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    Post LYF FLAME 1 custom recovery

    Bro we have literally tried every possible method to make it successful but all those videos are just for the sake of having views and earning money so the more you will be encouraging to those kind of videos that will not be beneficial for you but it will definitely be beneficial for them Who...
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    Post Another way to take a screen shot ?

    I actually use a application called simple control so that to keep my navigation button on the screen near my thumb and I can configure the buttons to do some kind of functions like taking screenshots for example. If you like to use the on screen navigation buttons on another part of the screen...
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    Post Treble Project

    Yeah bro completely supported
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    Post VoLTE for airtel is not working..!

    I think it is a issue from the Airtel side and you should definitely talk to them once more as you have to prove them this by using your screenshot they be look into the issue
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    Thread Google AR core support

    Guys we have received ARcore support for many of the phones that have released now and zenfone max Pro M1 deserves to be a phone that support it. Please have your opinion about it and request the company to enable it as soon as possible incorporation with the Google it is possible on our phone...
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    Post Best Screen Guard

    For the current time being I would definitely recommend you to buy the screen protector of the redmi note 5 Pro as it is the best option available at this time and please tell the shopkeeper to adjust the screen protector by cutting it appropriately for the phone as it will hamper the samples if...
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    Post [GUIDE][FIX][TREBLE]VoLTE and Call Audio Fix for GSI

    Thank you I think this is one of the most irritating bug that was present in the table based GSI ROM
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    Post New update rolling out - 14 June

    Actually it is working but sometimes it is not I don't know why it is happening but if you have any kind of accessibility services running in the background that may be causing the issue with the double tap option as I have already an accountant that thing in the past with another phone
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    Post Charging speed

    As you might be knowing that there are three options that comes to the screen when you start charging is it the first it shows charging slowly then charging and then it goes to the charging rapidly if the phone is having no load of the applications running in the background and trust me within...
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    Post Standby drain

    Actually from the first I am using application called Greenify which is manually aborting all the application running in the backgrounds on that the phone is always keeping it so cool so I think you should be using it so that all the unnecessary application will stop but I think Android Oreo can...
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    Post [APP][NO ROOT]No root or not risking to?try Nokia Camera.

    Same for me but I think a little tweaking will help it work
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    Post [ROM][X00TD][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 [OFFICIAL][NIGHTLY]

    Can you tell me what are the requirements for having official lineage OS for a device so that we all people can help in getting it so that our device get recognition in the community as having verified official lineage OS always helps the community
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    Post OEM skin/software

    Stock Android only so what can I say it is the most beautiful and the simplest form of the Android one can I forget and trust me I like this forever
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    Post "Look" of the device (aesthetics)

    Nothing fancy in the design but definitely have solid smartphone in this price range and feels like a business class model as it preserves all the details of the phones very vividly and looks professional
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    Post Light use endurance

    Currently my phone is showing me are remaining battery life period of three days at this point of 74% charge but I definitely know that it is not three days but still it is a very good standby after 2 days with this massive 5000 mAH battery , You can expect this kind of life definitely
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    Post Scrolling smoothness

    With this kind of powerful CPU cannot expect any lag in the scrolling speed so definitely I will give 10 on 10 for this
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    Post App launch speed

    You can just double tap on the recent app key to know the speed of the app switching because it takes nothing but just the speed of the tip of your finger to switch the application even if you have playing pubg and side by side editing a PowerPoint presentation on the phone trust me this phone...
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    Post Community development strength

    I would like to give 10 on 10 to the community because now we have everything that we need for the healthy development of the phone as the company has released all the kernel source code and the bootloader unlock tool and the company is delivering the bimonthly security updates of the Android...
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    Post Cellular strength and throughput

    The device supports dual 4 G with dual volte and it is a great thing because it is one of the most rarest think that you will be finding in this price range in all other phones and definitely I would like to tell you that in the scenario when I was getting no signal with the 4 G in one building...
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    Post Standby drain

    I think the latest update is resolving the thing for me but still the battery drain exist. Better should be well communicated to the company for the patch to come earlier
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    Post Heat

    At my intensity of the work my phone never goes above 40 degree celsius in the normal use and it remains cool for the most of the time
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    Post Multitasking/RAM

    It is a very wrong conception that only 900 MB RAM is left with you but it is actually keeping the things in the RAM and the RAM management comes to the effect when you fire an application which will be consuming around 1.2 GB and the phone will be flushing out its memory in the real time in...
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    Post Charging speed

    Charging speed of the phone is great and I think with the are adaptive fast charger it is a Nice combination as the charging speed is impressive
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    Post [Nov-04-16, 4.4.4, v1.8.0] LeapDroid - Fastest Android Emulator & Game Player for PC

    previously it was working in the good condition then re-installing the product is definitely suggested
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    Post Easy Magic TWRP Installer for all MediaTek Devices ONLY (Developers ONLY)

