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    Thread Google Now Android Dialer *Concept Prototype*

    This is something I have been playing around with in my down time - and is very much still a work in progress. You can check it out and tap through it here Works best by visiting on your android phone with chrome beta... I believe you can do the following: • Tap the text...
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    Thread Good theming tutorial anywhere?

    Anyone know where I might be able to find a descent tutorial on creating a theme thats not wildly outdated? Some of the ones Ive seen floating around are pretty bad. Time to learn to do it myself... Thanks in advance!
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    Thread [Rallying Cry] Demand that Sprint submit drivers to AOSP!

    Even though Verizon has somehow managed to get their head out of....long enough to submit binaries and drivers to AOSP, Sprint has so far refused to do so for their version of the Galaxy Nexus. What this means is that it will be harder for our awesome devs here to build custom roms from source...
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    Thread [LIST] Where to Buy NFC Tags (updated 06/29/2012)

    So I've been trying to compile a well rounded list of places that sell NFC tags, for people that want to purchase tags online and locally. Here is what I have found so far, if you know of a place (especially locally) please post it in this thread and I'll try to keep the OP updated. Keep in mind...
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    Thread camera only 6mp? [solved]

    so i was just playing with the camera, and mine only seems to go up to 6 mp according to the camera res setting. anyone else have this issue? :confused: i have camera version 9891.
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    Thread DIY "Backie" cover for Transformer Prime (easy and only 0.89¢)

    Hey all, Here is a cover I made from a black 2mm thick foam sheet from Micheal's craft store. The foam I used is called "Silly Winks Foam Sheets, 12x18, 2mm thick, $0.89." Basically, I just got the foam sheet, cut it down to 9 3/4 x 6 1/2 inches, and cut a slot out for the speaker and camera...
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    Thread [Solved] Cant flash any ROM's

    Has anyone else run into an issue where it seems they cant flash anything at all? I just rooted and installed CWM I have tried to flash 2-3 different roms and each time it comes back with this error: "assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "crespo4g" ||...
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    Thread [Q] setup fc loop when installing gapps on cm7

    i dont think ive ever been able to flash the gapps on a cm7 nightly build and have them work. after flashing cm7, i reboot, then go back to recovery and flash the gapps zip. everytime after it reboots, it gets stuck in a setup wizard fc loop. after that i usually just go back to a nandroid...
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    Thread Looking for Android App Devs

    The app design company I work for is currently looking for both Android and iOS developers to quote some work on current projects we have, and others as they come in. We prefer if you are in the Austin, TX area, but we are also open to working with devs remotely as well. If anyone is interested...
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    Thread [req] calendar widget from lg opt 2x for n1

    Anyone think they can grab the cal wodget from the o2x and make it work for us? Tried it without messing with the framework but no dice. Wondering how much of the lg framework we would need to get this going...
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    Thread Calendar Widget?

    If someone could post the calendar widget that would be fantastic.
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    Thread [Q] Need help creating icon pack for adw

    I am trying to create an icon pack similar to the one by smithtech, which can be found here: Having made icons for metamorph before, its not the images that are giving me an issue, but finding documentation on how to...
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    Thread merry xmas/ happy holidays to you xda comm.

    Been a tough year all around for me. No job, no money, and a ton of bills that I can't really afford. One of the things that's really helped me make it through is all the great things you guys do to keep me busy installing new roms and apps. Really helps take my mind off the other junk that's...
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    Thread [APP] Adw launcher ex!

    Just bought the new ex version of adw, and I must say I'm really digging those 3d transitions. Its in the market now, just in time for xmas. Only issue I'm having is when I hit the home button I get screen previews that pop up on the bottom of my home screen. Other than that, slick.:eek:
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    Thread Signal strength icon location questions

    Im trying to do a few morphs for the Incredible, but since I dont own one I wanted to make sure that I have the correct icons. Are the signal strength and signal type icons that the Incredible uses just the ones located in the framework-res.apk, or are they inside of another apk somewhere...
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    Thread Signal Strength Icon Location?

    Trying to do a custom morph for the Evo's signal strength icon, but I cant seem to find it inside the system framework-res or rosie apk's. Can anyone tell me where this icon is located and what its name is?:confused: Sorry, trying to do this without actually owning an Evo...also does the Evo...
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    Thread [Morph] Consistent Static Notification Icons [update 8-28-10]

    Made this because I was sick of having so many different sized and colored icons on the notification bar. That stuff drives me nuts, or maybe it bothers me because I am already nuts...but either way here it is.:D This Morph converts your current static (ie-right side) notification icons to be...
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    Thread [MORPH] HDPI Heart Battery Icon [complete revamp 8-26-10]

    Unconventional battery morph, turns current battery into a heart, charging battery into a pumping heart. Right now will probably only look descent on light colored bars. Future versions will include a version for dark bars, as well as a possible size adjustment (currently, icon seems a bit big...
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    Thread [MORPH] HDPI Battery Morph: Dots and Arrows & Arrows Only [updated 8-26-10]

    Here's another battery morph, because I know you guys like your custom batteries. Plus being one of the only animated icons, they are fairly fun to work on.:D This Morph converts your current battery icon to a series of six dots. As the dots drain, empty dots replace them. When you plug in to...
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    Thread [Help Needed] Problem Morphing Phone.apk, res folder duped, not images replaced

