hour of reading and...
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    Thread This changes everything!!! :eek We are in trouble now Sent from my SPH-D710 using xda premium
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    Thread Like a boss

    Is how this man died. Texas, how I love thee.
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    Thread New trend "or" ............

    ....idk, just felt like being part of the hipster cool and put "or" in the title.
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    Thread How do you program

    I don't care what compilers or software you use or even what you program. So what! Everybody has their favorites. Plenty of threads for that junk. Search and yee shall find. Just realized I do my best work when I'm listening to a Pandora station I made with Social Distortion and plenty of...
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    Thread Fellow XDA'er needs some prayers/meditation/thoughts/wishes ect

    Not sure what you hold dear, if anything, but can you keep some good thoughts for this guy, please? + Alex Hernandez. One of very few in this world who I will say is an absolute nice and genuine person. He is a very special kind of fella, one you don't see around much anymore. Kinda like Dirk...
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    Thread Banged/Locked/Jailed Up Abroad (TV Show)

    Anybody watch it? I love this show. Just started up a new season here in America. Just learned it came from Britain and is a world wide show. Really is world wide. I've always wanted to travel the world and this show makes me want to keep my...
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    Thread Too freakin funny news caster from last night Watch the video. Sad story I know. But the ending is absolutely hilarious. Had me and my mom crying we were laughing so hard. I can't believe they put the video up!
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    Thread Denton Arts & Jazz Fest

    Facebook Official Site Wiki Booklet Map...
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    Thread [APP] Free cloud storage from Comodo, 5 GB

    Got a notice about this today. I use them for my firewall on my pc. Now they have a cloud storage service. 5 GB free right now. Haven't found a data limit like yet. No streaming, but that's ordinary for these services. Just...
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    Thread Mom's old surround, new toy for me, one problem

    The thing won't boot up. It will go to a charging screen when plugged in. But it never seems to charge at all. I've looked around for a "surround won't boot" thread. Kind of an all incompassing thread but can't find it. Any ideas from you guys or know of such a thread to look at? TIA
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    Thread OT Holidays *read Reason to Drink [May 8] [USA] National Teacher Day

    So this is the thread to post what holiday you are celebrating. Post your holiday wherever you are. Not just America. Have fun guys. I'll toast this day to Ms Mitchell. My redhead Advanced Arts teacher. I shall never forget thee. A nice earthy pinot will highlight your free spirit...
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    Thread Open hardware/converter challenge, question, confusion, I's noob and needz HELP!!!!11

    So I bought this a couple of years ago. Just dug it out of my box of cables. I was I was wondering if anybody knows how to get this to work. Drivers? Hardware? What? Is it just not going to work? When hooked up, all it does...
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    Thread Oh happy day

    Happy beer drinking redneck hallowed sun light. Woo hoo sons. Here's to it! Happy independence day
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    Thread Sites for deals on carrier subsidized phones?

    I'm switching carriers and would like to know some places to look for special prices. I know phonedog, droiddog, and Amazon. What do you use or know of? sent from my ppc through win97 servers bypassing exchange security
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    Thread Having a good day? Thank the person below you.

    No thanks button or it'll probably get closed ......but....... I thank people like you for being below me that make walk on earth so much easier. Your squishy fat cheeks of noobness make it so I can go barefoot to my next pub crawl. I thank you. *so easy a caveman can do it*
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    Thread What's your theme song

    Alright we have a couple music threads with post what music here blah blah. Nice way to find new music from around the world. But I want to know about you. If there is a song that epitomizes you, what is it? Maybe and probably a few do it more than one. Please explain the song and it's meaning...
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    Thread Ok all you tea drinkers

    I just had my first Earl Grey. Whole milk and 3 spoons of sugar. I could have had it with less sugar, but that'll be next time. I was wondering what type of tea do you drink when? I've seen you say you drink different types at different times of the day in many threads spread across ot. Will you...
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    Thread [UAN] The Up All Night crew

    Seems like everyone actually sleeps at night. Nothing going on here, fb, or g+. Decided to make a place for it. I'm. Generally up late on weeknights and hardly sleep at all on weekends. My pet is even nocturnal. I got a sugar glider. So what's up?
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    Thread Amazon OEM Replacement USB Charger $3.27 + Free Ship

    Just popped up in the suggestions for me. I bought 2 of em. Shipping & Handling: $0.00 ------Total for this Order: $6.54 Delivery estimate: July 11, 2011 -July 14, 2011 2 "OEM Samsung USB Travel Charger Adapter w Data Cable micro USB ETA0U60JBE for Samsu Epic 4G Captivate Fascinate Gravity...
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    Thread Metal love songs

    Today is my anniversary with my wife. 3 yrs. I'm looking for a metal song that has to do with love. There are tons that talk about ****in and sex (Pantera - Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills). Just looking for something that has to do with loving someone. How about All That Remains - Forever...
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    Thread The Bicycle Thread

    Haven't found one so here you go Post whatever you want that has to do with bikes. I ride my bike to work, to the store if I need to pick up a couple things, take it on trails, any and everywhere. One less car. I had to get rid of all my bikes a few yrs back and am now building my collection...
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    Thread Sugar gliders

    Just got one today. Given to me by coworker. He is 4 months old and very social. Wondering if anybody has one and do you have any tips on care. EDIT Pics down the thread
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    Thread No more questions in general

    Zelendel has been doing an awesome job keeping this place clean of noobs posting questions without searching in the general sub. 12 hours without him and this place looks like crap. Stop it. You are not special. You are a noob who needs to watch the noob video again by azrionoch. Search, follow...
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    Thread Who cleaned the forum

    Thank you for doing it. To all the new guys..... post questions in q&a. Honestly, you will find more knowledgeable members answering your questions in there.
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    Thread Anime Thread

    Starting this cause I didn't find one on the app's search. I'm into it, but not a knowledgeable fan. Just got Netflix and a new computer with a 750 gb hd. Looking for other people's interests and suggestions. I like movies that make you think like Ghost in the Shell and Akira.