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    Post H2OS ANDROID 11 BETA 1

    Thanks in advance for your sharing. Is Always on display (not Ambient display) enabled by oneplus on this beta?
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    Post Carl Pei is out!

    If the founder leaves, I'm uncertain that many of the original values of the brand will not be maintained: I'm sure that these will be replaced by trends similar to those of Chinese producers, such as making more lines of the same product (see for example the north cheaper, honestly what target...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdog][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC] [2020]

    WOW! very beautiful, thanks dev for your work :)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdog][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC] [2020]

    Hello everyone! I installed the rom on my phone, but I noticed that in the messaging apps (such as whatsapp or telegram) the microphone volume is very low. Is it a problem that can depend on the Blobs? I come from OOS beta 5. Sorry for bad english, hope i was clear
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdog][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC] [2020]

    Sorry for the noob question: is bluetooth battery icon fixed in june build? if not, i can patiently waiting without problem
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    Post Always on display app rooted devices

    Opaodmod, for op7pro, works on oxygen os 10?
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    Post Chinese TWRP for ONEPLUS 7T PRO

    Is Decrypt working in oxygen os with this recovery?
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    Post [Magisk][ROOT][All versions]Auto Root tool - for OnePlus 7T/Pro

    sorry I hadn't read correctly the thread :eek:
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    Post [Magisk][ROOT][All versions]Auto Root tool - for OnePlus 7T/Pro

    Does the tool works on european oneplus 7t pro with oxygen os beta 2?
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    Post [Updated/All Versions & Models!] Root OnePlus 7T Pro

    is root on 10.0.7 OOS version stable for oneplus 7t pro?
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    Post Root for oneplus 7t pro?

    Ok, i will try to root my phone with this tutorial, thank you very much
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    Thread Root for oneplus 7t pro?

    Is this guide safe to root oneplus 7t pro? Thanks you in advance
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    Post [LIST] Working Magisk Modules

    Nice! Thank you very much boss :good:
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    Post [LIST] Working Magisk Modules

    Is Quickswitch module works?
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    Post [Magisk][ROOT][EdXposed]Auto install tool - Magisk Installer for OnePlus 7T Pro

    Anyone try to install Quickswitch on Oneplus 7t pro? Is this module working?
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    Post [ROM][9.0][hero2lte] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/05/05]

    i don't check the apn, later i can try EDIT: it was an apn problem, after i configure the right apn mobile data works! many thanks sir!
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    Post [ROM][9.0][hero2lte] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/05/05]

    I have a problem with this rom: i can't activate mobile data with Illiad as operator, there's any fix?
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    Post [ROM][9.0][herolte] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/05/05]

    I can't use Google assistant in this rom with microphone headphones, any fix for that problem? I try to flash nano gapps, but the problem persist. Sorry for bad english
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    In this rom bluetooth calls work with google maps?
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    Post [ROM][G93xx][TW8.0.0][2020-01-01]** THE GALAXY PROJECT ** [XXS7ESL5-v2.12.0]

    camera hidden shortcut on stock launcher doesn't appear. any fix for this problem?
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    Post [ROM]-[9.0]-[OFFICIAL] Bootleggers

    in this rom there is bluetooth call audio bug with hands-free car stereo? sorry for bad english
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    Post [P-EOL] [Official] Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 for Galaxy S7 edge

    This rom has Bluetooth call audio bugs? Sorry for bad english
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    Post LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1.0) for S7 Edge build 53 18.20.2020.

    I want to install this rom, is it fast as the rom stock? sorry for my bad english
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    Thread Root with this firmware version?

    Sorry for my bad english, i have a question: On my s7 edge i have installed this firmware, PDA:*G935FXXS3ERHD MODEM:*G935FXXU3ERHC CSC:*G935FITV3ERG2 Can i do the root on this firmware?
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    Post [THEME][SUBSTRATUM] StatusBar Icons (+extras) for Samsung

    with substratum there's a way for enable navigation bar on s7 edge without root? sorry for my bad english
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    Post [Android Nougat beta] BUGS AND FIXES

    Lag all the games installed in nougat beta 4 on my s7 edge, anyone have this problem? Sorry for bad english
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    Post CLOSED

    how can i remove rounded notification view and rounded recents app?
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    Post (ROM)(NEW)(6.0.1) DARTHROM S6 PORT

    I want To install this rom,any bugs in 3.1?
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    Post V3 - Port BlackBerry Priv All Apps BB HUB, Keyboard, Contacts, Note, Mail Exchange..)

    there is a version of blackberry launcher without on-screen buttons?
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    Post (ROM)(NEW)(6.0.1) DARTHROM S6 PORT

    S5 or s6 camera in 3.0?
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    Post [ROM] Pure N5 Port v6.5 HERE

    the rom is really awesome! but i have one question: where i can find the 6.0 marshmallow icons for system apps?
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    Post [ROM]KK Miui7 AOSP 6.2.17

    Is better this version or the touchwiz version or both are the same? GPS working in this version?
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    Post Maverick S6 v4.5 | S6 Port 6.0 themed

    anyone have news about the porting of s6 camera?
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    Post ROM[06/04] [G900F/M/I/K/T/S/W8][5.1.1] V6.0 REVOLUTION S5 (S6E +NOTE 5) Xposed

    hello guys, i've a question for you... there's a way to change the default camera app in this tw rom?
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    Post [UP:10/03/16][UTILITY] Mods Collection And More For PopWiz Telstra v5.1 [STOPPED]

    I've found a temporary solution for fix the incallui problem, simply flash the final fix for 1.2 version. (Screen attachment)
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    Post [UP:10/03/16][UTILITY] Mods Collection And More For PopWiz Telstra v5.1 [STOPPED]

    How can i fix this problem? (Screen attachment)
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    Post [UP:10/03/16][UTILITY] Mods Collection And More For PopWiz Telstra v5.1 [STOPPED]

    There's a way to solve the issue of camera shortcut in lockscreen when it is set a protection like pattern or number protection? Sorry for bad english
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    Post (ROM)(NEW)(6.0.1) DARTHROM S6 PORT

    kaducomk 3.0 version comes with the s6 camera?
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    Post S6 Camera Like N5

    When i open The camera app i have this message: EVT or Cal error, please change your test device
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    Post S6 Camera Like N5

    I've followed the instruction, but in popwiz 2.0 beta doesn't works, it gave me FC
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    Post [ROM] [Unofficial] [klte] [5.1.1] Euphoria OS

    which version of xposed can i install on this rom?
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 | Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow | [12/27/2015]+Nightlies

    settings apps fc when pressing "mobile network" menu, there's a fix for that?
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    Post [ROM] VRToxin v4.0 - MM6.0.1 (klte-kltedv-kltespr)

    super_extreme mobile network menu is fixed on this rom?
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    Post [ROM] [Official & Nightlies] [BlissPop 6.01] 6/8 - [KLTE-SPR-DV-USC]

    kornfed how can i set the lollipop default notification color for all apps on this rom?
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    Post [ROM]4.4.2 MIUI v7 - G900F/T/m/I/Scl23 v6.5.27 by koolvir

    There is a way for change the default music application on music control in notification toggle?