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    Thread When to charge the battery

    At which percent should I charge the 1+1 phone to keep the battery healthy and also reducing its capacity from losing too much? :confused:
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    Thread HTC Sense 6 and 7 Launcher

    Hi mates, there is a sense 6 and 7 launcher available at the link below It supports only Kitkat and Lollipop try to have a look on it, if any of you would like to have a sense 7 launcher...
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    Thread Wifi connectivity issues

    Hello guys, I changed my stock ROM 11s 05Q to SlimLP - However, Wi-Fi connectivity issue still persist - The Wi-Fi was shown connected on the status bar, but it doesn't load anything when I'm using it (i.e Facebook, youtube) - Turn on airplane mode and turn off airplane mode, temporary fixed...
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    Thread [Q] Mounts2sd

    Hello guys, i've got a problem to use mounts2sd in LS Lollipop I formatted my sd card into 2 primary partitions, fat32 and ext4 using 4ext recovery as i dont have the card reader to use minitool I installed mounts2sd from playstore installed the startup script and restart selected dalvik...
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    Thread [Q] ROM Cleaner for AOSP Roms

    Hi guys, I read that the RomCleaner doesn't include the support for AOSP Roms.... May I know if there is any way to have RomCleaner work for removing apps in AOSP Roms? (Tried the HTC One X CM_AOSP.txt, changed it into ROMCleaner_user.txt, but it doesn't seem to be working :confused:) Your...
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    Thread [Q] Qualcomm Bionic & Kitkat Optimization On Our Device?

    Hi, can anybody tell me if this mod is compatible with our device? :)
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    Thread [Q] Resizing /data and /cache partitions

    Hi guys, I've found a thread to do the resizing the partitions Since after ICS, the cache partition doesn't used to do anything at all, why not converting it to become part of the /data partition? :) So, just a question here, is this...
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    Thread [Q] Kernel Compilation Error

    Can anybody help me to deal with these errors? I don't really understand what's going on :confused: CHK include/linux/version.h CHK include/generated/utsrelease.h make[1]: `include/generated/mach-types.h' is up to date. CC kernel/bounds.s arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi-gcc...
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    Thread Compile kernel using 32 bit vs 64 bit

    Hi, may I know what's the difference between compiling a kernel using 32 bit ubuntu vs 64 bit ubuntu? :o
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    Thread [Q] Team Venom kernel github

    Hi guys, may I know if there is a team venom github? just for the purpose of studying the kernel and roms they built if it exists :)
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    Thread Lot of roms discontinued, new devices to be recommended?

    Hi guys, as mentioned in the title, any inexpensive good devices that has good continuous development to be recommended?:)
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    Thread [Q] MTK devices? Qualcomm devices?

    Hi there, may I know what's the difference between the MTK and Qualcomm devices? Do you prefer MTK or Qualcomm devices? Why?
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    Thread [Q] F2FS implementation on our Sensation?

    Hi guys, is it possible to have F2FS implemented on our Sensation?
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    Thread OOM

    Hi guys, I was wondering whether KitKat ROMs should set up with higher OOM values or lower OOM values,
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    Thread Home launcher reloaded after gaming

    Hi guys, is there any solution to prevent the home launcher from reloading after exiting from gaming? (i'm doubting if the home launcher is killed during the gaming process) :)
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    Thread [Q] Merge backups

    Hello guys, i wonder if i can merge the backups such as sms into 1 and restore it in the current rom using titanium backup? Hope someone can help me :)
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    Thread [Q] Generate a logcat using kernel tuner?

    Hi guys, how do i use the kernel tuner to generate a logcat? Is there any other way to generate a logcat?
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    Thread Mods to be recommended?

    Hello guys, any great mods such as CrossBreeder to be recommended?
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    Thread Skin for sense 5?

    Any skins for sense 5 to be recommended? :) I can't find any skins at venom hub in ViperS 5.1.0 Rom
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    Thread Sharing sysctl settings

    Hi guys, mind to share your tweaked sysctl settings here? :)
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    Thread [Q] WISPr account settings

    Hi guys, may I know how to use the WISPr account settings? How do I know what should be filled in the service provider?
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    Thread Is Android 4.4 with Sense 5 possible?

    Hi guys, just a question here, why sense version always doesn't come with the latest android version? Just curious about what is happening only :)
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    Thread Launcher

    Hi guys, any great launcher to be recommended? :)
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    Thread Unlocking gesture

    Is it possible to build the unlocking gesture into htc sensation that is found in Oppo N1? :)
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    Thread Suggestion which system apps to be greenified

    Hi guys, any suggestion on which system apps to be greenified without having impact on it or with impact that is negligible ? :)
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    Thread Turbo Boost (How does it work?)

    I had read the turbo boost thread, but i doesn't understand how does it work. Can anyone explain how does it work to increase the performance? :)
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    Thread OOM

    Hi guys, may I know what is OOM? :) What is the ups and downs for changing the values?
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    Thread Sense 5 vs Sense 4+

    Hi guys, do you prefer sense 5 over sense 4+? :)
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    Thread What is PnPMgnr?

    I saw that there is a PnPMgnr in the Venom Tweaks, how does it work? Is it implemented in every custom rom?
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    Thread Kernel samepage merging?

    May I know what will it do? Does it improves the performance? And how much battery will be consumed?
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    Thread [Q] KSM Control.apk

    May I know if I can install the KSM Control.apk from the viperS sense 5 rom ( posted by hunt) into the viperS sense 4+ rom?
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    Thread Recommendation of apps?

    Hi guys, any recommendation of apps that help the phone to have better performance and saving battery such as greenify?
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    Thread [Q] Sultan kernel differences its previous versions

    May I know why the latest sultan kernel cause my phone to be hotter than the older sultan kernel? By referring to the kernel tuner, the older sultan kernel shows battery temperature about 20 - 25 degree celsius. However, the latest kernel shows about 30-38 degree celsius. :)