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  1. xlGmanlx

    Thread [APP] - |Sex offender search by Family Safey Production - search are for offenders|

    MARKET LINK This is an application from Family Safety Productions. Their website is I figured as a Parent I would pass this on. Here is the write up from the market and their website. I know this could be considered solicitation, but I figured based on the topic, it...
  2. xlGmanlx

    Thread .:-[Update 12/16] - [Permission Granted!!] [MattedBlues Epic Touch 4G]-:.

    Confirmation given by Jabba/Beat to proceed. So......................Don't ask for ETA haha. Please give thanks to Tiffany84 and Overstew for taking on another project
  3. xlGmanlx

    Thread [Q] What phone are you coming from

    Like the title says, what phone are you coming from to the ET4G? Feel free to suggest additional phones to be added to the phone list, max is 50 i believe. Phones to be added to poll: Phones added to poll 2011 09 19
  4. xlGmanlx

    Thread Post your cases

    Like the subject says, lets see those Epic 4G Touch Cases!
  5. xlGmanlx

    Thread Post your screens

    As the thread states, lets see those screens! No longer need a place holder. Just put something up here to put it up! :D:D:D:D
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    Thread [App] Textab - Send SMS from your phone using bluetooth

    Application name - Textab Purpose - let's you use you connect to your phone with a tablet and send SMS from a tablet. Using - HTC Evo 4G and Moto Xoom If you haven't already check out this application
  7. xlGmanlx

    Thread Rename notification bar from Sprint

    How do you rename in your notification bar from sprint to whatever you want? Ihave seen it in some seen shots but haven't bbeen able to find anything. I am running a Evo with full root and Nand Loading.........