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    Post Uninstalling settings app?

    What do you consider high battery usage
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    Post [HOW-TO][EXYNOS/SNAPDRAGON] Root S20 series and upgrade firmware

    Does the original post say it will work for a981u?
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    Post Getting rid of bootloader unlock warning s20 ultra

    No they store it in a different location ad I don't think it can be edited
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    Post Theme apk problem

    Are you sure it installed?
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    Post Super & Fast Charging Plus USB debugging

    Have you guys checked to make sure there is no trash in the USB ports.
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    Post s20+ locked by

    You need to get a refund. As the device is obviously black listed you will get no help here
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    Post Regarding camera performance.

    I like the s20. It does do very well. I use a lot of the features. I do a lot in manual mode too. And previous models just didn't seem to handle as well as this. But I still like the op7pro for certain situations it does amazing
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    Post Regarding camera performance.

    I know my one plus 7 pro did so much better at processing than Samsung. The s20 isn't too bad but still most Def better on the market
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    Post Samsung S20 Plus - SM-G985F CSC- INU No OEM unlock option in developer settings

    His isn't that issue. Look at his download mode info. Bootloader l. Which means locked. Any that can be unlocked display a u I believe. I had this issue on another device. It's all caused by Knox guard and buying subsidized device
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    Post Samsung S20 Plus - SM-G985F CSC- INU No OEM unlock option in developer settings

    No it needs to be paid off and removed from mdm Knox server by the leases company
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1]

    Its 960f with u model csc information. That's all
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    Post Samsung S20 Plus - SM-G985F CSC- INU No OEM unlock option in developer settings

    According to your device it shows oem unlock l. Which means locked. This device looks to have Knox guard mdm service. Looks to be leased. It is permanently locked until removed from Knox mdm server.
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    Post Note 10+ 5g not registered on network

    Have you tried flashing the latest firmware in Odin a lot of zeroed imeis come from baseband mismatch
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [Snapdragon][G950U/U1][V8 Bootloaders]

    No these devices have permanently ked bootloader. You found this thread which is how to root. If you root your phone will be wiped. The pictures are already gone. You need to have been rooted beforehamd
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    Post [ROM][G950U/G955U]Pixelish S9 ROM - Custom System for Snapdragon S8/+

    We have a wonderful search bar at the top of every page. You should try that.
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    Post Plz help samsung galaxy s20+

    You need to tag a moderator and or report your post. And please post in the correct forums
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    Post [ROM][TW][OREO]Universal oreo port for Galaxy S6

    Best bet would be to start over flash stock and go from there
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    Post Need help with creating Boot Animations for Samsung

    You also have to make sure permissions are set correctly
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [Snapdragon][G950U/U1][V8 Bootloaders]

    It's not exact. Without any mods I've seen as high as 87 88 percent. It's was a real poor implementation on Sammy part.
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [Snapdragon][G950U/U1][V8 Bootloaders]

    Flash fire can be buggy. The full paid version works well
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [Snapdragon][G950U/U1][V8 Bootloaders]

    I don't remember the exacts but I had xposed running on mine back when I had it. It's how I beat the 80% max charge
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    Post Very close with a Sim Unlock for the T-Mobile version. need some help

    No ETA please! Man's worked nonstop on this. It'll be done when it's done
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [Snapdragon][G950U/U1][V8 Bootloaders]

    Yes. 5th digit from the far end of the revision of anti roll back on the bootloader
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    Post 80% Battery charge limit after root?

    Note 8 US models yes and my fix won't work for them either since I believe xposed don't work
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    Post Tab3 t113 custom rom

    English please
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    Post [Root][G892A/U][V1/V2][SamFail][ROM]PartCyborgRom, Root for the Galaxy S8 Active

    The guys who where doing it are long gone. More than likely no. It was patched on other s8s. Had to be through edl or syndicate method but no one is activily working on it that I know of
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    Post Is it possible to downgrade S8 from Pie to Oreo ?! (sw rev error)

    Same as post as above yours check all the Android 8 firmwares if they are the same bit number as Android 9 then yes. If not. No
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    Post Note 20 exynos official Android 11 discussions

    It's dropped for some countries. I'm gonna flash Nepal since it's still oxm
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    Post [ROM][G950U/G955U]Pixelish S9 ROM - Custom System for Snapdragon S8/+

    It is for the us locked bootloader devices. Not the chinese snap
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    Post Note 20 exynos official Android 11 discussions

    Yea same here mate every model but n980f
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    Post Note 20 exynos official Android 11 discussions

    I've been looking. And I'll look more tonight from what I've read other should have it as well.
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    Post G965U and G965U1 Firmware Links Here

    Also usb 3.0 can cause issues. Use a2.0 usb hub. I had this issue a while back. 3.0 issues only exist in download mode and odin everything else works good
  33. TheMadScientist

    Thread Note 20 exynos official Android 11 discussions

    I see the update is out for Slovakia a few hours ago. So its here. Let's get some links so the rest of us can get it installed.
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    Post [Rom][US_Carriers_Pie_G950USQS8DTI5/U1/W][Non-Rooted_SafeStrap _Method]

    It has to be authorized over usb at least once but with the correct port and such adb over WiFi does work decently I've had a few issues with it in the past but over all it works as it should. I started testing back with my gear s2 but my s8 and other devices worked as well
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    Post Call & Text on other devices on US VZW

    I'm gonna get this to work some which way between my note 20 and one plus 7 pro lol. Probably not but hopefully. Nice to see people from near home. Born and raised Gary indiana. Lake county
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    Post how to install TWRP and ROOT in S9 G9600(Snapdragon)android 10 ?

    Well we need the info as people are still asking for snap
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    Post How do you root the S10+ SM-G975U Snapdragon? Read the first part real well. You should find the direction you need