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  1. babicz99

    Thread micro sdxc 64 gb

    Hello! Does our IncS support micro sdxc card with 64 gb ?
  2. babicz99

    Thread Fast question sd card

    Does Htc IncS support 64 gb sd card, like on this page ? Solved and cant find deleted button
  3. babicz99

    Thread CyanogenMod 7 & 9/10 & Paranoidandroid Wallpapers

    Hello Guys!!! This' s my first topic on xda, feel free to give feedbacks and enjoy CM wallpapers. I didnt create aps, I only pull it out from some of rom based on CM/Paranoidandroid. If U like give thumbs up! 5! How to install and set custom wallpapers: 1.Download apk from dropbox link bellow...
  4. babicz99

    Thread Windows Media Player Sync Issue

    What s up guys! I ve got a annoying issue with windows media player and my IncS . Today i tried to sync my fav music to my phone but windows media player didnt detect htc... strange because about 3-4 weeks ago i did this on same pc and same phone. ( I still worked on Ice cold sandwich 8.3 and...
  5. babicz99

    Thread Fastcharge on ice cold s. 8.3

    Hello! Last time i found in rom settings something called fastcharge but i vent got idea whats this of course how it work, if work Please describe whats this Cheers Sent from my HTC Incredible S using Tapatalk 2 & Swype
  6. babicz99

    Thread [Q] Radio & Kernel 4 Ice Cold Sandwich 8.3 Rossi

    Hello! Yes, yes I know there are many threads with guide how to do with radio and kernels but i m so confused I work on Ice Cold S. 8.3 Rossi from this thred with stock kernel kaijura v4 < propably its modyfited GB kernel but i m not...