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    Thread Realme X3 linux install

    Hi! I was wondering if it's possible to install Linux to this phone?
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    Thread Seriously no EMUI 10.1 for the P20 Pro?

    I read some news what said there will be no EMUI 10.1 for the P20 Pro. What the duck, is this for real?
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    Thread Does the CLT-L29 mainboard fit into a CLT-L09?

    My mainboard needs to be replaced, and I found a CLT-L29, but I don't know if the mainboard fits into the CLT-L09. What do you think?
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    Thread What can I do?

    Yesterday (2nd febr) suddenly a message popped out saying I have an update. I tapped on it, the phone (P20 Pro) downloaded it all, it got installed but then this screen appeared: eRecovery "Update & System Recovery" is not working since its a device...
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    Thread Difference between Developer and Official versions?

    Hi, I have just upgraded my P20 Pro to EMUI 9.1 via HiSuite. Then i saw this button: Switch to other Versions. There is a Developer and the usual Official update. What is the difference between the two? (CLT-L09 (Developer) versus CLT-L09 (Official))
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    Thread Can I flash a Stock ROM without unlocking the bootloader?

    I have a Huawei P20 Pro, CLT-L09, C432. I haven't received the Android 9 update, I am stuck on 8.1. I found a stock rom, just not Android 8.1 but 9. I don't want to unlock my bootloader. Can I still flash this ROM somehow?