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  1. legion423

    Thread Plese help for this icon pack in theme store

    Hello, can anybody provide me the link for this icon pack or an apk file. I've install it through theme store but now it has been removed. Thanks
  2. legion423

    Thread [Help] How to put HTC One to QHSUSB_DLOAD mode ???

    Hi everyone, I've brick HTC One. Now it stuck on fastboot mode but the screen is always black even I try to hold power button or power + volume down. I can use fastboot, but seem like it has relock bootloader so I can't do any thing like RUU or recovery.... Here is fastboot getvar all. All phone...
  3. legion423

    Thread [ROM] P-One V2 Final Reupload [26-01-2013]

    Hi, me again. This time is P-One:laugh: What's we have • Port from 2.8.10 and several sources • Base on GenetICS CM9.1.5 Final by hephappy and IcySnap v1.4 by neko95 • All features of Miui base CM9 • Add jellybean Transition • Add Control panel instead of MIUI tool box •...
  4. legion423

    Thread [ROM] P-Miui 2.4.20 V1.2 Final Reupload [27-01-13]

    Hi guys, As I'm going to buy a new phone (maybe nexus 4), time to say goodbye with my first android phone, so I decide to bring a little gift for P500 user:o What's we have • Start from this MIUI Gingerbread 2.4.20-RC3 + Extended Settings • Base on GingerSnap 2.3 by neko95 • Mod...