    I want to draw the attention of the developers of this installer that this installer is having a very Peculiar problem in different kind of laptops I have used and I must say that it is very specific on the specifications of the laptop as in some cases it is succeeding and in other cases it is...
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    Now that we are very close to the release of the Android P so what is your opinion upon the project treble implementation with the Android P so that each and every device with the project treble will be updated from the Oreo to the Android be in a very minimum time frame? I think keeping...
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    I sincerely congratulate phhusson on a successful release of the Android go version of the lineage OS 15.1 with the project treble support and it will really really help all those devices with the low configuration devices have some kind of support and we will be looking forward for the support...
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    Thank you for clarification upon this matter
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    Hey phhusson can you and the Google pixel HDR plus feature in your supported GSI ROM so that each and everyone that boots it can take the advantage of it. ( it is just a very noob kind of question and I don't have any idea regarding what I am telling so please don't mind it if I am telling...
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    Post [2019-12-13 v7.0.7 & Android 7.1] MEmu - Most Powerful Android Emulator

    We are using the Memu emulator in English version from the official website so how you got a Asian language version?
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    Post [COMPLETED][ROM][6.0.1] Unofficial Resurrection Remix 5.7.3 for Micromax Canvas L A1

    Just please update me because I have also hard bricked my phone and I don't think the Micromax company will be having adequate resources to unbrick the phone but if your phone gets repaired up then please inform to me so that I can also get my phone up and running and I will be developing...
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    Post [COMPLETED][ROM][6.0.1] Unofficial Resurrection Remix 5.7.3 for Micromax Canvas L A1

    Then I completely think that it is a kind of hardware fault and you have to go to the service centre.
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    Post [2019-12-13 v7.0.7 & Android 7.1] MEmu - Most Powerful Android Emulator

    There is a very good opportunity for the emulator companies that the Google is now bringing the Android go image to the Android Studio Emulator so if the emulator company would be able to get the hands up on the x86 images then i you tell be very good because the Android OS itself will be very...
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    In India oneplus 5t and any other oneplus device is considered as a high end device officially and the statistics which are taken in the high end device segment has oneplus as 48% share
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    Post [COMPLETED][ROM][6.0.1] Unofficial Resurrection Remix 5.7.3 for Micromax Canvas L A1

    Most probably as the phone was not starting for the 6 months I think it is a kind of hardware fault and you should get it checked otherwise your efforts to flash the stock ROM will be failing after some days
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    Post [COMPLETED][ROM][6.0.1] Unofficial Resurrection Remix 5.7.3 for Micromax Canvas L A1

    You can try to have a proper flash of the stock ROM again otherwise you need to go to the service centre.
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    Hey people I was planning to buy a new phone in the mid range so the only two companies that I see ideal at this price category and the service available in my place are Motorola and xiaomi. So what do you think who offers the better hardware so that it will at least last for some years,Moto or...
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    Post Lyf flame 8 custom rom

    It's a fraud I think
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    What I was wondering that if a device gets project treble support then for how much longer should the Google have plan to release the Android ROM so that they will not need any kind of modification on the project treble supported phones.? Obviously regarding the Android ROM that developers will...
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    You have done a great job and your contribution to community is a great one as you developed the project treble enthusiasm by your ROM and I think in the second half of the 2018 more and more devices will be coming out with the Android Oreo and will be benefiting with your ROM.
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    Post project treble compatibility

    Yeah I know this issue has been acknowledged and the thread has been moved to the suitable place.
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    Post project treble compatibility

    Yeah obviously it is not going to be happening by the company as we know that this company is very lazy in even releasing the kernel sources on the phone and expecting the advanced partition modification like vendor partition and making it project treble compatible is a way out of the scope. So...
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    Post Why should I buy this phone over the RN4/X?

    What about project treble support? this phone is again releasing with Android nogut in the age of Android Oreo. The company is very well reputed in delaying the release of the kernel sources and the device tree so I think this is going to be the same case again and something has to be done early...
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    Thread project treble compatibility

    Redmi Note 4 just received support for the project treble by one of the dedicated member of XDA so shall we expect the same for the redmi note 5 and redmi Note 5 Pro?
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    Post [Discussion] Project Treble

    The first generation Android one devices have received the Android version of the Android Oreo 8.1 and I suppose that they have processor that is MediaTek MT6582 So I think the work can be started on this processor. And I got the news that we are having on XDA that an obscure MediaTek phone...
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    Post project treble compatibility for Moto G5 S

    Anything that can be developed for this phone have to be figured out very fast because Moto is going to release the G6 family very soon and as you know that once a new family gets released the older family gets less attention and gradually dies over the time and sadly I can see that there are no...
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    Thread project treble compatibility for Moto G5 S

    Today it has been announced in the XDA that redmi Note 4 got its project treble compatibility and it is a full project treble compatibility. So when is Moto G5 s going to receive any kind of project treble compatibility but I think that it is relative the easier than the Xiaomi devices because...