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    Thread T510 64-bit mode

    Is it possible to enable armv8a support on stock ROM?
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    Thread YouTube black bars t510

    Has anyone managed to fix the aspect ratio problem on every youtube video ? I can't zoom in the videos fill the black bars..
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    Thread Best battery-performance combo

    What's the best combo you've found for battery and performance ? I mean rom and, if needed, kernel or other optimisations. I will make a chart based on your replies so other ppl can know what they should go for if they're looking for this thing specifically. Many thx.
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    Thread modify max shutter speed in video recording

    Anyone with compiling skills can lead me on editing an apk file in order to change the maximum shutter speed adjustable when recording a video ( to get that 30fps in low light ? ) What programs should i start with ? Thank you.
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    Thread Thermal throttling

    I recently did 2 tests regarding performance as far as I've seen lag spikes and fps drops in pubg by the end of the matches when the device heats really much : In the first one, there's my phone in the freezer, then, outside the freezer. You can clearly see the difference. I'm using abc with...
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    Thread Can we get rid of white noise in headphones ?

    It's that quiet static sound or white noise like a fm turned on without playing a post or an old tv without signal. It's noticeable when you plug in your earphones/headphones and navigate on your phone. It appears in music too. Is there any method to get rid of it ? Idk, some sound mod tweaks ?
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    Thread GAPPS STOCK SUPER and AROMA grayed out

    anyone knows why arm64 stock super and aroma gapps from the official website are grayed out and cannot be downloaded ? thx
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    Thread Cpu governor overlay issue

    Anyone knows how do i get rid of this cpu governor overlay that suddenly appeared ?
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    Thread Odd display issue

    I just came across this very odd display issue after sending my phone to replace the glass broke. They used OCA as they said.
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    Thread AM3D Zirene for Oreo

    Anyone managed to get am3d working on oreo roms ? If so, which rom and what tweaks were applied. Thanks.
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    Thread Stereo sound mod - need help with balancing the volumes

    I've recently made a mod for my device managing to enable the earpiece/speakerphone during media playback and turning my phone into a stereo capable device. However, as expected, the earpiece won't sound as loud as the main speaker. I tweaked the gains but it's not enough. What i am trying to...
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    Thread [MOD] Blackberry Camera [Slow-Mo(720p), Manual Mode]

    Blackberry camera. What works : Manual mode ( everything, no need to modify build.prop ) Slow-motion 720p 120fps Video recording ( 1080p 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 4k 30fps ) Panorama Photo effects Front video recording ( 1080 30fps 720p 60fps ) Front facing capturing ( you need to change from 4:3 to...
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    Thread [MOD] Surround sound [ROOT] v1.3

    DESCRIPTION This mode sets the earpiece as a secondary speaker, making media playing sound better. This mod makes the sound stereo, the earpiece will act as left, whereas the main speaker will act as right. If you don't believe me, test it on youtube. INSTALLATION First of all, i'm not...
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    Thread [Q] 720 @120fps

    Has anyone managed to get, by any methods, slow motion recording ? or 1080p 60fps ?
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    Thread [HELP] Best firmware for signal quality

    Which you consider to be the best firmware regarding signal quality and stability ?
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    Thread [REQUEST] Surround sound

    It'd be awesome to enable the earpiece as some other devices have for media sound, that would help a lot in noisy situations, especially that the speaker is on the back.
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    Thread Firmware Update

    Recently i've unlocked my bootloader in order to install a custom ROM. Everything went fine until i flashed twrp image. Whenever i try to get into recovery ( power+vol up ) it pops a window saying "Firmware Update". In the cmd log it says that recovery flashed successfully. I've enabled OEM...
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    Thread Best battery rom

    What's the best battery rom and kernel that doesnt sacrifice performance ? Thanks!
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    Thread Nitrogen vs Resurrection

    Which one ? Battery, performance, signal quality
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    Thread [REQUEST] Ambient display modded

    It's so annoying after proximity sensor triggers the ambient display to turn on the screen completely, into the lock screen, on effective touch. What i'm asking for is a mod that won't turn on the touchpad of the screen when using ambient display. Thanks a lot
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    Thread Ambient Display edit feature settings - turn touchscreen off

    Could anyone help me solving this annoying useless bothering "issue" that activates the touchscreen whenever i use ambient sisplay ? What i mean is that, unlike before ( marshmallow i guess ), when you're using ambient display and a notification pops up or if you take out your phone out of your...
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    Thread Ambient display

    For quite a while, almost over all recently updated roms, i found out that ambient display feature now activates the touch screen which may lead to a turn on if pressed. I haven't encountered this issue back then, i was very happy with this feature, but now i misclick things most of the times...
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    Thread SlowMotion record for AOSP/CM

    Has anyone found a camera app that records 720p 120fps(slowmo) on any custom rom other than miui based ? All i can see is that no 3rd party app can record 120p 720p like mi camera would do, they only cut the fps to a quarter and make it slowmo, it's really frustating taking in consideration that...
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    Thread Equalizer for Soundcloud

    Does anyone know any solution for making any equalizer work with soundcloud ? I guess, those you used or use soundcloud, noticed that no equalizer, nor built-in ones , work with soundcloud, so i was wondering if there's anything i can do about it. I know about my cloud player and i got sick of...
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    Thread Can't unlock bootloader

    Ok, so i both tried to unlock it thru adb and with the mi unlock tool. The problem is that adb doesn't find the device, tho i installed the drivers and even so i can't see anything related to xiaomi driver or qualcomm driver in device manager, only kedacom usb device, and mi unlock tool says...
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    Thread Torch activates camera by itself

    Anyone else noticed that when you turn on the flashlight/torch, the camera makes a sound like the lenses would open or the shutter or something ? Also, when you turn it off, it has a kind of multiple-blinking effect, which is weird. Using cm13.
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    Thread Custom Ui Sounds for CM13

    Just a couple of custom sounds for the ui, including lock/unlock sound, tap sound, camera and more. Installation : You need root. Download es file explorer, enable root mode, go to system/media/ui/ or smth like that and copy/paste the sounds in there ( i'm used to deleting the sounds i want to...
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    Thread What's your front camera sensor ?

    If you are on MIUI, go to CIT mode ( Engineering mode ), tap on check version info, scroll down and check for the front camera, a sensor should be listed next to it/ below it. Share it here, mine is S5K5E8, which unfortunately has been implemented in the new August batch, therefore no kernel...
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    Thread Front Camera Issues

    I've seen more and more people reporting front camera and finger print issues nowadays, that's because the August batch of Redmi Note 3 Pro is using different hardware components than the previously ones, including the front camera and fpc. Now, i will be talking especially with the ones who...
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    Thread Official CM13 SNAPSHOT 20160816 big issues on RN3SD

    I got no front facing camera nor fingerprint scanner and i haven't even gone deep. I wiped everything but sd card and otg, flashed the official snapshot rom from here, i tried with flashing gapps then without flashing gapps, same result, boots fine, no front facing...
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    Thread CM 13 on the Mediatek

    Can i possibly know why devices owning the 6795 like the rn3 won't upgrade to CM13 ? What do the devs require so much that they can't port CM13 to the mediatek version ? I'm afraid i'm not aware of this version so much, but does it properly need android M in order to run ?