    So while trying to improve on my lockscreen morph that changes the circle icons to other shapes, i decided that since the Phone.apk uses those same (pretty much) icons to answer/decline a call, I should change them there as well. I made the xml, making sure to place the framework-res changes...
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    Thread [MORPH] Nexus Circle Battery Icons–Not Super Circle [updated 8/12/10]

    Hey all, originally this was inside the super circle thread, but I dont want to inadvertently hijack the thread, so I decided to make it easier by just starting this one. Here are four morphs: Two for users with dark notification bars (one for Kang, one for CM6), and two for users with light...
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    Thread [Morph] Lockscreen Mod: White Icons/No Tabs [beta v0.9 | 8/5/10]

    Yet another in a long line of morphs Ive been working on the past few days... This morph will detab your CM 6 lock screen, and replace the unlock and other colored circle icons with white tear drop shapes pointed in the direction they need to be pushed. Right now its a little unfinished as I am...
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    Thread [Morph] USB Connected Androids v1.0 (8/5/10)

    Here's a little something I have been working on for the android images that show up when you mount your phone to your pc. As always, do a nandroid backup before hand, yadda, yadda, not responsible for broken stuff, yadda, yadda, yadda, too broke to buy you a new phone. That being said this is...
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    Thread [Morph] Block Battery Icon v2.0 (8/4/10)

    This is a set of battery icons that changes the current battery icon into a block shape (like the signal strength box). It also includes a custom image for the battery warning that is shown in the pop-up message which appears after you get below 15%. This set is an off-shoot of my car battery...
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    Thread [Morph] Car Battery Icon v2.0 (Reg.+ Blue) [updated 8/4/10]

    Heres a little something I whipped up quickly as I'm learning how to theme through Metamorph. Basically this morph will turn your standard battery icon into a block style car battery one, and give you a new low battery message image. As this is my very first attempt at any sort of theming, BE...
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    Thread [APP] [Pre-Release] NFS Shift Beta FOUND!!!

    AFTER TRYING TO UNINSTALL THIS YOU WILL NEED TO RESTART TO REGAIN YOUR 110 MB INTERNAL SPACE. got it to install, but had to uninstall a ton of stuff to get the 99 Mb apk installed..:eek: Only quick race works now, after...
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    Thread [APP] Droid X Keyboard Port **HOLY CRAP ITS HERE!!1!** [updated 8/13]

    After seeing the sweet sweet multi-touch I went looking and found the droid x dump over on android central. Only issue is droid x dump is 2.1 and i just updated to 2.2 frf83. Can anyone repack or resign or do whatever magic needs to be done to get this out to work with froyo? Its the...
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    Thread Urls to pages used in froyo io demo

    Heres a few of the pages I found around. Beta Translate Page (somewhat functional it seems) and SunSpider tests with the Android doing laps Enjoy!:D
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    Thread Any Dev's want to team up with a Designer?

    Anyone interested in teaming up with a graphic designer to do some apps? Right now I am currently looking for a new design job, and in the mean time I wanted to maybe team up with someone to make some new apps. I would do the design part, the coding would be up to you. Apps could be free or...
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    Thread Here it is...Android on iPhone

    Ok, so maybe a bit off topic, but this is general... HOLY CRAP :eek: Steve Jobs head to explode in 5...4...3...2
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    Thread [UI Design] New/Upcoming Andchat UI Preview

    Good News Everyone! I have been working with zer0day for a little bit now, helping improve the UI for his Andchat IRC client, and we a design that we both think would improve things substantially. Differences in Design: You'll notice many changes on the chat screen as compared to Andchat's...
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    Thread [Alt Design UI Concept] Pandora //updated 3-18

    Here is the first in what will hopefully be a small project I am undertaking to improve some android app layouts and keep up on my graphics chops while I search for a new design gig. If people like this I will do some others and continue to post them here. Enjoy. -Travis The Issue: This...
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    Thread Anyone need graphic design/layout help?

    Here's the deal–I'm a graphic designer who found myself sans job, and have been looking to do some different kind of work to keep from going insane. I have thought about trying to prog my own apps, but java is still a bit over my head. So if there are any devs that could use some design work for...
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    Thread Paid Apps Disappearing

    So between flashes I started backing up my apps to the sd by using the AppControl app. Worked like a charm–no problems. So after flashing a new ROM, and installing the apps I had backed up, package installer had issue with a few, and said it couldnt install, even though they were apps I had on...
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    Thread Need mac adb help

    I am trying to install the new Hero OS, and can gain adb mount, but when the file I want to upload is on my desktop, adb wont see it. I have also tried adding it to the tools folder of the sdk itself, and it still doesnt see it. Can anyone help me out a bit? I have even tried writing the full...
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    Thread Repair Manuals for G1 and Sapphire!!

    Just thought someone might find these useful. Might this help with the bricks? Dl the pdf's from here...
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    Thread Need Recovery Help–Screwed up my G1

    I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later as I am a noob, but I can't figure out how to just reset the phone to a fresh install of JF 1.41. Heres what I did: I was screwing around with the running apps off sd card scripts and after i copied the data/data file over i rebooted and all my...