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    Thread [ROM][VTR-L29] HuShed B180 (C432 Nougat based)

    Hello all the community, You will find here all informations needed to flash the custom rom provided. BEFORE ALL 1/ Always make a save of your data. We don't know what might happening even in a simple official update. 2/ Flashing Custom kernel, Custom rom, Root may brick your device. So...
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    Thread [ROM] Shedrock by WILMANS2M

    Welcome to Shedrock rom !if using this rom you agree to that you cannot re lock the OEM unlock! even if it's disabled in setting it will not have any effect! Introduction Shedrock rom is based on stock SM-G903F firmware and use the AROMA menu to get some improvements by letting you choose what...
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    Thread LG G5 H850 10m deodexed

    Hi, I will be very grateful if someone could provide, as it is written in title, a 10m rom deodexed (MM). Thank you very much in advance. And best wishes to all :) Envoyé de mon GT-I9505 en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Thread upgrading android kernel base

    Hi everybody, Currently the kernel base from my phone (SM-G903F) is 3.10.61 I'd like to try to update & upgrade kernel base but dunno how to proceed. So, - to update from 3.10.61 to 3.10.69 it's easy using incr patch - to update from 3.10.61 to 3.10.102, what to do ? Same as above from 62 to...
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    Thread In order to make my 1st custom kernel

    Hello everyone, trying to compile my first kernel, i have some questions i hope you can answer First, here is the kernel source code of my phone ( Second i use UberTC toolchain 4.9.4 Questions: - Is...
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    Thread Bash script init.d not working

    hello there, well have a problem with my init.d script. One is working correctly (test log script) but not the other (autocleaner script) and i can't understand why. Anybody can help me ? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q&A][SM-G903F] Permissions problem

    Hello community, i have question about permission as my script does not want to execute and hope you will be able to resolve my problem. Thank you so much Here is the script: set_progress(0.0); ui_print(" "); ui_print("*************************************"); ui_print("S5 Neo 3MinitBattery...
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    Thread [HOW TO][SM-G903F][16/10-Firmware, Custom Rom, Kernel, Recovery...]

    Hello all the community, You will find here all informations needed either to simply update your phone but also to mod it a bit using custom recovery, rom, kernel and some tips. Global discussion might be continue in the dedicated user thread here. BEFORE ALL 1/ Always make a save of your...
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    Thread Making custom SM-G903F (GS5 Neo) LL 5.1.1 Pre-rooted Odin Rom (HELP)

    Hello the community, i'd like to ask you for help because i don't manage to make it. Here is the problem : 1/ i flashed last firmware for the phone 2/ then root it, install latest busybox.... 3/ dump from my phone cache & system using this : dd...
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    Thread [ROM][4.0.4][XWLQ3] I9100 XWLQ3 Deodexed [Pure Stock Deodex]

    As titled, pure stock 4.04 XWLQ3 deodexed. For those who don't want leaked JB. Will
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    Thread Erreur CMW script (bad & aborted)

    hi, well i have a problem with my custom script. CMW says "bad" and "aborted" and does not apply my script. Here it is. Someone can help ? thanks. ui_print("--------------------------------"); ui_print("By: WILMANS2M "); ui_print("--------------------------------")...
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    Thread [Q] status_bar.xml & color

    hi, well i try to have a transparency task bar (status bar where icons of battery & clock and signal are). i try to change in the first line < => android:background="@drawable/statusbar_back_ground" instead of ff000000 i try with 9900000 but doesn't...
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    Thread [Q] resources.arsc not include

    hi, well i try it on systemui and framework-res. With stock apk, i have no prob. decompiling and recompiling. But if i change for example, an xml file for crt off in framework-res, and then recompile, (with suppressing of resources.arsc in keep folder of course), in the new apk i don't have...
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    Thread [Q] Custom Touchwiz FC (resolved)

    Hello, well i hope you will be able to help me. I modified 2 xml files from touchwiz30launcher. Default_homescreen & styles. default for changing dafault icons and styles for transparent background. But i have a TW FC once the update has been applied using CWM. Anybody know why ? i use...
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    Thread [Q] TW3 background color error

    Hi, well i try to manage 2 things : - menu background to make it transparent - default_workplace to have my own homescreen In fact if i try even only one of those, i have an error using the new launcher apk. i fix permissions...but no way. i make an attachment for my touch30launcher compiled...
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    Thread [Q] custom rom permission script

    hi, well i've made a custom rom but i need to copy a file to /data/system which is the appwidget.xml First i try to use the "simple" copy script as for application. But it breaks the boot of my sgs. I think i need to make some permissions on the updater script but i don't know which numbers...
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    Thread [Q] updater script for custom rom jvq

    hi everyone, well i'd like to make my own custom rom but i have a problem with the updater script under meta-inf. The custom rom is ok on installation but it does not copy the data/app on the proper data folder on my galaxy s. It works fine under jvp but under jvq the data folder is never...