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  1. UltraIV

    Post Pixel 5 or OnePlus 8T

    Couldn't agree more. And the Pixel 5 is supposed to be their "Flagship" device
  2. UltraIV

    Post what's the better version to use

    I'm looking for going from T-mobile variant to International. I did it a while back with the OP7PRO and wasn't this easy. Is this actually how you do it now?
  3. UltraIV

    Post Fingerprint enrollment

    Is this only in the first set up screen or even when you go through the settings to ass fingers?
  4. UltraIV

    Post Fingerprint enrollment

    By broken do you mean its not detecting your fingerprint? are you using a screen protector? If you send it to OnePlus with a Lock on it they will refuse it and probably keep it if they follow Sammys practices...
  5. UltraIV

    Post Pixel 5 or OnePlus 8T

    100% OnePlus 8T. You get a better version of Stock Android IMO.
  6. UltraIV

    Post best place to buy Cyberpunk 2077??

    I second STEAM
  7. UltraIV

    Post lte / 5g band support

    Try #*#*4696#*