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  1. Fireslave

    Thread WindowsPhone7 v.2 Theme by Fireslave!! VIDEO

    FINALLY WINDOWS PHONE 7 v.2 POCKETNOW VIDEO AND REVIEW Thanks CJ Lippstreu blueclines video SCREENSHOTS Installation instructions: - Download and install ThrottleLauncher v1.2.1. - Download the Windows Phone 7 2.0 theme here, extract the “Windows Phone 7_2” folder and copy it to the...
  2. Fireslave

    Thread [22/09/2010][PRIVATE BETA 1.7][VIDEO 1]WP7 2.0 by Fireslave

    Hi people, this is a little preview of my new theme, totally rewritten code!! REMEMBER THIS PROJECT IS FREE WHEN ITS READY Now you can move the Tiles!!:) VIDEO As always sorry for the bad quality:o I'm still working on it. FEATURES 2.X...
  3. Fireslave

    Thread [07/13/10][Suite 1.7]Windows Phone 7 Suite for ThrottleLauncher by fireslave

    Windows Phone 7 Suite for ThrottleLauncher 1.1.x GENERAL FEATURES - Compatible for all resolutions!!:) - Scrollable home page - Animated real contacts on homepage - Animated pictures tile with differents thumbs from selected folder - Animated Me tile - You can choose your own photo for the...